The Big Brother season 24 is happening now, and houseguests do not seem satisfied with the winner of Veto this week. First, however, let's figure out who won the POV competition and why the other people got annoyed by them.

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As the show proceeds with its captivating drama, Big Brother houseguests are unhappy with the last week’s winner. All the houseguests performed well and made the competition tough for each other in the fan-favorite wall competition after eliminating some of the previous guests. But later, after giving their best shot, Taylor Hale became the winner of the Veto’s power, and she was announced as the new Head of Household.

The show started back in July and still going on, with Taylor being the most targeted player in the house. Not only the houseguests but fans also criticized the show’s decision after she was appointed the Head of the House. Taylor has been through a lot of conflicts as the exhibit is ending, but somehow, she managed to find some peace of mind for herself with a positive change in her situation at the house.

After the winning shot in Taylor’s favor, it became difficult for Taylor to nominate two members from the house. In the end, she picked Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos. The fans were keenly interested in knowing the next winner, and to their surprise, Kyle Carpener was hoping to become the winner of this week’s veto power. Kyle opposed backdooring Alyssa, which was discussed among his other Leftover alliance members. Alyssa wished for Kyle to choose his best friend, Indy, but Kyle decided to keep the nominations unchanged.

Kyle was sure about his decision as he thought it would be the best outcome for his game, and he could only have made himself a target showing that he has a deep commitment to his partner. However, the rest of Alyssa’s allies disagree with Kyle’s choice, except Alyssa. Viewers of Big Brother’s live feed heard Jasmine Davis describe the action as a “slap in the face” since they will inevitably lose an ally. Jasmine has begun to wonder who Kyle is truly collaborating with due to this.

Kyle made what he believed to be the right choice, but it eventually made the majority of the house angry with him. After this week’s eviction, the game will take on a new twist, so Kyle best battle for control to protect himself. Everyone’s real faces will be shown when the home splits in two. The Power of Veto competition and Kyle’s choice to change the nomination process took place on the Big Brother show that aired on Wednesday night.

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