Showtime will no longer be functional following its collaboration with Paramount.

Showtime will discontinue its streaming app following the merger with paramount

Yesterday, Paramount initiated notifications for Showtime customers using a TV provider payment method, announcing the closure of the Showtime Anytime app by December 14, 2023. Subscriptions linked to Showtime through TV providers remain unaffected; however, accessing Showtime content moving forward will necessitate utilizing the TV provider’s platform.

The Showtime Anytime app, facilitating on-demand streaming of Showtime content across compatible devices for TV subscription holders, will be discontinued. This alteration means that customers previously able to stream Showtime content on various devices through the app will now need to rely exclusively on their TV provider’s platform for access.

Paramount has displayed this message on the Showtime Anytime website which says:

Showtime anytime is shutting down

Amid Showtime’s integration into Paramount+ for streaming, the standalone Showtime service via YouTube TV costs $10.99 monthly. Opting for a subscription through Paramount+ offers Showtime and Paramount+ for $11.99 per month or $119.99 annually.

Following an earlier merger announcement, Paramount confirmed the imminent closure of the Showtime Anytime app. Having upheld their prior notice, they’ve officially announced the impending shutdown.

For those wishing to maintain Showtime access through their TV provider, reaching out to them for specific instructions on accessing Showtime content is advised. This change emphasizes the need to connect with individual TV providers to ensure uninterrupted Showtime viewing.

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