Simpsons is the most famous cartoon and is usually known to everyone around the globe. With its superhit 30 seasons aired on TV, Simpsons have shown to visit almost every other country in the world like Netherlands, Antarctica, Italy, China, Mexico, etc.

Every country visited by the simpsons

Simpsons have ruled the world of cartoons on TV for straight 3 decades. The series started in 1989, with its first Fox Network episode on December 17th. Simpson portrayed a story in a different country.

At first, the family went to China to help Selma adopt a baby, Italy to buy Mr. Burn’s Favorite new Sports Car, Brazil to look for Lisa’s long-lost childhood friend and Canada to smuggle the low-priced prescribed medicines.

Not only for entertainment, but Simpson has also been a great way for students to learn geography with their traveling adventures to different countries with each passing season.

Let’s look at the countries and their related stories to Simpson’s journey.

  1. China

In the series of Simpsons, China has been shown multiple times. First, in the episode “Bart on the Road,” Bart goes to Hong Kong to work as a courier. Secondly, in the episode “Homer the Father,” where Homer goes to China to work on the nuclear power plant construction in China. And lastly, in the episode “Goo Goo Gai Pan,” where Selma goes to China along with her family to adopt a baby

  1. France

In an episode, “The Crepes of Wrath,” Bart got transferred to the French countryside in a foreign exchange scheme. While in the episode “The Devil Wears Nada,” there was an annual nuclear power expo in Paris for which Homer went to help Carl.

  1. Israel

Once, the whole family went to the church in Jerusalem at the invitation of Ned Flander in the episode “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed.”

  1. The UK

In the episode “The Regina Monologues,” Lisa asked Bart to plan a family vacation to London after he found a bill worth $1000. Unfortunately, while enjoying the holiday in London, the family met the Prime Minister and got into a car accident with the Queen of England. In the other episode, Monty can’t buy me, Love, Homer went with Mr. Burns to Scotland to catch the Loch Ness Monster.

  1. Tanzania

Homer and his family went on a trip to Tanzania. The trip was a lottery for them as they won it in the old box of animal crackers in “Simpson Safari.” On their arrival, the family met a parody of Jane Goodall, the scientist Dr.Joan Bushwell.

  1. Italy

In season 17, episode 8, “The Italian Bob,” Homer took his family to Italy when Mr. Burns asked him to pick his favorite brand-new sports car Lamborgotti Fasterossa.

  1. Peru

Marge always used to keep the GPS tracker on his phone, so when he found out that Bart had his cell phone, Marge placed the GPS on the bird and taught them a lesson. As a result, the Simpson family followed all the routes the bird went through and finally ended up at the Merge’s dream vacation Machu Picchu.

  1. Japan

After losing all the money for the show Thirty Minutes over Tokyo, the Simpson family relied on destiny to choose their next vacation spot. They landed in Japan after getting cheap flight tickets at the last minute.

  1. Ireland

In the episode “In the Name of the Grandfather,” the Simpson family gifted Grampa a trip to Ireland since he remembered all his favorite moments from the past and his golden time of life spent in O’Flanagan’s Pub. He relived the moments with Homer on his last day in Ireland.

  1. Brazil

In the 15th episode of the 13th season, “Blame it on Lisa,” the family went to Brazil, where Lisa seemed to call someone who later came in as an orphan named Ronaldo in Rio de Janeiro. Later, when the Simpsons gave up the hope of meeting him again after he was kidnapped, Lisa found him a celebrity. Then, in another episode, “You don’t have to live like a Referee,” where Homer went on to become a referee in the 2014 FIFA WorldCup.

  1. Canada

Simpsons have taken a few trips to Canada, the first in the episode “The Bart wants what it wants.” In that episode, they went to interrupt a movie and smuggle cheap drugs. And another one is in the “Boy Meets Curl” attack, where Homer and Marge participated in Vancouver Olympics 2010.

  1. India

Homer has seen to visit India twice in the series. Once in the episode “Homer and Apu,” where he went with Kwik-E- Mart headquarters to get his job back. And second time in the episode Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore, where he was sent to manage the new powerplant set up in India by Mr. Burns.

  1. Cuba

In the episode, “The trouble with Trillions,” Homer, Mr. Burns, and Smithers went to Cuba with a wish to buy an island from Fidel Castro. In another episode, “Havana Wild Weekend,” Homer went with the family to get a medical checkup at low prices.

  1. The Netherlands

In the episode, Elementary School Musical, Bart and Homer Travel to the Netherlands with Krusty the Clown in the hope for Krusty to be awarded the Nobel Price but end up finding out that Krusty could be used for international criminal activity.

  1. Australia

In the episode “Bart vs. Australia,” Bart wanted to prove Lisa wrong but ended up in big trouble. So he made a prank call, and as a result, to which an international incident happened to him.

  1. Mexico

After failing in the titular summer camp attempt, Krusty went with the kids to Tijuana in Kamp Krusty. In the episode “The Bob Next Door,” Bob abducted Bart and flew him to five corners, bringing the Simpson family to Mexico.

  1. Antarctica

In a beautiful episode, “A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again,” Bart enjoyed the family vacation after spreading the rumor of a virus outbreak to stay on the cruise. Later, when the cruise people found out, they kicked the family out of the voyage to the nearest island of Antarctica. But they seemed to have more fun with the Penguins in the snow.

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