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Best apocalyptic movies on netflix

For anyone who loves a good thrill and adventure when it comes to movies, apocalyptic movies are perfect for them to watch. The central theme of such a film is to portray a threat to humanity and civilization as unforeseen circumstances throw the world into survival mode.

Apocalyptic movies include zombie invasions, deadly diseases, animal attacks, and other fictional but thrilling adventures that befall humans. If you cannot access Netflix due to geo-restrictions, we recommend using a good and solid VPN, like ExpressVPN, to solve this issue.

Top Apocalyptic Movies on Netflix for You to Binge

We have compiled some of the best apocalyptic movies on Netflix to binge-watch this weekend. With a wide variety of options given below, you are all set to choose the ones that go the best with your favorite genre.

  1. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer revolves around the post-apocalyptic story of the earth, which became frozen, killing most of the human race in that process. A handful of people who survived grouped to board a train around the globe, searching for the best place to stay.

As Curtis struggles to lead the group, he faces many challenges, which involve teaching the train’s engine and the world’s future. If you are into ice age-themed movies (and Chris Evans!), we highly recommend watching Snowpiercer this Christmas eve.

  1. The Night Eats the World

Sam’s life changes overnight as he wakes up in the morning after partying hard the night before. He realizes that not one person around him is alive, as he is among the only survivors in Paris to live through an alleged zombie attack.

To protect himself from becoming another of many victims, he locks himself in his building and does everything he can to secure his room. But will Sam continue to survive till the end, or have the zombies already tracked his whereabouts? Find out now by watching the Night Eats the World on Netflix.

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road

When a tyrant leader controls the water supply of a post-apocalyptic land, Max grudgingly joins a rebel warrior, Imperator Furiosa, to overthrow him and win back their water supply. But, while he prefers to live and wander alone due to his haunted past, his struggle for justice leads him into a war.

He gangs up with the group of survivors who escaped the Citadel due to being oppressed by Immortan Joe. With them all excited to defeat the warlord at a high-octane road war, things lead to unexpected turns as they continue to fight. This is a thrilling and exciting watch for anyone who loves action movies.

  1. Terminator: Dark Fate

The plot for Terminator: Dark Fate relies upon the latest model of liquid Terminator, the Rev-9 model, designed to be sent into the past. As the plan comes into action, a cyborg and seasoned female warrior from the past are sent back to kickstart their mission to save a woman from the future.

Dani Ramos, whose life depends on the survival of humanity, is fated to be killed by the Terminator. Throughout their journey, they find help from unexpected allies who all group together to save Dani from being killed. Make sure that you do not miss watching this killer (literally!) movie this weekend.

  1. Z for Zachariah

Z for Zachariah is a film that means ‘the last survivor,’ This is a story of a love triangle between three people who are the only ones living on earth following a terrible apocalypse. Following a deadly disaster, Ann struggles to survive as the only woman left and prepares her house to counter any unforeseen circumstances.

She is soon joined by Caleb, who is attracted to her, but his views on matters such as faith do not coincide with hers. Moreover, his obnoxious behavior does not sit well with her, and she slowly turns away from him.

They are joined by a third man, John Loomis, who instantly captivates Ann’s heart due to his polite nature and similar views on things she considers necessary. Devasted that he lost Ann to Loomis, Caleb turns hostile toward him.

  1. This Is the End

Revolving around the plot of good vs. evil, This Is The End is about a story of a group of celebrities who were partying at James Franco’s house when a beam of lightning sucked most of the people outside into the sky. As Jay and Seth rushed inside the place to share the news with everyone, an earthquake struck, forcing people to leave the house.

A sinkhole mysteriously opened up in James’s yard, killing many people. Everyone who survived began to immediately stock up on supplies to save themselves. But, one after another, things worsened as entities from the sky kept attacking the ‘bad’ people, and the good ones descended into heaven through a beam of light coming from the sky.

This Is The End has a touch of faith and religiosity, so if that’s what you dig in a movie, you are going to love watching that.

  1. World War Z

World War Z is a thrilling watch for people who enjoy plots related to the zombie apocalypse. As Gerry Lane, an ex-employee of the United Nations, finds himself running out of time to save humanity, a deadly virus seems to be taking control in turning humans into zombies within 12 seconds.

As he races with time to complete his investigation and find a solution to stop it, things take the worst turn for people as entire areas get infested with zombies. To find out what happens next and whether or not Gerry ends up saving humanity, make sure to put World War Z on top of your list of apocalyptic movies on Netflix to binge-watch this weekend.

