Disney intends to launch a combined app featuring Hulu in a beta version in December, preceding the official joint service debut scheduled for spring 2024.

Disney plans to release combined beta app with hulu

Walt Disney is gearing up to unveil a sneak peek of the integrated Hulu and Disney+ app through a beta test in December 2023 for US subscribers, as announced by Disney CEO Bob Iger during the company’s recent earnings conference call. This merger will allow parents to create distinct profiles accommodating a wider spectrum of mature content. The official launch of the unified service is scheduled for March 2024, as clarified by Iger.

The move to merge the two streaming services is intended to bolster Disney’s appeal. Despite the initial hype surrounding Disney+ and its flagship show, The Mandalorian, the platform’s momentum has diminished, partly due to mixed reactions to original Marvel and Star Wars content, as well as its limited R-rated offerings. Incorporating Hulu’s diverse library, including 1,200+ movies and 1,300+ TV shows. It is anticipated to enhance the platform’s attractiveness to subscribers contemplating their streaming service choices.

Iger expressed confidence that the integration will lead to increased viewer engagement, decreased subscriber churn, reduced customer acquisition costs, and an overall boost to the profitability of Disney’s streaming business.

In the fiscal fourth quarter, Disney+ saw a commendable surge with nearly 7 million new subscribers, while Hulu experienced a comparatively modest increase of only 200,000 subscribers. Notably, 2 million customers go for the $7.99-a-month ad-supported Disney+ tier, contributing to the 5.2 million total customers on this plan.

Disney disclosed that its streaming services incurred an operating loss of $420 million in the same fiscal quarter. Iger aims to restore the streaming business to profitability by the fiscal fourth quarter of 2024.

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