Are you looking to watch the best war movies on Netflix? Well, we have prepared a list of the 15 best war movies on Netflix, which you can stream easily.

Best war movies on netflix

Is there any good war movies on Netflix? Yes, there are many war movies on Netflix for you to watch online.

War movies have always been an intriguing and popular genre on Netflix because it showcases rich historical diversity and social commentary, which will keep you fascinated for hours.

As a result, Netflix has become a household streaming service with a massive collection of spell-binding war movies and TV shows. The following article enlists the best war movies on Netflix.

You will find some of the military movies on Netflix that narrate the individual stories of unsung heroes and legendary battles between the mightiest dynasties.

While we cannot decide what is the best movie on wars, it is up to you to decide what is considered the best war movie based on your personal choices.

But, regardless of what captivates you, Netflix has war movies on a myriad of historical and contemporary themes.

15 Most Watched and Best War Movies on Netflix

Are you wondering, ‘what is the new war film on Netflix 2023?’ We got you.

If you are looking to watch the best war movies on Netflix, we have developed a list of electrifying and fascinating war movies that are must-watch for a war film enthusiast. Check out the list below.

1. Sniper: Ghost Shooter

The dark war comedy centers on two elite snipers tasked with safeguarding the gas pipeline anticipated to be attacked by terrorists. However, they suspect it is an inside job when a mystery shooter knows the snipers’ exact movements.

It is directed by Don Michael Paul and written by Chad Michael Collins, Dennis Haysbert, and Billy Zane. It is the best war movie on Netflix, brimming with cliffhangers and plot twists you did not see coming.

2. Sandcastle

Matt Ocre enlists in the army to acquire finances for college and attempts to get deported at the start of the Iraq War in 2003. Although his attempt fails, he is deployed to Baghdad, where he learns about the perils of war when the insurgents attack his crew during their mission to renovate a rural water pumping station in rural Iraq.

It is Fernando Coimbra’s finest direction. It is an engaging and gripping fact-based flick starring Nicolas Hoult as a young and energetic officer in the US Marines. It is a moving war movie best army movie on Netflix that leaves you with inquiries and adrenaline jolts.

3. Lincoln

With the nation entangled in another year with a high mortality rate due to Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln employed his humanity and political skill to bring up a solution that later became his defining legacy. To end the war and permanently revoke the concept of slavery Abraham Lincoln used the 13th Amendment.

Many governments official opposed his great courage, moral fortitude, and understanding, but he remained steadfast for the greater good of humankind.

Watch Lincoln now on Netflix to see how he used his powers as the president of the USA to get a solution that united two groups of people in the US. His tactful planning to abolish slavery and connect people is and will always be admired by the people.

Lincoln is the best war movie on Netflix, directed by Steven Spielberg. It is not only a biopic but a pleasant history lesson that captures the thinking and social fabric of an era where ideas were diffused by political party duality.

4. The Siege of Jadotville

An Irish commander and his regiment of 150 men withstand a clan of 3000 Congolese troops led by Belgian and French mercenaries working for different mining corporations. Although outnumbered, the Irish commander fought until his last breath without thinking of the consequences.

Richie Smyth directed this movie, and Kevin Brodbin wrote it. After watching this movie, you will have newfound reverence for the soldiers.

The Siege of Jadotville is the best war movie on Netflix because it is a well-crafted piece of storytelling that investigates the contentious association between war and politics.

5. The Pianist

What is the new Netflix movie about World War? Here is a great one for you!

The Pianist is an adaptation of “The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw.” Wladyslaw is a Polish Jewish radio station pianist who observes how Warsaw gradually changed with World War II’s beginning.

The protagonist is forced into the Warsaw Ghetto but is later separated from his beloved family during Operation Reinhard. It narrates the journey of how Wladyslaw hid in various locations among the ruins of Warsaw until the concentration camp prisoners were released.

It is directed by Roman Polanski and elaborates on how War affects the personality and life of the musicians. In this movie, the audience is introduced to the work of Wladyslaw. It perfectly depicts the chaos that happened in World War II and is one of the best World War 2 movies on Netflix.

6. Beasts of No Nation

As the civil war begins in Africa, a ferocious warlord trains a young orphan to join his army of guerilla soldiers. The movie illustrates a hidden soldier in everybody who stands up for the right cause. The film is set in Africa and directed by Cary Joji Fukunga.

Beasts of No Nation is a brutal, urgent, and gruesome vision of war through the perspective of a young orphan. Cary is a man of immense talent and rare vision as he narrates this powerful tale of lost naiveness and heavy depiction of African child soldiers’ plight.

It is one of the most recommended war films on Netflix. It has deep symbolism and a positive message aside from the thrilling war sequences.

7. Platoon

Platoon is a patriotic tale directed and written by Oliver Stone. It narrates the story of Chris Taylor, who leaves his higher studies and enlists his name for combat duty in Vietnam. It is set in 1967 and is one of the best cinematic pieces ever seen in the war genre.

However, as Chris is on the battlefield, his idealism fades. Due to whistleblowing in Chris’ unit between Staff Sergeant Barnes and Sergeant Elias, the soldiers end up fighting against each other.

Sergeant Barnes believes that the nearby locals are harboring enemy soldiers, whereas Sergeant Elias has a more sympathetic view of the locals; this difference of opinion changes the unit’s internal dynamics.

