Vudu is an American streaming service that is restricted outside USA. However, you can use a VPN to watch Vudu in UK. We’re here with a detailed guide to create an ever-lasting and easy-to-understand guide for you to make it easier for our readers to understand and learn about the tricks and hacks of accessing Vudu in the UK without any hassle.

How to unblock Vudu in UK with a VPN Connection

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and Install ExpressVPN.
  3. Enter the Information and log in with Credentials.
  4. Select the U.S. server, and open the Vudu website to watch your favorite shows and movies.

Why do you need a VPN to access Vudu in UK?

Vudu is an American Digital Video Store and Streaming Services available originally in the American region and owned by Fandango Media, a subsidiary of NBC Universal and Warner Bros.

Right now, there are no subscription fees, but still, you would have to pay for the services. Moreover, the US library consists of 1700+ content files within the U.S. library. Just like HBO Max in UK , Hulu in UK, and other platforms, Vudu is also geo-restricted outside the US, and you can not access it in any other region except for the U.S. So, ultimately, you would have to connect your devices with a secured VPN network to gain access to your desired website within a timely manner.

If you wish to watch Vudu in U.K., you will acquire a secure VPN network with a masked I.P. address and physical location hidden per the server selected. Vudu is geo-restricted outside the U.S. region. You would obtain a secure I.P. address with a hidden physical address for encapsulating the region and make it easier for the connected users to witness a connection with fast connectivity.

A Quick Overview- The Best 3 VPNs to watch Vudu in UK

This section will learn about the best 3 picks VPNs with a quick overview for your ease and understanding, with a detailed answer to, is Vudu available in UK?

  • ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN is the most optimistic VPN to watch Vudu in UK, with 3000+ servers allocated worldwide.
  • Surfshark: Surfshark is one of the fastest streaming VPNs to watch Vudu in UK, with 3200+ servers placed in various locations.
  • NordVPN: NordVPN comes with secure connectivity to watch Vudu in UK, with 5400+ servers placed worldwide.

How to choose the Best VPN to watch Vudu in UK?

The selection criteria for Best VPN to watch Vudu in UK is very simple, and you would not feel ambiguous to get our devices connected to the server within the expected time frame because that’s how you feel after connecting to a premium quality VPN network with fast speed, and security protocols. We went through a detailed process to get over the selection of the Best VPN for watching Vudu in UK and make our readers choose the Best VPN for themselves.

  1. The maximum number of servers placed within the location.
  2. Effective working of the privacy policies and protocols within the layers of connection.
  3. The quick connectivity after the link is made within the network.
  4. Live Chat support for the customers and instant response to their queries.
  5. Strict Zero-Log policies are working with restrictions over creating any log of user’s online activities.
  6. Maximum coverage of servers, with activated Kill, Switch to stop the activities.

A Detailed Analysis – The Best VPN to watch Vudu in UK [Updated September 2021]

Let’s have a detailed look over the best VPN with optimized results to enjoy watching Vudu in UK to witness a secure connection with the least chances of drop in the link.

ExpressVPN – Best Fast Speed VPN to watch Vudu in UK

We all know about ExpressVPN as a game-changer in the market, with fast speed, highly impressive and secured protocols, and policies. It has 3000+ servers placed within the network to witness a connection with fast connectivity, and the last issue is a network connection.

ExpressVPN possesses all the core security features and protocols embedded within the network like AES-256 bit encryption technique, OpenVPN, L2PT, PPTP, Kill Switch, and Split tunneling feature splits the data packets into to maintain the threshold and transparency throughout the network. Moreover, ExpressVPN allows multi-logins to their dedicated users for five devices at a time, with a single premium account along with fast connectivity.

Moreover, it possesses the feature to unblock geo-restricted websites and content over the website, like Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar, and other entertainment channels to best forward the connection request with authentic users identity, and masked I.P. address to maintain the transparency.

So, what are you waiting for? No doubt, ExpressVPN is the best possible option to get all of your favorite shows and content over the mobile phones with $6.67/mo for its 12-month with three months additional connectivity!

Surfshark – An Affordable VPN to access Vudu in the UK with 3200+ servers

Lastly, we have Surfshark, a pocket-friendly VPN service provider with such low rates. Users are always curious to join the network and witness a secure connection without investing a lot like others.

With Surfshark, we can have all the security protocols like other VPNs are investing within the market like AES-256 bit encryption technique, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, Split-tunneling, DNS server responsible for quickly masking the I.P. addresses of the users as per the server they have selected from the users. Moreover, there are no restrictions over the connectivity, like users can connect as many devices as possible once they have purchased the services from the premium account.

Surfshark also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee; if you don’t like the services within 30 days, then revert the package and get your benefits back within the time frame! Let’s talk about the unblocking facility precisely, then yes. Surfshark can unblock geo-restricted websites and content like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Vudu, Foxtel Go, and other entertainment channels with quick connectivity over the network.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your devices connected with Surfshark and enjoy a seamless connection with fast connectivity and the least amount invested within the package.

NordVPN – An Award-Winning VPN to stream Vudu in UK with 5400+ servers

Next, we have an award-winning VPN with fast connectivity and throughput with 5400+ servers placed worldwide for the users allocated in different locations.

