After canceling his DC Strange Adventures anthology series, Kevin Smith talked about how he and Warner Bros wanted to cast Harrison Ford and Nicolas Cage in the show.

Kevin smith's cancelled dc show considered harrison ford & nic cage

The interview with Kevin Smith revealed that he wished to cast Nicolas Cage and Harrison Ford for his canceled TV series Strange Adventures. Later in the year 2019, Warner Bros made an announcement about the new Strange Adventures anthology series developed by the creators of Arrowverse Greg Berlanti to stream on HBO Max. The series will be based on Dc’s Science fiction comic shows. However, no specified plots were revealed in detail after the news circulated about the series of hour-long episodes starring characters from the DC canon, striking the pros and cons of being a superhero. But I didn’t decide on the show’s release.

Soon after the completion of the Batgirl movie, Kevin Smith announced the cancellation of Strange Adventures since the episode-based series is all about the DC characters Perry White and Jimmy Olsen. He further explained that his planned series was only roaming around the DC characters, and there is a possibility that it may focus on the DC villain personality more than them.

In his podcast interview with Fatman Beyond, he talked about the selection of his cast where he wanted to go for Nicolas Cage and Harrison Ford to play the part of a bizarre villain in the show. He explained that for the character, Xolo Mariduena is the choice for Jimmy Olsen but Perry White, they thought of two different persons and tossed between them. This is what Smith has to say:

“Our Perry White? I was going for John Goodman. The powers above had different thoughts. Not my idea, but somebody was just like, ‘Could be that Harrison Ford is interested.'”

Although it is confirmed that both actors were not assigned to the Strange Adventures Series, fans were excited to see how it would go between both stars after they had worked together. Kevin Smith pulled the best opportunities out to cast them in his movie Superman Lives in 1998 and then in Strange Adventures. Still, unfortunately, another chance for Kevin to cast Nic Cage got out of hand, and his show didn’t work before the release; otherwise, no one else would have played it better than Cage.

The shocking announcement from Smith made hype among fans, but more than the show, the character caught the attention after Smith revealed his view about casting Nicolas Cage and Harrison Ford in the series. Although Smith said he was not allowed to use any Superman or Lois character in his, he somehow had some easter character by the end of the show. The interview unfolded many covers from the Strange Adventures show, but fans are ready to know if there is more to it or if the show creator has something else in mind planned for the show.

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