The viewer mentality that war is only about arms and ammunition is completely argumentative, and this movie illustrates that something worse than guns is dirty politics and mind games. The Platoon also exposes the masterminds behind warfare politics and how it affects the morals of soldiers.

8. The Outpost

The plot centers on a small crew of US soldiers isolated at the remote Combat Outpost Keating, located deep in the valley of three deadly mountains in Afghanistan. They battle an overwhelming and evil force of Taliban assassins in a coordinated battle.

It narrates the story of the Battle of Kamdesh, which became the bloodiest American intervention in the Afghanistan war of 2009. The Outpost is set in treacherous terrain but is tightly wound and intensely shot. It is a disorienting and distressing tale of the Bravo Troop 3-61 CAV.

The following crew became one of the most celebrated crews in the history of America. The Outpost is directed by Rod Lurie and elucidates the essence of patriotism and courage. Leaving this movie out of the best war movies on Netflix will be unjust. It is a solidly made and well-directed movie.

9. War Dogs

Based on a true story, War Dogs is a captivating crime drama based on the notion of war profiteering. With the war happening in Iraq, a young man played by Jonah Hill offers his childhood fellow a chance to make an immense profit by becoming an international arms dealer.

Together, they exploit a government initiative that enables businesses to bid and buy US military contracts. The duo started small but eventually became the biggest arms dealers and lived a high life.

Unfortunately, things go downhill when the pair lands a deal of $300 million to supply arms to Afghan forces, a deal that puts them in business with some shady and dangerous underworld people.

10. Extraction

Extraction is one of the most watched and applauded action and war franchises on Netflix, as it stars the OG action hero Chris Hemsworth. Extraction is Sam Hargraves’ sheer orchestration of some breathtaking action sequences. It is one of the military movies on Netflix.

A black-market mercenary is hired to rescue the abducted son of an imprisoned international criminal. Since the mercenary has nothing to lose, he embarks on the mission. But instead, he ends up in the murky underworld of drug traffickers and weapon dealers, where another deadly mission is always awaiting him.

It has spectacular stunt sequences and electrifying performances from the protagonist. Will the mercenary be able to extract the boy? Watch this best war movie on Netflix to learn more about the mission.

11. Act of Valor

An esteemed and essential CIA agent/operative of the nation gets abducted in the movie. The agents have some classified information about the country.

The US Navy’s special unit is recruited to rescue the man from the public classified information, and hell breaks loose on the state. Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh directed this movie, displaying the finesse of modern US Army operations.

12. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes features Vinnie Jones and narrates the story towards the end of World War II. American soldiers from a US clan find out the plan of Nazi Germany to turn the defeat into an impressive victory with the help of a super bomb, capable of evaporating and wiping out whole enemy states from the face of the earth.

The soldiers head to the headquarter of Nazi Germany to find the scientist who developed this terrible weapon for Hitler. Will they be able to disable the bomb and extract the scientist before the Nazi German soldiers use the bomb to annihilate entire states? Stream now to find out.

13. The King

The King is a gripping tale of how Young Henry V encountered deceit, betrayal, and war after becoming the King of England in the 15th century. David Michod directed and wrote the movie.

Young Henry V encountered deceit, war, and treachery after becoming King of England in the 15th century. Everything in the movie revolves around the politics of war, battle, and betrayal. After his brother’s demise, Henry is considered a soft target, and he eventually rages war against many people to save his lineage and kingdom.

It has some graphic visuals and incredible storytelling making it the best war movie on Netflix. This flick has a compelling and captivating story arc that leaves an emotional imprint and completely engulfs the audience throughout the film.

14. Da 5 Bloods

Four African American vets return to Vietnam seeking their deceased squad leader’s remains and the fortune he hid for the affluent future. In the following quest, they have to combat the forces of nature and man and figure out the hidden location of the gold.

By the end, you will feel dazed, spent, and stunned at the audacity of these American vets. Day 5 Blood is directed by Spike Lee and written by Danny Bilson, Kevin Willmott, and Paul De Meo. Sometimes, the best way to create awareness about historical injustice is through bold and provocative entertainment.

Spike Lee accomplished this by creatively depicting the injustices and directing this timeless war movie. It is the best war movie on Netflix. Stream it now.

15. Pan’s Labyrinth

In 1944, Olefia and her frail mother arrived at the house of her mother’s new spouse, Sergi Lopez, a sadistic army soldier persevering to subdue a guerrilla rebellion. While exploring an ancient labyrinth, Olefia comes across Pan, who reveals that Olefia is a legendary lost princess and must perform 3 dangerous tasks to claim immortality.

Pan’s Labyrinth is the modern-time Alice in Wonderland for adults. It has the horrors of both fantasy and reality perfectly blended into an extraordinary chronicle. Guillermo Del Toro wrote and directed this flick. Although the plot is dark, it has an excellent screenplay that speaks volumes and creates a lasting impact.

Summing up the Best War Movies on Netflix

What is the saddest war movie? We can’t shortlist any one war movie that is sad, as showcasing the essence of the war on the screen is a formidable task. The list above stretches from World War II to the recent war in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, we have concocted a list of ‘what movie best portrays war?‘ on Netflix, which will keep you entertained and intrigued.

If you are wondering, what is the code for war movies on Netflix? It is 48744. We will keep sharing more of these in the future, so you continue to watch great movies rather than googling ‘what is the new Netflix movie about World War’ etc.

You might not find all the movie titles in your Netflix library because it is different in every region. Therefore, if you want to access Netflix for another reason, you must use a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

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