Put on the red suit for one more Christmas season as The Santa Clauses are back on Disney Plus. Being the icon of Christmas cheer is not an easy job and now, Santa Claus has to find a worthy successor for the role. The future of Christmas depends upon it!

Stream the santa clauses on disney plus

Get into the spirit of Christmas with the new season of The Santa Clauses on Disney Plus. The cast is back for the next chapter in the lives of the Claus family as they manage the Christmas cheer for revelers around the world.

The Calvin family is well set in their roles and this time they are looking for the next Santa Claus to fill in the shoes of Scott Calvin (Tim Allen). Meanwhile, the family gets ready for their next adventure as residents of the North Pole. The series plays on the beloved tropes of family working together to save, and celebrate, the true meaning of Christmas.

You can stream the new season of The Santa Clauses on Disney Plus, with a new episode every week. If you don’t get Disney Plus in your region, install a reliable VPN and get a new IP address to remove geo-blocks from any content.

How to Watch The Santa Clauses Season 2 on Disney Plus Globally [Easy Guide Dec 2023]

To get you into the festive spirit, here are the steps to watch The Santa Clauses season 2 on Disney Plus with a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install its app on the supported device.
  3. Type your info and connect to a US or UK-based server.
  4. Locate Disney Plus on your device’s application store and download it on your device.
  5. Sign in and watch The Santa Clauses on Disney Plus.

What Is The Plot of The Santa Clauses Season 2?

At a certain age, you realize you are too old to perform your duties and responsibilities and now someone must replace you. Still, there is an urge to satisfy yourself that the person who will continue your work will be as good as you are.

So, when Scott Calvin turns sixty-five he realizes he can’t be a Santa forever, so he embarks on a journey in search of a suitable Santa. At the same time, he is also preparing his family for a bizarre and new adventure in life in the North Pole.

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What is the Release Date of The Santa Clauses Season 2?

The release date of the first two episodes of The Santa Clauses season 2 on Disney Plus is November 8, 2023, with one new episode released every week.

Where to Watch The Santa Clauses Season 2 Globally?

You can watch The Santa Clauses Season 2 and 1 on Disney Plus. If you don’t get Disney Plus in your region, you may be geo-blocked. To bypass this restriction, simply connect to a VPN’s US or UK server.

Why ExpressVPN Is The Best VPN To Watch The Santa Clauses Season 2 On Disney Plus?

ExpressVPN is considered the best VPN for streaming The Santa Clauses Season 2 due to its massive server network spread into various areas. As we know Disney Plus is geo-restricted worldwide. So, a reliable VPN service lets viewers access worldwide content while hiding their IP addresses. The optimized high-speed servers ensure smooth, buffer-free streaming of top-notch titles. With robust encryption, ExpressVPN protects user data, ensuring privacy while effortlessly bypassing geo-blocks and offering access to huge movie collections.

Who Is In The Returning and New Cast Of The Santa Clauses Season 2

Here is the returning and new cast of The Santa Clauses Season 2:

  • Tim Allen as Santa Claus
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Claus
  • Austin Kane as Cal
  • Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra
  • Matilda Lawler as Betty
  • Devin Bright as Noel
  • Rupali Redd as Grace
  • Kal Penn as Simon Choksi

Is there a Trailer Available for The Santa Clauses season 2 on Disney Plus?

Need a brief look at season 2 of The Santa Clauses? Here’s the official trailer:

How Many Episodes Are in ‘The Santa Clauses Season 2’?

The show The Santa Clauses season 2 contains 6 episodes with 33 minutes of duration that you can stream on Disney Plus.

Is ‘The Santa Clauses Season 2’ Worth Watching?

Yes, even the show got reviewed by various critics, but you can rate the show on your watching experience. However, The Santa Clauses season 2 is likely worth watching if you are a fan of comedy and adventure genres as well as a user of Disney Plus and in search of holiday nostalgia.


Can I stream all episodes of The Santa Clauses Season 2?

Yes, you can stream all the episodes of The Santa Caluses Season 2 on the Disney Plus channel. Get a secure VPN service, such as ExpressVPN to remove any geo-blocks on watching Disney Plus in your region.

Who is the writer for The Santa Clauses Season 2?

Steve Rudnick and Leo Benvenuti are the writers for this fabulous adventurous drama on Disney Plus.

Who is the director of The Santa Clauses season 2?

Jason Winer is the director as well and serves as a co-executive producer of the show The Santa Clause season 2.

What streaming service has The Santa Clauses 2?

A family drama The Santa Clauses 2 is available to stream on your Roku device, including Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney Plus, and Vudu.

What are the genres of The Santa Clauses season 2?

The trending show The Santa Clauses 2 is an adaptation of The Santa Clauses by Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick, with a packed of comedy, adventure, and family themes.


The Santa Clauses is a fun and festive Christmas series for the whole family. Season 2 builds on the light-hearted story with a message of the importance of family. Watch it now on Disney Plus.

If you struggle with a geo-ban when trying to access Disney Plus, we suggest you subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

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