If fans enjoyed Season 4, then they'll surely be excited about what's coming up for the next season. Season 5 will feature even more terrifying moments, expand beyond Hawkins, and focus on Winona Ryder's career.

Stranger things season 5

There are also plans for two volumes. And if the creators do it right, fans will definitely be left wanting more. So what can we expect from season five?

Stranger Things Season 5 has more terrifying moments

After the first season was incredibly terrifying, the new episode will have a few more frightening moments. The series has an eclectic cast that plays all the roles, including Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven and David Harbour’s Jim Hopper. Fans of the series will also recognize familiar names like Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, and Pinhead, among others. And fans of the series won’t be disappointed to see that Finn Wolfhard will play the role of Mike Wheeler in the new season.

It will expand beyond Hawkins

The fourth season of Netflix’s hit sci-fi drama is getting ready to go international. Known for its twisted and bizarre characters, Stranger Things has already set the stage for a world beyond Hawkins, Indiana. And fans are not disappointed. New Stranger Things Season 5 posters have already surfaced, showcasing the characters’ lives beyond the town. Fans of the series are also speculating that the show will venture to Russia, where it will feature monsters from the Upside Down.

It will be split into two volumes

Netflix has just announced that its hit TV series Stranger Things will be splitting its fourth season into two volumes. The first volume will debut on May 27 and the second on July 1. The Duffer brothers explained their decision in an open letter to fans. Currently, in its fourth season, the series has garnered more than 65 awards and 175 nominations. Stranger Things Season 5 will follow up on its success with two volumes.

It will focus on Winona Ryder’s career

Fans can expect a focus on Ryder’s career in Stranger Things Season 5. The series is a throwback to 1980s horror and sci-fi classics, and it has captured the public’s attention at the right time. This Netflix original has helped many actors find international fame and made Ryder another cult classic. However, the show ends with the fifth season, which was announced in February. Creator Shawn Levy has already moved on to other projects, including The Adam Project, a film which is streaming now.

It will take place in Russia

The fourth season of the hit Netflix show is set in Russia. During Season 4, we learn that the Russians are holding the titular Hopper prisoner. We also learn that Tom Wlaschiha will play a Russian guard named Dmitri, and Nikola Duricko will play a smuggler named Yuri. Both actors will play characters from the first two seasons. The show will have two halves, with the first half set in Hawkins, Indiana.

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