Paramount Plus shared the Q3 2023 subscriber count and there’s a 2.7M increase, making the platform a total of 63M subscribers in total. The viewing hours of the platform also increased by 46%.

Paramount reaches 63m subscribers in q3 2023

November is the time for large corporations to audit and reveal the tally of subscribers, and Paramount Plus did the same. The third-quarter earnings report of Paramount Plus was revealed to the public on the 2nd of November 2023.

The third quarter, which runs from the start of July to the end of September, earned the platform 2.7M new subscribers, reaching 63M in total. While in the second quarter, Paramount+ was standing at 61M paying customers.

Taking note of Viacom’s acquisition of Pluto TV for $340 million, there was also the information on global viewing hours of Pluto TV and Paramount Plus, which had increased by 46% during the Q3 of this year.

This acquisition was done to provide subscribers with a free streaming platform that will double the revenue in the upcoming years. As Bob Bakish, the President and CEO of Viacom said:

“This is an ad-supported platform that can work with [distributors’] broadband-only subscribers … We think that’s tremendously exciting and the next leg in our distribution strategy.”

Taking it back to Paramount Plus, the numbers indicate a growing presence of this service among the streaming giants. While Paramount Plus is still far from Netflix’s 247.15M customers or Disney’s 146.1M subscribers, it is above in count from Peacock, which stands at 28M users. It is still praiseworthy how this little platform is gaining an audience so quickly.

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