Can I watch NHL Draft Outside USA? Yes, you can Watch NHL Draft outside USA with the help of a strong, reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Nhl draft outside usa

Is NHL Draft available outside USA? Yes, NHL Draft is available outside USA, but only if you subscribe to a premium VPN. If you ask us, we recommend ExpressVPN.

How to Watch NHL Draft Outside USA with a VPN [5 Simple Steps Jun 2023]

Here is how you can stream NHL outside the USA:

  1. Sign up for a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install its app on your device.
  3. Log into the app using your credentials.
  4. Connect to a US-based server from the servers list.
  5. Now, install ESPN on your device and sign up to stream anything online!

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch NHL Draft Outside USA?

You need a VPN to stream NHL outside the USA because it can be streamed on ESPN and other US-based platforms that are geo-restricted for people outside the USA.

A VPN will help you by hiding your local IP address and assigning you an alternate one to trick the CBS location servers.

The most recommended VPN to hide your location is ExpressVPN, the best option when streaming blocked or inaccessible content in your region.

Top 5 VPNs to Watch NHL Draft Outside USA [Short Summary Jun 2023]

Mentioned below are the top 5 VPNs which you can choose from to stream NHL outside the USA:

  1. ExpressVPN: The finest VPN for geo-restricted content viewing from anywhere, with over 3000 fast servers. Its year-long bundle and three months of free streaming cost about $6.67 monthly. High-end encryption and a 30-day money-back guarantee make ExpressVPN a risk-free VPN.
  2. CyberGhost: About 7,000 servers are available through CyberGhost’s server network, which spans 91 nations. Fast speed, highly secure protocols, dependable privacy guidelines, and all-encompassing internet security are all present. Each month, it costs $2.19. Users who purchase a two-year plan receive two months for free.
  3. NordVPN: It has 15 highly optimized servers in the USA and more than 5,400 servers spread across 80 sites in 59 different countries. It includes a $3.71 per month, two-year subscription. Currently, it is available for 66% off with three months FREE and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. Surfshark: The best VPN for the money is SurfShark, which has a 2-year package with two free months for just $2.30 per month. Are 3200+ servers available in more than 60 different countries, 23 highly optimized US servers, and unlimited continuous connections?
  5. AtlasVPN: AtlasVPN takes the lead with more than 750 servers, quick connections, secure policies, and robust security features. For two years, three extra months, 24/7 live chat assistance, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, it costs about $1.82 each month.

What is NHL Draft?

NHL Draft is a yearly meetup of each National Hockey League franchise where they decide which ice hockey player deserves to be chosen for the match. Each team is chosen through various combinations, like lottery, regular season standing, and playoff results.

NHL Draft 2023 Schedule

Mentioned below is the schedule for the 2023 NHL:

Event Date Time (ET) Channels
NHL Draft Lottery May 8, 2023 8 p.m. ESPN, ESPN+
NHL Scouting Combine June 4–10, 2023 Various NHL Network
NHL Draft: Day 1 (Round 1) June 28, 2023 7 p.m. ESPN, ESPN+
NHL Draft: Day 2 (Rounds 2–7) June 29, 2023 11 a.m. NHL Network, ESPN+

NHL Draft 2023 Venue

The NHL 2023 will be held at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

How Much are NHL Draft Tickets?

The ticket price for NHL starts from $73 for the lowest seat and costs around $376 for the top-dollar ones.

Compatible Devices to Stream NHL Draft Outside USA

Mentioned below are the devices that are compatible with streaming NHL outside the USA:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • AppleTV (Generation 3 & 4)
  • Android Handset
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • XBOX One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Samsung TV
  • PC

FAQs – NHL Draft

Who gets 1st pick in NHL Draft 2023?

The Chicago Blackhawks were the ones who got picked first on the 2023 NHL Lottery on Monday.

When and where is the 2023 NHL draft?

The 2023 NHL Draft will be held at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The first round is on June 28 (7 p.m. ET; ESPN, SN, TVAS), and the rounds second to seventh are on June 29 (11 a.m. ET; NHLN, SN, TVAS).

Is Wayne Gretzky drafted?

No, Wayne Gretzky was not drafted for the NHL.

Is the NHL Draft every year?

Yes, the NHL Draft takes place once every year.

Final Thoughts

With the guide we shared with you, we hope you can now watch NHL outside USA easily. We highly recommend a strong VPN, like ExpressVPN, to stream this from anywhere on US-based sites, like ESPN.

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