NordVPN has been dealing in the market for a long time with masked I.P. addresses, with the quick working of a DNS server and physical address hiding to maintain the transparency and trust of the users towards their connection. It posses all the top-tier security protocols and policies embedded within the connection like AES-256 bit encryption technique, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, strict Zero-log guidelines to restrict the service providers from maintaining any log of the user’s online activities; otherwise, the trust would be gone.

You can unblock any geo-restricted websites, like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Hotstar+, Amazon Prime, Foxtel Go, Sling T.V., HBO Max and other entertainment mediums quickly once the connection is made for the users.

Are you excited to read about NordVPN? So get your devices connected with NordVPN for $4.89/month for witnessing a secure connection from an award-winning VPN service provider.

How to download Vudu Application on Android/iOS Devices

You can enjoy watching Vudu Application on Android or iOS Devices following the steps mentioned within the section;

  1. Open Apple Store, Google Play store to download the ExpressVPN application.
  2. Please install the application, and Open it to the Registration page.
  3. Enter the Information, and move to Login with Credentials.
  4. Login with those Credentials, and Select the U.S. server.
  5. Open the Vudu website, and select your desired show or movie.
  6. Enjoy watching Vudu shows and movies directly from your mobile phones.

How to watch Vudu in UK on Xbox One

You can go directly to, ‘My games & apps’ section to find and select the Vudu application. Once done finding the application, enjoy streaming it on the Xbox Store.

How to watch Vudu in UK on PS3/PS4

If you wish to watch Vudu on PS3/PS4, then move to the T.V. section or video services category to download the Vudu application, then enjoy the streaming of Vudu on PS3/PS4 from the ‘My Channels’ tab directly.

Devices Compatible with Vudu in UK

Let’s learn about the devices that are compatible with Vudu making it easier for you to connect and enjoy a seamless and secure connection.

  1. Android Phones
  2. iPhone
  3. Xbox
  4. Laptops
  5. Windows
  6. PlayStation
  7. Roku
  8. Chromecast
  9. Smart T.V.
  10. ARRIS Mi4

Best Vudu Shows to watch in the U.K.

Want to know about the best Vudu shows you can enjoy watching with your friends and family? Here we’re with a quick list for you:

  1. The Color of Magic
  2. Lexx
  3. Wildfire
  4. Dead Zone
  5. Vampire Knight
  6. The Dresden File

Best Vudu Movies to watch in the UK

Want to know about the best Vudu movies you can enjoy watching with your friends and family? Here we’re with a quick list for you:

  1. Sing
  2. Tom and Jerry
  3. Wrath of Man
  4. Boss Baby
  5. Frozen II
  6. Jumanji
  7. Moana
  8. Coraline

Is Vudu better than Netflix?

It’s a very complex question. After all, we have the choice factor involved within this work because some people love the interface of Netflix to the core and choose a VPN to get the U.S. library content, whereas some like Vudu as an entertainment platform to best spend their time.

Can I watch Vudu without the app?

There is a need to install an application to browse, rent, or watch any desired movie directly on Vudu because it’s easier to use Vudu now on your home screen and access it with your friends and family.

In what countries is Vudu available?

Right now, Vudu is available with all the features and functionalities only in the U.S. If we talk about other regions like Germany, Singapore, UK, Canada, or any other area, then a secure VPN network is necessary to sustain within the market, and enjoy all of your desired shows, and movies with fast connectivity and throughput.

Can you get Vudu in UK?

If you’re seeking an answer for watching Vudu in UK, then unfortunately the answer is NO. Still, the best alternative.

A Quick Recap: The Best VPN to watch Vudu in UK

If you are going to give priority to the user’s opinion, then I would say that download ExpressVPN as a whole, and then move further with any other VPN because it consists of all the top-tier security protocols and policies along with a user-friendly interface, and unblocking capabilities which all the binge-watchers are looking for in any VPN service providers in the market.


Here are some of the best pick questions for you; you can enjoy watching Vudu in UK and witness a secure connection overall;

Sadly, Vudu is not available in Canada right now. It is operational only in the United States and if you wish to access it overseas, connect your devices with a secure VPN connection.

Yes, you can watch Vudu overseas with a secure VPN connection, allowing the users to witness a secure connection with fewer issues associated with connectivity and speed.

Yes, as long as the payment for the package is done, then it’s all legal to watch Vudu in the U.K. with any VPN connection having premium quality.

Yes, you can enjoy watching Vudu in the U.K. for free using the Free VPNs network, but as a good practice, we never recommended anyone to use a Free VPN because it’s risky and is not secure at all.

The great factor about Vudu is, it’s not an online streaming site that would acquire a proper signup or purchasing fee process. You have to visit the website and rent/purchase any of the movies, or T.V. shows you want to watch with your peers.

No, right now Vudu is not available in UK and you have to connect your devices with a secured VPN connection to bypass the restrictions easily.


And that’s all for the day! I hope you enjoyed reading this article knowing about the quick tricks to use Vudu in UK, and any other region without any hassle. The most recent research indicates that VPN is the best possible option to watch any series, or movies within the respective region and enjoy a secure, and seamless connection.

Although if you still have some questions in your mind regarding the article then feel free to post your questions within the feedback in the comment sections.

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