Despite being a few years away from release, Frozen 3 has still been a hot topic for fans. But, it is now announced by Kristen Bell that it is coming out!

Kristen bell announces frozen 3 on jimmy fallon show

Actress Kristen Bell announced the existence of a third “Frozen” movie on the Jimmy Fallon show. Bell was on the show to promote a new children’s book called “The World Needs More Purple Schools.” The host asked Bell if there was any chance of a third “Frozen” movie. The actress said she had “zero authority” to make such a big announcement, but she still decided to mention the possibility.

While on the show, Kristen Bell promoted a new children’s book by her co-author Benjamin Hart and teased a third “Frozen” movie. During the interview, Jimmy Fallon pointed out a reference to the famous song “Let It Go” from the movie. Taking a moment to mention the Frozen music, Fallon asked Bell to announce the news of a third Frozen movie. Despite her lack of authority, she jokingly said that she had “zero authority” to make the announcement.

Despite being a few years away from release, Frozen 3 has still been a hot topic for fans. Disney has yet to announce a release date for the third movie officially, but fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the announcement. Bell has voiced both Anna and Elsa in the first two films. A Broadway musical and TV shorts have followed the success of the animated movie. The movies have captivated the hearts of a generation.

While Bell has zero authority to announce a third Frozen film, Idina Menzel has expressed interest in reprising her role as Elsa. As for Josh Gad, the actor also said that she is open to a third Frozen movie, but only if the story is worth telling. While it may seem odd to announce an untitled sequel, Bell’s comment has some interesting implications.

After the success of the first film, Disney is looking forward to the third movie in the series. The movie sequel, Frozen 2, opened to nearly $1 billion worldwide and was a runaway hit. It is unclear whether a third film is in the works, but Bell did suggest it on Jimmy Fallon’s show. It is now up to the producers to decide on a release date.

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