Are you looking for the top Turkish movies on Netflix? Check out our list here, as we have gathered some of the best Turkish movies on Netflix to enjoy streaming online. If Netflix is unavailable in your region, try using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Best turkish movies on netflix

Turkish movies have gained popularity massively due to their top performances and movie plots, which engage audiences well. To ensure that you have the best time watching Turkish movies on Netflix, here is a list of movies we would love you to watch.

 Top Turkish Movies on Netflix

Mentioned below are among the top Turkish movies on Netflix for you to stream.

  1. Cici (2022)

Love, family, and homeland are the things that make up Turkish culture. With everything which sums up the essence of their connection with each other, there is hardly ever a situation where they would give all that up just like that. However, after facing the devastating death of a loved one, a family had to abandon their rural Turkish colony and move into the city for a better future.

After spending a good 30 years in the town, building their careers and future, they return to their village and discover that there are still some loose ends and unresolved conflicts which need their attention. Watch Cici on Netflix to learn how this family mends things independently and resolves their conflicts after 30 years of separation.

  1. My Mother’s Wound (2016)

Salih, an 18-year-old Bosnian separated from his family during the Bosnian War, sets off to find his parents. Instead, he comes across disturbing information about them, which ignites a fire of revenge in him. During this time, he sets off to find a job to support himself and eventually lands the role of caring for a farm.

With time, he enjoys living the life he has built for himself and becomes more independent. My Mother’s Wound is a great movie for people who wish to spend their time watching something worthwhile.

  1. Grudge (2021)

Grudge is a story that revolves around a police chief on his way to receiving a well-deserved and much-awaited promotion after he brings down a gang of criminals who corrupted the city. However, his advancement is halted to a pause as he lands himself into a dangerous rut that involves one of his past cases, which he may not have adequately tied, hence the loose ends which landed him in trouble. The movie contains a series of twists that keeps the viewers hooked on the plot until the end.

  1. My Father’s Violin (2022)

People who love watching musicals, like Pitch Perfect, will love watching My Father’s Violin as it contains a heartfelt story about a man whose brother died, leaving behind his niece, who he barely knows. So, using his music skills, he builds a beautiful bond with his niece, who the social services team tries to sabotage.

While this movie follows the cliché of how love wins over everything, it is pretty refreshing to see this concept applied to relationships that don’t include romantic love. Instead, my Father’s Violin focuses on the purity of the bond between an orphaned niece and his loving uncle.

  1. Dabbe: The Possession (2013)

Dabbe: The Possession is a true story about a girl, Kubra, who got possessed by an evil djinn and killed her partner during their wedding ceremony. She is attempted to be saved by her childhood friend Ebru who had moved to Izmir with her family, and Faruk, a man expert in dealing with djinn possessions.

The movie ends with an unexpected twist that shocks the viewers, so it’s worth enough to watch. Dabbe: The Possession is filmed with the actual story kept close to the plot and is a chilling watch for everyone who loves a good horror movie without the unnecessary jump-scares and ghosts with heavy makeup.

  1. The Miracle (2015)

The Miracle is a story about a teacher, Mahir Yılmaz, who relocated to a remote village for work, leaving his wife and children behind. As he reached, the villagers behaved in a hostile manner with him. But after learning his identity, they laid out their literacy troubles in front of him. So, after a carefully thought-out plan, Mahir raises money to build a school in the village for everyone to gain the necessary knowledge to read and write.

After some time, the combined efforts of Mahir and the rest of the towns show significant results as children who were once students in the school he built grew up, got married through unique rituals, and made their lives. The Miracle explores the lives of people in the village and how each one of them grows up to do the best in their capacity, be it reaching a certain literacy level or fighting against their disability to live a ‘normal’ life.

  1. UFO (2022)

UFO is a story about Ese, a passionate biker who wishes to excel in the region championship based on his skills, and Deniz, a delusional girl who believes that she will one day be abducted by the aliens living in the UFOs from Earth one day. Both the people meet and fall in life as fate has different plans for each. Watch UFO and get to know its story and the mysterious world of creatures that may or may not live in the outside world.

  1. Love Me Instead (2021)

Love Me Instead is nothing like how you would have expected it to be. Musa, who had been in jail for fifteen years due to accidentally killing someone while saving his love interest from sexual assault, finally gets out to meet his daughter, Yonca. However, things are not how it seems for Musa as various harsh truths come to light, shattering the world around him.

