TikTok has now become a powerful entertainment platform for Gen Z. Not only this, but Tiktokers have now taken the game to another level after portraying the outclass-performed characters from Harry Potter.

Harry potter characters as hilarious tiktoks

Harry Potter has gained a huge fan following after the success of its first few hit movie series and continued releasing the series every year until 2011. The movie series still stands out as the best, even after 11 years, and fans can’t stop drooling over the characters it has produced. The tremendous magical adventure movie series is based on a series of novels, Harry Potter by J.K Rowling, out of which the first one was published in 1997.

Tiktok has given a wide space for individuals to perform their favorite characters from the movie series to enjoy their passion in the same field. The fans are now devoted to creating their sense of the character in hilarious ways. The meme gang, the comic fam, and the tiktokers challenging on different levels have made the characters funnier and more delightful. Many tiktokers use their talent and humor to produce content on Harry Potter. Here are the top 5 picks from Tiktok.

The Fury of Dumbledore

@smittystuds, in his video on TikTok, portrayed a humorous enactment by using Lego, where he represented the difference between the character of Dumbledore in the book and the movie. The furious Dumbledore’s role in the film is the opposite as it is written in the book, where he seems calm and composed to Harry Potter. The Tiktoker fam of Harry Potter finds it quite hilarious to see such a difference and to amuse the character well, as they have summed up the role of Dumbledore pretty well.

White lies of Hagrid.

In a scene where Hagrid says there is no safer place than Hogwarts for Harry, the fans and his friends know this is never true. Harry is a prime character who must go through the magical substantial in the series, where he has to fight against the odds. The fans agree with the original and satirical approach by Mrs. Pott3r on her account, which helped her gain an impressive following as well.

Dementor Dilemma of Harry Potter

The tremendous Tiktok video going viral on social media is gaining popularity among fans. The Tiktoker @misho_sk recreated the intense scene from the movie where Dementor caught Harry through some smoke coming out of his mouth. TikTok turned into the funniest representation of using a Vaccum to release smoke on his face while he delivered the dialogue hilariously and got the attention of fans.

Morphing into Dobby

The Tiktoker @readyfredi got a huge fan following after he posted his videos in character Dobby. He recreated the character in different dresses using a filter in his videos. Readyfredi makes a valiant attempt to transform into Dobby in this amusing five-part series. With each effort, he improves his outfit design, which keeps viewers entertained.

Theatrics of Voldemort

The young content creator of TikTok @dan_jo9 uploaded an entertaining interpretation of magical curses that were performed by Voldemort, which was a very crucial scene in the movie. But TikTok made it look funny. In addition, Dan perfectly adapted the sound that previous producers had made famous, earning him some fans.

Harry Potter fans know the movie’s dark humor and magical wonders and the impact of Lord Voldemort on the series. He was a great evil, but fans and producers pretend to use their spells to amuse one another while preserving Voldemort’s sinister legacy and greatest display of power.

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