Wednesday is a mind-bending spinoff of "The Addams Family" franchise. The series stars Jenna Ortega as the titular character and is co-created by the spectacular filmmaker Tim Burton. The entire first season hit Netflix on November 23rd. The series has been well-received by binge-watchers because of the coming-of-age story, thrilling plot twists, and incredible story arcs.

The wednesday on netflix

The dark comedy-horror show revolves around the chronicles of Wednesday Addams, the psychic daughter of Morticia and Gomez. Being an outcast with antisocial urges, she attends Nevermore Academy, the school for people who don’t belong in the normal world. She meets new friends and enemies at the school while investigating serial murderers.

Addam’s family has had multiple adaptations since the original 1960s television series. It has held a special place in the hearts of the fan. They are known for their spookiness, mystery, and creepiness. This show is dedicated to one of the grimmest family members, Wednesday Addams. Tim presented the 2022 outlook of the ghoulish daughter and how she navigates through a new school while being on the radar of a malevolent murderer.

The cast of Wednesday will give you literal chills as the series explores Wednesday’s love-hate relationship with her family. Just think of this series as your typical teenage angst but proliferated with homicidal monsters, secret societies, and blood-mongering piranhas.

Trailer of Wednesday

As the smart, sarcastic, and sadistic daughter of the Addams family, it’s time for Wednesday to learn a few lessons, and she’s sent to study at Nevermore Academy, where her family has studied for generations. Watch the trailer now to get a glimpse of this most-watched and critically acclaimed series:

The not-so-typical boarding school is for those with special abilities, and like many atypical schools, you have cliques, sirens, werewolves, gorgons, and many more. As she makes new friends and foes, she takes it upon herself to investigate the murderer who has been on the loose and kill normies and outcasts.

Wednesday Review

This Netflix series transports the protagonist into a whole new fantasy realm of her own. It’s creepy, fascinating, and has a lead who more than matches Christina Ricci. In addition, the series has done justice to the original Addam family adaptations. My heart goes out to the teenage Wednesday Addams, who plays the grim role of being an antisocial individual while navigating her life through a school full of outcasts and weirdos.

Ortega has the toughest of acts and benchmarks to follow. Christina Ricci defined the part in the Addams Family and then stepped equally definitive up to the plate as the superbly unengaged goth girl in Addams Family Values in 1993. However, despite two challenges Ricci didn’t have to face, Ortega holds her own. Primarily, Wednesday is a teen, meaning none of the deadpan, snarky, and sarcastic responses hold quite the same charge as they did from adolescents.

Secondly, she has to portray some humanity to grow over an eight-hour series blended with a murder mystery and dark comedy. Wednesday is a coming-of-age tale with classic tropes of high-school chronicles. Ricci played affectless to perfection, but she was in an ensemble cast and only had to hold the viewer’s affection for a few scenes at a time, whereas Ortega has to keep us with her all the way, and she successfully does with her gripping acting and emotional bandwidth.

As Wednesday enacts her evil revenge on the boys who bullied her little brother Pugsley and is resultantly expelled from the school. Being an academically brilliant student, she is sent to Nevermore Academy mid-term, which is the alma mater of her mother, Morticia. The school is governed by an unsettling headteacher and Morticia’s roommate Larrisa Weems.

Larissa pairs Wednesday with a cheery and almost-opposite roommate Enid Sinclairs. As the series develops, the roommates learn how to depend on each other and solve the harrowing mysteries of Nevermore. If looks could kill, Wednesday would have been a comprehensive series. Instead, Ortega not only immersed themself in her character, but she also justified the character development of Wednesday. Upon her marvelous performance, she has been well-received by critics and binge-watchers; evidently, she has gained 10 million followers on her Instagram since the release of the series.

Ricci plays the role of Enids and Wednesday’s dorm mother. As if in benediction, she visits them in the evening to see how they are getting along. The series will show Wednesday’s incredible sarcasm and snarky responses to Enid’s hospitality. Enid gives her a tour of Nevermore Academy and introduces the cliques of the institute: you will see vampires, werewolves, stoners, and sirens in the series. If you are a fan of supernatural characters, this series has a few outcasts from every category.

Enid also offers tips for Wednesday while navigating her new school and introduces the characters that will later become central to the murder mystery; Wednesday will be seen investigating. A number of killings in the local town of Jericho and surrounding woodland are reported, and the Sheriff finds it increasingly hard to deny the presence of a monster; he’s skeptical that the murders are linked to Nevermore.

Wednesday comes across the startling facts about her father, Gomez, who is accused of murdering someone in his youth. She learns about her visions and that they are fragments of the future and are trying to tell her something. Spoiler alert: Later, she’s going to have a vision that will change the course of her life. Are you interested to know? Watch Wednesday now.

As Wednesday learns about the prophecies that she will be the reason behind the doom of Nevermore based on the sketches inside the books in the Nightshade’s basements. She becomes more intrigued in discovering the truth about pilgrims, Nevermore, her father, and herself. She has been court-mandated to attend counseling sessions by Dr. Kinbott but has anything ever been so simple with Wednesday?

There’s teenage drama, nascent relationships, a bloody prom, and secret societies that will keep you on your toes. The creator’s Miles Millar and Alfred Gough also gave us Smallville and know how to handle multiple plotlines intertwining the real and supernatural worlds. In addition, the series provides a fissured version of Addam’s family. The affection and synergy of the family against the world were always one of the great pleasures in whatever incarnation you see them. Are you ready to be charmed by Addam’s family adaptation once more? Well, you should watch Wednesday now.

Where can you watch Wednesday?

You must be wondering where to watch Wednesday. Well, we have got your back. You can watch Wednesday on Netflix. Many other illegal streaming sites feature the series, but it is not advised to watch from there. However, Wednesday is available on Netflix. So, what are you waiting for?

How to watch Wednesday?

You can watch Wednesday on Netflix. It is exclusively streaming on the VOD service. You can watch Wednesday with subtitles in various languages and high definition. Netflix has different libraries for every region. So there might be a chance that you cannot watch Wednesday on Netflix because of the geo-blocks or limited content library. However, with a premium VPN, you can access different libraries of Netflix from anywhere.

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  5. Navigate to Netflix and search for Wednesday’s title and stream it easily.

Is Wednesday based on a true story?

No, Wednesday is a fictional story based on the chronicles of Addam’s family. It elaborates on the story of Morticia and Gomez’s sadistic daughter and how she navigates through the new school brimming with outcasts and supernatural beings.


Do you want to watch Wednesday from anywhere? Well, Netflix has different libraries for different regions, and to access a particular library, you would need a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN because it has incredible unblocking capabilities. Wednesday is the adaptation from Addam’s family franchise, and it’s worth bingeing this weekend.

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