Real Housewives season 12 is set to hit the screens this September. Fans are excited about the new season but also have some views about Sergio and Asher, the handsome young husbands of two rich women older than them. While the couples are a big hit on the show, Fans can't take a step back in comparing the two gentlemen's personalities.

Why real housewives fans are comparing sergio & asher

The promising star Diana Jenkins from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Real Housewives of Dubai’s Caroline Stanbury are the glamorous wives of Sergio Carrallo and Asher Monroe, who are years younger than them. Still, fans have found some major similarities between both husbands. With an estimated net worth of $300 million, Diana, the newest housewife of RHOBH season 12, became famous as the series’ richest lady. Asher, who is 16 years younger, got married to the intriguing new housewife after fans were interested in her. However, many people had problems identifying Asher and Diana’s son, Innis Jenkins, apart when they made their RHOBH season 12 debut.

Caroline, an RHODubai star, got married to a younger guy. Caroline is 19 years older than Sergio, 27 years old. Yasmine, Zac, and Aaron Habib are the children of Caroline’s former marriage to Cem Habib. Caroline mentioned Sergio and Yasmine are closer in age than she is. However, in RHODuabi, Caroline and Sergio’s age gap started more often in discussion.

Several Real Housewives fans can’t help but draw comparisons between Sergio and Asher. The two of them are married to considerably wealthy elder women. Diana and Asher are parents to one child, but the 49-year-old is trying to have additional kids with her husband. Despite experiencing issues with her pregnancy with her twin sons, Caroline is still attempting to have a child with Sergio. Unfortunately, Sergio frequently displayed ignorance when discussing Caroline’s struggles to conceive, so the 46-year-old RHODubai star had to explain how it all processed gently.

In an earlier RHODubai episode, Yasmine made light of Sergio’s status as a “men child.” Many viewers felt Sergio resembled Caroline’s kid more than her spouse. Asher lived a pretty sheltered existence, Diana claimed on camera in a recent RHOBH episode, calling him “innocent.” RHOBH fans found it “weird” when she later referred to him as a “kid.” Fans noticed their lack of chemistry, and many questioned whether their union benefited both parties. Despite their age difference, Caroline and Sergio appeared to be in love, according to RHODubai viewers.

Asher and Sergio have been ironically referred to as “housewives” by Real Housewives viewers due to their frequent appearances with their wives. In a recent episode, Caroline organized a getaway for the other housewives. Sergio pleaded with Caroline to let him accompany her as she departed. Caroline said she liked that he always wanted to be with her, although it appeared clingy. At Diana’s Christmas party, Asher seemed to seize the limelight during a performance. He sang once more in a recent episode that RHOBH fans blasted after it was released. Although Asher and Sergio have never met and reside on different continents, the two Real Housewives’ spouses share many similarities.

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