Are you searching for some best French movies on Netflix? We got you. Here, we have some of the best French movies on Netflix for you to check out. To ensure that you gain access to Netflix while unavailable in your region, we recommend using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Best french movies on netflix

If you want to learn French, watching movies on Netflix is the best option. Not only can you have immense fun watching entertaining content, but you can also unconsciously learn French words and accent with the flow. So, to help you have the best time watching French movies on Netflix, here is a list to skim through and select the one you like the best French movies on Netflix.

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 Top French Movies on Netflix

Mentioned below are among the top French movies on Netflix for you to stream.

1. Lost Bullet

Lost Bullet is a story of a police mechanic, Lino, with a criminal past who uses his intelligence to prove his innocence by tracking a lost car. Unfortunately, that car is essential in proving his innocence as it contains a single bullet. With his life at stake, he goes after the car as his mentor gets brutally murdered by corrupt cops.

This movie is a must-watch as it not only gives the viewers a hint of Fast and Furious vibes but also keeps the story gripping for the viewers to enjoy.

2. Oxygen

A young woman named Mélanie wakes up from a slumber in a cryogenic pod but has no recollection of her memories. With zero awareness of who she is and how she landed inside the pod, she struggles to remember anything she can as the pod runs out of oxygen.

Oxygen is a brilliant watch for anyone who loves sci-fi drama, as the movie revolves around a woman’s struggle to survive as the outside world fails her and brutally separates her from her loved ones as humans use the excuse of advancements in science to treat human lives like characters on a screen.

3. Restless

Restless is a story that revolves around karma, i.e., what goes around comes around. After a corrupt cop tries his best to hide an accident with all the strength he can muster, his life dramatically turns as one of the witnesses shows up to blackmail him. This puts him through restlessness and fear as he goes out of his way to keep his tracks covered and safe.

The storyline follows a usual pattern of a bad guy being chased by one of his victims or witnesses as the story ends on a dramatic note. It is an excellent watch for you with your loved ones at one of your slumber parties.

4. The World Is Yours

When a part-time drug dealer wraps up his business to move to Morocco, his life ends up in a shocking rut where his last job as a dealer almost lands him in prison. His previous customers end up dragging him into the dangerous circle of the Illuminati, as well as other life-threatening stuff.

The World Is Yours is the struggle of a man trying to escape financial difficulties, dangerous gangs, and an imperious mother making his already tough life a living hell.

5. Rogue City

Rogue City revolves around the story of a loyal cop in Marseille city of France, who gets stuck in the middle of corruption within the police department as he tries to bring down the drug dealing gang. However, as he struggles to make things right, things go even further out of his control as the corrupt officers make further moves to let crime suffice through their trials and errors in judgment.

The movie is filled with double-crosses, action, betrayal, and a rollercoaster of emotions, which makes it a great cocktail of a French action movie.

6. Spoiled Brats

This is the best movie one could watch with their family as it contains a great lesson in being smart, independent, and empathetic. For those who are born with silver spoons in their mouth, being spoiled could come as one of the cons of their lifestyle.

However, it is not the case in the Bartek household. Francis Bartek is the millionaire father in Spoiled Brats who wishes to turn his children into good, empathetic people, so he ends up cooking up a story that he lost all his wealth. This is a rather interesting and fun watch that gives off a crucial lesson throughout the film.

7. The Stronghold

When three cops, Grég Cerva, Antoine, and Yass, who were always assigned regular tasks on the force, were handed over the responsibility of busting a huge drug network, things went out of their hands. Amel, who happens to be Antoine’s constant informant throughout the case, demanded 5kgs of hash in exchange for information that could help them catch the drug network.

As they complied with her demand, her knowledge ended up being true, and they successfully made the bust. However, the trio was arrested two months after their successful operation as the IGPN, i.e., The General Inspectorate of the National Police found traces of hash in their apartment and accused them of drug trafficking.

The Stronghold explores the struggles of this trio as they try to prove their innocence, with the whole department denying their role in the drug bust.