Love Me Instead is a fierce story of genuine and robust affection between a father and his estranged daughter who grew up without him all her life and the extent he is willing to go to protect his daughter from any harm in the world.

  1. Between Family (2017)

When Solmaz, a singer, and Fikret, a shopkeeper, get out of their 21-year-old relationship, they meet on the same day. Solmaz gives Fikret shelter at her house until he gets back on his feet while she works on planning a wedding for her daughter, Zeynep. However, as Solmaz wasn’t married to Zeynep’s father, things could turn wrong as Zeynep’s in-laws are not very accepting of premarital relationships.

The wedding becomes a rollercoaster of emotions and drama as Solmaz asks Fikret to pretend to be her husband since her daughter’s biological dad abandoned them. Between Family showcases how Zeynep tries to pass through the event successfully without anyone suspecting her parents’ relationship and her father’s abandonment.

  1. Husband Factor (2016)

Familial pressure to find a suitable husband over women has been frequent in almost all cultures worldwide. Such is the story of Efsun, a 30-year-old hopeless romantic who does not want to settle for anyone she doesn’t love. Her strong opinions and passionate approach to things often scare people away and have her family label her as the black sheep in their house.

As much as she is desperate for love, she doesn’t know how to approach people and attract them to herself. To help Efsun reach her happy ending, her family teaches her the art of drawing a man. As she becomes ready to meet someone new, she runs into Sinan, her high-school friend and former crush. Watch Husband Factor get to know the possibility of Efsun and Sinan reuniting, and this time for life.

  1. Paper Lives (2021)

Poverty has managed to bring out the worst in people. It keeps parental affections at bay and prioritizes money as a basic need, putting everything else as secondary. Paper Lives highlights how the lack of funds makes parents abandon their children to fend off for themselves while they sit at home waiting for them to bring them whatever amount they earn.

This is a harsh reality that every soul in a poverty-stricken country experiences to make ends meet. This movie shares the story of young children working at a recycling plant and the gruesome troubles they experience to become financially secure.

  1. The Butterfly’s Dream (2013)

The Butterfly’s Dream is the beautiful story of two people, Muzaffar Tayyip Usl and Rüştü Onur, suffering from tuberculosis, trying to make everyone around them fall in love with poetry. The journey of these two men takes a swift turn as both find Suzan Özsöy, a young woman who catches their eyes, is attractive, and makes a bet to write poetry.

Whoever’s poetry she approves wins. Although she likes Rüştü’s poetry more, Muzaffar wins her heart. The Butterfly’s Dream explores the journey of love, illness, and friendship through difficult times of both friends together.

  1. Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2019)

As a mentally impaired man, Mehmet gets wrongfully accused of murder. He spends his life in jail as his daughter Ova lives with her grandmother. When Mehmet saves the leader of his prison from being stabbed by another criminal, his innocence becomes popular among them.

However, as people from the outside world conspire to have Mehmet killed, the inmates go out of their way to ensure Mehmet safely escapes and lives his life with his family. The story is heartwarming, to say the least, as an innocent man is being saved by criminals so that he can get reunited with his mother and little daughter.

  1. You Can Do It, My Dear! (2022)

A good teacher goes a long way toward making a difference in their student’s lives. One good teacher is enough to make or break the student, as is the impact of their presence in their lives. You Can Do It, My Dear! It is an engaging documentary about the life of Haldun Dormen and how he encouraged his students in his remarkable acting career. His encouragement, support, and unfailing determination have inspired many people to follow their dreams.

  1. Last Summer (2021)

Last Summer explores the coming-of-age experiences of a teenage boy, Deniz, who is slowly transitioning into adulthood. This time, he plans to start a relationship with his neighbor, Asli, who he has had a crush on since he was a kid. But, as he tries to get into her good books, he notices that Burak, a handsome and burly guy from his neighborhood, is also on his way to pursue Asli.

Last Summer highlights the fresh feelings of jealousy, affection, and heartbreak in each character’s lives as they step tenderly into the real world where things wouldn’t be too easy for them to achieve, be it love or success.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, watching Turkish movies would entertain you to the fullest, so we highly recommend you check the list out. And if Netflix isn’t available in your region, then no worries. All you need to do is to install and subscribe to a reliable VPN and stream freely! For that, we highly recommend ExpressVPN.

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