Zac Efron has played a lead actor in different diversified roles. However, after revealing the cast for the horror movie Barbarian, the director shared why he did not choose Zac Efron and cast Justin long in the lead role for his upcoming film.

Why barbarian movie cast justin long over zac efron?

The director of the horror movie Barbarian Zach Cregger opened in an interview about his reason for casting Justin Long for the role of Cale instead of Zac Efron. The featured horror movie launched at San Diego Comic-Con to know the early reviews. Barbarian follows the story of a young woman who goes to Detroit searching for a job. She decides to spend the night at a rental house but finds out that a man has already paid for it. But to avoid any delay, they both agree to stay together just for a night but her reluctant nature to fear pushes her towards it while she resides in a new place.

The movie stars Georgina Campbell as Tess, Bill Skarsgård as Keith, and Justin Long as Cale, while the director Zech Cregger made a cameo appearance in the film for the role of Everett. As the trailer has only a few glimpses of Justin, it seems that the part of Justin as Cale has some secrecy to reveal. However, after the intense trailer, it is confirmed that Justin’s role is the main element in the movie. Although the part is really important, Zach mentioned that Zac Efron was at first on his list for the role of Cale.

In the latest interview at the screening, Zach revealed that he first thought of casting Zac Efron for the role, but later, he chose to go for Justin Long.

Here is what Zach exactly said in the interview:

“I wrote this guy, [and] I think we offered it initially to Zac Efron because I felt I wanted to go for some beefcake kind of himbo. No, diss on Zac Efron, but that’s how he’s portrayed himself. I was thinking jawbone, biceps, and a haircut. Then he said no, which is why I’m talking so much sh-t on him. [Laughs] No, he’s great. I wanted him to do the movie.

But when he passed, I had time to think. We were putting a list together of who to go out to, and I just realized I’d been thinking about the role all wrong… Not this big, Alpha sort of a dude—but more of a Tom Hanks kind of a guy. And so, I was thinking, ‘Who’s Tom Hanks? Justin Long is Tom Hanks. So let’s do that.’ So that’s how it went.”

The statement by Zach shows that he had made a thorough decision in choosing the perfect fit for the character in his movie. Although he was sure bout Efron playing the role well in his film after figuring out that Justin is as same as Tom, Hanks made him feel like he could go miles away to prove himself in the world of cinemas. So, he thought of no other way but to cast Justin in the movie. As it is already known to many people who watch Zach’s films and productions, he is a man who brings out the best in an actor and gives them a chance to prove it. Zach has been awarded seven Emmys and two Academy Awards in his excellent career and continues to do more.

All in all, Barbarian seems a catch for Long to move forward in his acting career. However, since he has performed only in comic and family movies, now is the time for him to prove his skills and talent in the world of twisted and mysterious storylines. As time moves on with the intensely exciting trailer, the horror thriller movie, Barbarian is set to be released on the 9th of September 2022.

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