There’s an upcoming Hannibal Film, in which ‘The Gladiator 2’ star Denzel Washington will be working again with his long-time partner, Antoine Fuqua, the director of 'The Equalizer 3.’

'the equalizer 3' director antoine fuqua pairs again with denzel washington for hannibal film

Denzel Washington is set to re-enter the ancient world of wars and battles after his combative role as a slave-turned rich-guy in Gladiator 2, which is set to release this November 22, 2023.

In a brand new film by Director Antoine Fuqua, Denzel Washington is set to play the great Carthaginian general, Hannibal. In this Netflix film, which is untitled as of yet, the role of Hannibal will revolve around the crusades against Rome during the Second Punic Wars. Hannibal was known for being an outstanding tactician in battles and wars, making him as one of the greatest generals in history.

The new Hannibal film will be the most recent collaboration of a fruitful relationship between Washington and Fuqua. Their first project was Training Day in 2001, which led Washington to win his first Best Actor Academy Award. Then they worked together on the comedy-drama, Brooklyn’s Finest in 2009, and The Magnificent Seven in 2016.

Fuqua’s movie, The Equalizer has been another recent ground for the duo to showcase their long-term comradeship. Beautifying the untitled Hannibal film will be John Logan, who’s renowned for his scripts in The Last Samurai, Hugo, The Aviator, and Gladiator, and has a knack for making history look real and present. Logan is also going to be the scriptwriter for Fuqua’s upcoming biopic on Michael Jackson.

Hannibal has been a very interesting topic for Hollywood to cover, and the military success that was gained by the great general commander-in-chief during the Second Punic War is an aspect that is worth capturing in a project. However, there are a few stars with the salability for this costly and soaring project, for which Denzel Washington is justified.

What do you think of Denzel Washington playing the character of Hannibal? Especially when it’s usual for the actor to act in sandals and fight with swords. Let us know by sharing your thoughts!

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