Deadpool 3 has been one of the most highly anticipated sequels in recent memory, and fans have been eagerly waiting for news about the new movie. Recent reports suggest that some familiar faces from the X-Force team may make an appearance alongside Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

The possible return of x-force characters

Let’s take a closer look at the rumors and what they could suggest for the future of the franchise.

X-Force Characters Might Return

Several X-Force characters are reportedly being considered for comebacks in Deadpool 3, according to Collider, which cites sources close to the project. These roles originally played by Zazie Beetz, Josh Brolin, and Stefan Kapičić, respectively, are Domino, Cable, and Colossus. Although it’s unclear how significant of a part they’ll play in the film or whether they’ll team up with Deadpool again, fans are already anticipating their possible return.

X-Force and Its Comic Book Origins

The X-Force squad was first introduced in comic books in 1991 by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza and had a long history there. The squad initially appeared as a spin-off of the New Mutants comic book, featuring a younger, more edgy bunch of mutants that undertook missions that were more militant and aggressive than those of the X-Men. The X-Force roster has changed numerous times throughout the years, but essential members like Domino, Cable, and Colossus have managed to maintain their popularity with readers. By including these characters in Deadpool 3, the film may draw on the expansive lore and fandom of X-Force and broaden the franchise’s appeal beyond Deadpool’s solo exploits.

The Cancelled X-Force Movie

Before Disney and Fox merged, there were plans to release an X-Force film starring Josh Brolin as Cable and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Drew Goddard was slated to helm the film, which was planned to be darker and more violent than the main X-Men series. But following the merger, the project’s future became hazy, and it was ultimately postponed. Deadpool 3 might give fans a second chance to watch the X-Force characters in action and examine the dynamic between them and Deadpool by bringing them back.

The Future of Deadpool in the MCU

The fate of the Deadpool series has been heavily debated following Disney’s acquisition of Fox. While the exact placement of Deadpool 3 within the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is unknown, it is likely that the film will need to fit the MCU’s PG-13 rating and tone. But this does not necessarily imply that Deadpool will stop being wicked and funny. Ryan Reynolds has already made hints that this film will be different from the others and that it will find a way to pay tribute to Deadpool’s heritage while also taking a fresh approach.

Fans of the character are in for another crazy ride in Deadpool 3, and the possibility of seeing familiar X-Force faces only heightens the anticipation. Ryan Reynolds is the franchise’s heart and soul. His commitment to the character and the fans will ensure that Deadpool 3 will be worth the wait, whether the film is a standalone adventure or a crossover with other MCU properties.

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