8. School Life

School Life is a teen-comedy drama that revolves around the role of a middle school principal in Paris who turns things around at her school by actually getting to know her students and focusing on their strengths. Despite being warned by the faculty members about the students being unmotivated and showing a lack of discipline, the principal looked at the scenario differently.

Her new and unconventional approach helped motivate the students, which as a result, impacted their overall performance positively. School Life is a vital film for anyone who struggles with school and motivation in general, as well as the teachers who could help make the environment better in order to help students focus on their studies.

9. Burn Out

Tony Rodrigues is an aspiring bike racer, but his talents are used for the wrong reasons as he uses his skills to deliver the drugs within two hours to pay off his ex-wife, Leyla’s debts. Leyla used to work for a shady gang to hide their drugs. But as her ex-boyfriend stole them, the team barged into the house to assault her.

This sets off Tony to help settle her debts and even things out, but he lands himself in a bigger mess after he negotiates with Jordan, a gang member, goes wrong, and he ends up killing him. Burn Out is an amazing film with all the thrill you could imagine in an action-clad movie for you to stream in your hours of leisure.

10. Athena

After a young Algerian boy, Idir, dies in inexplicable circumstances, the entire community of Athena breaks out into a war, with the late boy’s brothers Karim, Moktar, and Abdel right at the heart of this newfound conflict. With Idir’s murder having prominent racist roots, the people of Athena come out to protest against the injustice centered around the poor boy’s life. Athena is centered around a strong plot with revolt, bloodlust, and drama to keep the viewers hooked until the end.

11. Nothing to Hide

A group of friends gathers around at a dinner party to play a game and revive their old times of having fun as young people. As the game progresses, friendships and marriages weaken as each member’s phone is displayed for the entire gang to read. Secrets, lies, and deceits begin to uncover without knowing what to expect.

Nothing to Hide signals a lack of boundaries, anonymity, and confidentiality between people who have known each other for a long time and find things out about one another in a shocking manner.

12. Lucy

Lucy is a brilliant film about a woman who is accidentally given a massive dose of a performance-enhancing drug that gives her superhuman strengths and abilities in both physical and mental capacity. With her muscles, she goes on to defend herself and destroy the ones responsible for using her and others for abduction and drug trafficking.

Scarlett Johansson gives a fitting performance, making Lucy as a character tailor, fit her. In addition, the role of Morgan Freeman in the film gives it the kick we never knew it needed, making Lucy one of the top English-language French sci-fi action films.

13. Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Bon Cop, Bad Cop, is a story about two cops, one French and one English, to pair together to stop a serial killer. The movie starts with a dead body found at the Ontario-Quebec border, and the police assign two people of different origins to bring the deceased person to justice. This is an entertaining watch with its second part released on Netflix for you to enjoy after binging the first one.

14. The Most Assassinated Woman in the World

As the story about a real-life Actress, Paula Maxa, is portrayed on screen, the viewers get a chance to see how her performance of getting murdered at a theatre company approximately 10,000 times had her being pursued by a real assassin.

The movie also explores the connection between her versions and the real-life murders around the city, sparing no details in both the staged and real killings. Are these murders in any way linked? Watch the Most Assassinated Woman in the World to find out.

15. I Am Not an Easy Man

I Am Not an Easy Man revolves around the rom-com story of a stereotypically bigoted man, Damien, having his life turned upside down as he wakes up to find himself in an ‘upside down world, where tables have turned, and matriarchy is common.

A world where women catcall men and men get ruled over by women becomes too much for Damien to handle, as well as other such opposite activities that exist in the world of this film. However, as the plot progresses, unlike his mindset, he conflicts with a female author with strong sexist views, giving Damien worthy competition.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the top French movies on Netflix that we recommend for you. This will help cheer you up, entertain you during the holiday season, and also improve your French vocabulary. If Netflix isn’t available in your region, then no worries. A good, solid VPN like ExpressVPN can help you stream all your favorite French movies on Netflix easily.

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