Killers of the Flower Moon is thriving in cinematic release, and the streaming release is set for December 2023.

Streaming this december killers of the flower moon

Following its exclusive theatrical run, Killers of the Flower Moon is set to release on streaming platform, Apple TV+. Though the exact date of the OTT release for the film is still not confirmed, the critics have speculated that the streaming release mostly runs after 45 days of theatrical release, which would indicate December, if not the following year.

Killers of the Flower Moon is a movie set on the true story of the Osage nation. This Midwestern American tribe is also the descendants of the indigenous group living in Oklahoma, United States. The film has been flourishing during the week of the movie premiere. Grossing $44 million worldwide in its first weekend in theaters, the film is making a name for itself.

Who’s the Director of Killers of The Flower Moon?

The movie’s director, Martin Scorsese, is a filmmaker often known for his intense, harsh, and brutal history of American culture. He made “Killers of the Flower Moon” specifically to show the barbarity of the “Whites” against the locals and founders of one of the American lands, the Osages.

What is the Movie about?

When the local community struck oil from the ground, the industrial equivalent to black gold, the Americans, more specifically the Whites, were ready to claim it. Eyes as big as saucers, they took no chance, but a straight leap into the petroleum reservoirs, ready to kill anyone standing in their way.

Enter a young and handsome White, Ernest Burkhart. Upon his arrival to the town, he is posed to be a husband to a woman, Mollie Kyle, from the tribe to inherit the oil money. In order to make sure nothing is standing in the way of the money, Ernest is forced to eliminate anyone, even if it takes Mollie herself.

Through the bloodshed, carnage, and greed for money, Killers of the Flower Moon is a film that unearths the tragic history that folded for the Osage Nation. While Ernest and Mollie are truly in love, the entire relationship is the fuel that drives Mollie to protect her family. The cruel acts done for the sake of money by the Whites go on until the FBI steps in.

Intermission Violation – Acceptable or Not?

The viewers are enjoying the cinematic premiere of the movie, albeit many have an issue with the runtime of this movie. The entire film runs for 3 hours, without an interval, which is uncomfortable for many audiences. A lot of cinemas around the world have forced an intermission in the middle to give a break to their viewers, which runs for 6-15 minutes.

Thelma Schoonmaker, the editor of the film has mentioned that the sneaky addition of intervals in the movie hasn’t gone unnoticed and that it is “…not right.” said, Schoonmaker, “That’s a violation…” she added.

Many analysts may agree with Martin Scorsese saying that people can “…watch something for five hours,” because the demand for the movie is higher than the issue of its runtime.

That being said, many viewers who are not comfortable sitting throughout the movie are opting to wait for the OTT release of the movie, which is expected to be in December 2023 on Apple TV+.

What do you say about the long intermission? Are you willing to wait more months to see Leonardo Di Caprio on the screen? Let us know by reaching out to us!

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