Are you looking to watch your favorite Hotstar shows and movies on Hulu? Well, you are in for a treat! Hulu will now host many of South Asia's most popular content on its streaming site, making it one of the most diverse platforms in the world! Do you wish to know more about it? Check out the blog below!

Hotstar has a new home - your favorite hotstar shows and movies are on hulu!

According to a Disney Spokesperson, “The move from Hotstar, a premium brand for South Asian content, to ESPN Plus and Hulu in the U.S. expands upon the rich and diverse catalog of live events and stories delivered across the Disney Bundle and provides a platform for South Asian content to reach broader audiences.”

This means that anyone living internationally would be able to freely stream their favorite Indian content on Hulu without having to pay for both sites’ subscriptions. From September 1, you will see thousands of Bollywood movies and series making their place in Hulu’s library, with even more of these numbers joining the cue later on in the future. This is exciting news and much-needed publicity and exposure that South Asian content needs globally.

Anyone using Hotstar would become eligible to subscribe to the Disney Bundle, i.e., Disney Bundle (Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus), by the end of their Hotstar subscription. With Disney closing down Hotstar in the United States, the blow could be softened (or even improved) through its content transferred to Hulu. This way, the audience can have the best of both streaming sites and enjoy internationally acclaimed content in premium quality screening.

However, it is still being determined whether or not Disney will rename the streaming site Hulu or go along with its dual branding for the time being. For now, let the audience experience the new changes in their streaming subscription and enjoy the possibility of having two of the most internationally acclaimed platforms merging as one.

Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, announced that they would be offering a “one-app experience” for the audience of this popular streaming site, most probably by the end of 2023. This move will benefit the platform highly as Hotstar had suffered the loss of 4.6 million subscribers in the quarter ending April 1 due to its removal of HBO and IPL-based content. So, its collaboration with Hulu could be just the push it needs to become the top-ranking South Asian streaming site again.

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