Owen Dennis shows his concern after his show was unexpectedly removed from HBO Max and is not on social media as well, and how frustrating it has become for him to deal with it.

Infinity train creator responds to show's removal from hbo max

The famous show creator Owen Dennis recently revealed that his show Infinity Train had been removed from HBO Max and its social media pages without notice. However, the creator finds it disturbing and frustrating as the show did pretty well on the streaming platform. Not only this, but it came to notice that there were many other shows on the Cartoon Network and HBO Original shows like OKKO, Summer Camp Island, The Fungies, and 30 different series that had been removed from the channel, which made fans wonder about the platform error.

Not only this but The Infinity Train soundtracks and music have also been removed from every streaming service along with the official channel clips on youtube. In addition, Infinity Train was taken off-stream from HBO Max and Cartoon Network with some other animated shows. This happened after the merger of Warner Bros and Discovery Inc. resulted in the cancellation of the popular Batgirl movie as CEO David Zaslav tried to reduce expenses and make a profit of up to $3 Billion.

The creator of the show, Dennis, revealed that he couldn’t find any answer to such queries and that HBO Max didn’tdidn’t inform him before doing so. Read his full Statement:

I had no idea it was coming, and neither did any other show creator I’veI’ve talked with nor any of their representatives. People have been working behind the scenes for days, trying to figure out what’s happening. A thousand phone calls, texts, and emails have been sent, but the problem is that the entirety of Warner and Discovery is undergoing a merger. This means that people you would normally talk to have been fired moved, or quit, so no one knows how to get the information they need right now.

I think the way Discovery went about this is incredibly unprofessional, rude, and straight-up slimy. Unfortunately, I think almost everyone who makes anything feels this way. Across the industry, talent is mad, agents are mad, lawyers and managers are mad, and even execs at these companies are mad. I can’t think of a single person who works in animation and entertainment who doesn’t say, “What the fuck are they doing? How do they plan to have anyone ever want to work with them again?”

Because why would we? What is the point of making something, spending years working on it, putting in nights and weekends making their terrible notes, losing sleep, and not seeing our families if it’s just going to be taken away and shot in the backyard? It’sIt’s so incredibly discouraging, and they’re not going to be getting their best work out of whoever decides to stay.

We’re working at the intersection of art and commerce, but the people in charge have forgotten that they’ll have no commerce without art.

Although the creators are still facing a hard time after such a state, Dennis said HBO Max must have done all this to avoid the payment of animators, artists, musicians, and actors. The estimate of CNBS, it shows that Discovery can save 10 million dollars minimum. Still, Cartoon Network has already warned HBO Max and Discovery that it can affect the relationship between the creators and talent.

Since the show was going well on the platform, it has still given the fans and creators a huge wave of shock after the show was removed from the forum. Furthermore, perhaps Dennis will finally receive some responses now that he has made such public declarations about the situation. Nevertheless, It’s not good for Warner Bros. Discovery’s new management, and we can only hope that this disturbing practice ends soon.

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