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Best spanish movies on netflix

Spanish movies are known for their thrilling and passionate plots. With a massive list of genres suitable for even the pickiest movie lover, they have countless options to choose from. Here, we will share some of the top Spanish movies on Netflix to stream this weekend.

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 Top Spanish Movies on Netflix

Here, we have chosen some of the most amazing Spanish movies on Netflix to stream easily in your region.

  1. The Platform

The Platform is a dark, psychological thriller film that revolves around the metaphor of our choices affecting others. The movie focuses on the prison cell, which has 333 levels, and the ones on the top get the most food while the ones on the last are often left to starve as there isn’t much left for anyone by the end. The film turns violent as the inmates fight for their survival, giving the movie a raw touch for the viewers to perceive.

  1. Mirage

A sci-fi movie with a touch of horror, Mirage is about an empathetic mother who gets in touch with the ghost of a child and attempts to save his life. As noble as her gesture was, it was fatal for the world as her actions caused alterations, in reality, causing a significant glitch in space-time.

The harm she may potentially cause her loved ones puts her through a massive life crisis as she struggles to make things right. Mirage is an entertaining movie to watch with your family on the weekend.

  1. Veronica

Veronica is a classic Spanish horror movie that revolves around the plot of a teenage girl using an Ouija board with her friends to try and get in touch with her deceased father. However, things take a drastic turn when instead of her late father, a cluster of evil spirits gather near her as she opens the door to the other side of the world.

This is a standard plot in most horror films, but Veronica contains some pretty good jump-scares and twists, making the movie entertaining.

  1. El Bar

El Bar is about a busy bar/café in Madrid which suddenly has to shut down since a murder occurred right on its sidewalk. The people who were already in the café were unable to leave and could not contact anyone due to lack of cell service. With the deserted streets and a killer on the loose, the group had no other option but to spend their time shut inside the café.

However, the only problem with that situation was that the group suspected another killer who may be trapped inside the café. It’s a thrilling murder-mystery movie that will keep you on the edge of your seats till the credits roll.

  1. I’m No Longer Here

A 17-year-old boy, Ulises, leaves behind his life in Monterrey after getting himself in trouble with a dangerous gang and hides away from his family to ensure their safety. To keep his life safe, he moves to Queens, New York, to start fresh. However, he soon realizes that Queens isn’t for him and attempts to move back to his home country, but he quickly learns that Monterrey is no longer the same as he left it.

Watch Ya No Estoy Aquí (I’m No Longer Here) to see how Ulises manages the sudden change in his life, deals with the way things are, and keeps his family safe from any harm that may come across him now that he is back home.

  1. Sounds Like Love

It Sounds Like Love is a classic story of how good you think your life is going until your past catches up with you in the form of an ex. This is precisely what happened to Maca, as she explores Madrid with two friends who make sure that she has the time of her life as she wastes her talent at 30.

However, things take a toll on her as her ex, Leo, comes back into her life to take her back into her past. Watch Sounds Like Love to learn how Maca deals with this situation and attempts to move on toward a better future.

  1. Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye is a story of revenge and karma where a nurse is tasked to take care of a patient diagnosed with a terminal illness, who also happens to be a dangerous drug lord. However, his life is more at stake than being under her care since he is being dealt with by someone whose life, he made a living hell in the past.

Will the nurse spare his life or take revenge for every crime he committed against her? Watch Eye for an Eye to learn the brutal revenge story between a powerful drug lord and a nurse starving for justice.

  1. The Endless Trench

The Endless Trench is the story of the Spanish Civil War, a man’s determination to survive, and a wife’s love to keep her husband safe for approximately 30 years living inside the house. This movie is based on a true story of the life of Manuel H Martín, who happened to be the mayor of Mijas, Málaga. Martín was targeted based on his criticism of the Nationalist army and was forced into hiding inside his house.

He spent more than 30 years being accommodated in his space and became used to living there, never stepping despite being safe to come out of his house. Watch the movie to learn about the life of Martín and his wife, keeping each other safe and also facing friction in their relationship.

  1. Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island?

If you are looking for a movie with some teenage drama, you must stream Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island? It might be a good fit for you. The plot revolves around four friends who share an apartment in Madrid and spend their last day together drinking and partying.

However, what started as fun continued with some shocking discoveries, which led to drama and conflicts in the group. It could be a good watch if you need a break from some extreme thriller movies and some screen drama.

  1. Below Zero

What’s worse than fighting off a van full of inmates and the ones who attacked the van from outside? Unfortunately, the freezing temperature is making matters worse. Below Zero is a chilling (quite literally) story about a police officer, Martin, who had the responsibility of taking a van full of prisoners to another location but got brutally assaulted on his way.

As he struggles to save his life, the convicts put their escape plan into action as the assaulters from the outside do their best to try and kill him.

  1. Roma

Roma is a story about a live-in maid Cleo, who works at the house of Antonio and Sofía along with a second maid, Adela. Cleo serves the house with utmost loyalty and dedication. However, troubles arise when Antonio cheats on Sofía with another woman, breaking their marriage. As Cleo supports Sofía as her marriage falls apart, she faces an unexpected pregnancy which later ends in a stillbirth of a girl child.

Disturbed by the graveness of the situation, Sofía takes her kids and Cleo on vacation while slowly breaking the news of her separation from her kids. Roma is a story about family, heartache, and infidelity, which the viewers can relate to as they watch certain scenes from the movie.

  1. The Occupant

When a former executive gets fired from his job and can no longer pay for his house, he is forced to sell it and move elsewhere with his family. However, tensions arise when he becomes obsessed with the house’s new occupants, keeping tabs on their activities and filtering their lives. The Occupant is a thrilling yet creepy movie where obsession makes a person crosses the boundaries of reasonability and sanity.

  1. Toc Toc

Toc Toc is a refreshing and heartwarming movie where a group of people suffering from OCD gather around for their appointment with a famous psychologist but find out that they all have the exact timing for their sessions. To make things worse, the doctor they are supposed to see is also late. So, as they sit together waiting for their appointments, they start to get to know each other and eventually end up having group therapy sessions.

After feeling significantly better after the group session, they plan to meet once a week to have the same experience. Eventually, all of them start getting better and move towards living their lives independently. By the end, it is revealed that one of the group’s five members is the psychologist himself, whose innovative and unconventional therapy methods ended up being fruitful for his clients.

  1. Through My Window

As a Spanish romance film, Through My Window does a great job exploring the boundaries of love and obsession of two single and attractive neighbors, Raquel and Ares. Raquel harbors an unhealthy attachment and obsession towards Ares and keeps a strict tab on his life. While Ares seems to not be much into her, the reality behind his actions states otherwise.

Through My Window explores both their lives and how their relationship, which begins from stalking and obsession, ends up blossoming into something wholesome and genuine. It’s a must-watch for hopeless romantics looking for some Spanish romantic movies.

  1. Seventeen

Héctor is a 17-year-old kid who escapes from a juvenile prison to locate his therapy dog, Oveja, whom he met when he visited an animal rescue center as a part of his rehabilitation plan. Under the supervision of his older brother Ismael, Héctor sets on a search mission to find the dog he found solace in during his time at the animal center. Seventeen is a journey about a kid’s affection and empathy for a dog that he risks his arrest in order to reunite with him.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the list of top Spanish movies on Netflix helped you choose the best one for your liking. So, enjoy the best time at home, chilling comfortably on the weekend watching these incredible Best Spanish movies on Netflix. If Netflix isn’t available in your region, you can easily access it by installing and subscribing to a robust and reliable VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN for this purpose.

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