Just two months before its theatrical release, Sony has teased all the Marvels fans with a splendid trailer, having easter eggs pointing towards its connection with the Amazing Spider-Man.

The new morbius trailer hints

Sony has dropped the new Morbius trailer with just two months remaining in the movie’s release, including explicit hints tying the film to the Amazing Spider-Man and the MCU.

Morbius Official Trailer

The Jared Leto starrer was supposed to be released in July 2020, but the release was postponed due to pandemic issues worldwide. It is planned to be released in January 2021, and its latest trailer has taken the world by storm.

Its previous trailer had some easter eggs that hinted at its connection to the MCU and the Amazing Spider-Man. However, the latest Morbius trailer showed some promising hints that the movie is connected to the franchises mentioned above. Michael Keaton will also appear in the Morbius as Vulture, which was his role in the 2017 film Spider-Man: Homecoming. This connects the cinematic multiverse more, and the rumors of the connection between the movies, true.

Morbius focuses on the story of Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), a scientist who has a rare blood disease, searching for its cure. Finally, he comes across a treatment using some form of vampirism. After going through the dangerous treatment, Morbius is healed, and he realizes that he has attained superhuman abilities and a thirst for blood.

The latest trailer has sparked a lot of new debates and rumors, and fans worldwide are buzzing about it. Now, we can only wait and watch what the movie has and how it connects the multiverse.

We will keep you updated with all the news and updates regarding the Morbius film. So stay tuned!

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