  1. Bird Box

Bird Box revolves around the plot of an unseen entity or presence that, when people see it, drives them to suicide. The film involves a series of adventures as a woman and her two children struggle to reach a camp away from the city where survival is possible. The only problem is they must go on this journey blindfolded, or else they all can die. During their journey, they face people attempting to harm and take away their blindfolds, so they witness the creature.

Bird Box is a film that takes the viewers through a rollercoaster of emotions and ends on a somewhat bittersweet note, as it highlights the history of this apocalypse which occurred 5 years ago, during the birth of these two children and ended up killing half the people on the planet.

  1. Don’t Look Up

As a threat looms over the earth in the form of a comet racing down to destroy anything in sight, two astronomers take it upon themselves to warn people of what’s coming after them. Unfortunately, however, politics, as well as the national and personal interests of people, come in between a plan which was supposed to be a matter of purely saving humanity.

People with divided opinions and incomplete knowledge debate whether a comet would open new opportunities for people as it contains some rare minerals or ends up wiping off humanity from the earth. Following the panic, approximately 2000 people escape earth on a sleeper spaceship to find another planet to take shelter on.

Don’t Look Up is an excellent film with many vital lessons for the viewers and a fun-packed experience that will push you to the edge of your seats.

  1. Love and Monsters

As an asteroid hits the earth, it releases a chemical fallout that causes all the cold-blooded animals to become gigantic monsters. To survive, Joel, along with other survivors, live underground and does their best to stay. Joel was separated from his girlfriend, Aimee, due to the apocalyptic situation, and they both performed voluntary services to help other people survive.

As he sees the people, he lives with getting into romantic relationships, he begins his journey to find Aimee. His path is filled with all sorts of accidents and dangerous creatures that are more than ready to attack him, but the most significant danger still lies ahead with the least of his expectations. Love and Monsters is an excellent watch for people who love a bit of adventure in their lives.

  1. The Survivalist

As the times for starvation continue, a survivalist lives off alone with his limited food supply in a plot hidden deep in thick forests. Then, one day, two women land on his doorstep, asking for shelter and food in exchange for jewelry and physical intimacy.

As the women try to make their place in the survivalist’s house, they secretly plot to kill him as the food runs short of filling up all three of them. However, things didn’t turn out the way they expected, making the situation hostile and dangerous. Watch The Survivalist to see the raw survival skills of someone fighting to stay alive despite all odds.

  1. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is based on the plot of the earth being inhabited by blind but noise-sensitive creatures who kill anyone making any noise. Among such people who struggle to live in peace due to such conditions, a family tries to make it on an isolated farm away from the city.

They learned to communicate in sign language, so no one had to speak or layout sand pathways, and no one had to step on dry leaves and make any noise. After that, however, things went downhill as Evelyn accidentally stepped on a nail which had her drop a picture frame in pain.

The noise alerted the creatures who entered her house as she struggled to give birth in a bathtub. It is one of the best apocalyptic movies on Netflix, which everyone must watch at least once.

  1. District 9

As aliens are forced to survive in the worst conditions on Earth, they find solace with one of the government officials responsible for their relocation to Earth. The aliens are kept in District 9, a place assigned to them in South Africa.

The reason for their poor treatment by the humans is that they wish to advance their technology without caring about the well-being of aliens, who are used to building their extraterrestrial weapon technology. Watch how the story takes the twist of turning the table around humans and forcing them to be strangers in their land.

  1. The Mist

As a group of people shops to their heart’s content inside a supermarket, a mist engulfs a small town bringing all sorts of dangers into their lives. When a bunch of rare creatures descends on earth hidden under a fog, they grab people, kill them, and play with their sanity.

Everyone stuck inside the supermarket may appear safe, but with a zealot between them who calls for a sacrifice, things may get out of hand even within the safety walls. Watch The Mist this weekend for a fun time of thriller and entertainment.

  1. The Road

After an unspecified extinction incident caused all plant and animal life to die, a father and son begin their journey to reach a more hospitable destination. However, their journey had huge risks of cannibals roaming around in groups searching for their prey.

The movie ends on a bittersweet note as the father and son’s journey ends amidst sacrifices, danger, betrayal, and survival. So, watch The Road this weekend and keep a box of tissues nearby.

If your Netflix library does not have these movies, you can change your Netflix region easily to access these movies from anywhere around the world.

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Final Thoughts

So, with the long list of apocalyptic movies on Netflix mentioned above, there are various options for everyone to select and enjoy watching. This makes everything easier and saves a lot of time that goes into searching for the perfect movie for you. So, now without any further ado, hurry up and start streaming!

If you face any issues accessing Netflix due to location-based restrictions, consider investing in a good and paid VPN to pave the way. If you ask us, we highly recommend ExpressVPN.

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