Are you planning to watch the best shows on Crave TV? Crave TV has the most intriguing content library, which will keep you engulfed and entertained for hours.

Best tv shows on crave tv

Crave TV is a Canadian streaming service that offers users access to some of the most phenomenal documentaries, award-winning tv shows, and movies. The genres range from comedy and action to horror and drama; Crave TV has fascinating content for everybody. The following article elaborates on the list of best TV shows on Crave TV, which you should binge-watch now!

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Best TV Shows on Crave TV

So, if you are looking to binge-watch the most famous and best tv shows on Crave TV, here is the list:

Yellowjackets (2021 – )

Yellowjackets is an uncanny mix of implacable hatred, barbed character dramedy, and conspiracy-led mystery. It is a provocative and addictively compelling drama. The series is about an immensely talented high school women’s football team whose plane malfunctions and smashes in the wilderness.

Then, the team faces the task of persisting in hostile conditions. It is a great television show that climaxes with a bravura sequence of survival and desire. It is one of the best TV shows on Crave TV.

Barry (2018 – )

Barry is an understated treat with a perfect hailstorm of horror and exuberance. The show’s premise is amazing and enticing from beginning to end. A grim hitman is dragged into an acting school where he discovers he savors acting even though he lacks acting abilities.

So he decides to combine his murder spree with his newly discovered passion. There is a lot more to the narrative than you can imagine.

Hacks (2021)

Hacks (2021) is about a revolutionary and disruptive stand-up comedian, Joan Rivers. She raised kids on her own, lived a great life, and collected affluent antiques while working in various job roles until she died.

She never considered retirement. The movie explores the dark mentorship that develops between Deborah Vance and an entitled 25 years old. This show has won 3 Emmy awards and is the best show on Crave TV.

Billions (2016 – )

Billions is a darkly comedic show about two powerful tycoons locked in the economic war for control of Wall Street. This series is a juicy melodrama with delightful insights into the lifestyles of rich and famous billionaires. It is a story saturated with suspense and violence. Billions excel at painting an absorbing portrait of how powerful men manipulate the world.

Castle Rock (2018 – 2019)

The plot is based on the diabolically intricate mystery revolving around the town of Castle Rock. The series quickly transforms into a supernatural drama. It has a well-written and engaging story with graphic but well-timed violence. Most adaptations cannot portray Stephen King’s brilliance, but this one successfully depicts the character’s depth, enriching storyline, and twisting mysteries.

Castle Rock is a meticulously directed mystery brimming with subtle allusions. It also pleased even the pickiest and most critical fans of Stephen King.

Dexter (2006-2013)

Dexter is a dark and thought-provoking take on the moral dichotomy of good vs. evil, angel vs. devil, since life is not always right or wrong. It is a compelling and elegantly written horror drama.

The show brilliantly illustrates the bond between a son and his father. It elucidates how the father overcomes the hurdles of parenting a son with a dark side and an innate desire to assassinate.

You will find yourself oscillating between the situations in which you will think Dexter is a hero, but later, you will find his means as intrusive and questionable. The story and character arc are so heavily stylized that the emphasis is on irony rather than realism, which qualifies Dexter as the best TV show on Crave TV.

Letterkenny (2016 – )

Letterkenny is a Canadian show set in the small town of Letterkenny, Ontario. It is an absorbing story about the lives of the small-town residents and their bizarre adventures. In addition, it provides an interesting take on hockey, drinking, and Canadian cliches.

Catfish: The TV Show (2012)

It is an alluring and entertaining representation of modern online dating. It provides an informative guide to young lovers engrossed in online dating. Catfish is an excellent precautionary story that should remind you to be realistic in your romantic expectations while being assertive and honest with the other person.

It is addictive, functions as a daytime television type of entertainment, and is surely the best tv show on Crave TV.

Shrill (2019-2021)

Shrill is about a journalist’s self-love journey, where the protagonist learns about body positivity and accepts the way she is. It has witty social commentary and comedic sensibilities that proves that the journey of self-acceptance is different for everyone.

It is a gorgeous, heart-warming, and humorously poignant show. The protagonists made it feel real and relatable. Annie’s story is a fresh and groundbreaking take on how to become more inclusive and woke.

Shrill illustrates how change can be frightening and how you can become a rock for yourself by embarking on the path of self-acceptance.

The Flight Attendant (2020 – )

This show is based on a timeless novel by Chris Bohjalian. It narrates the story of a flight attendant who wakes up in her hotel room with a corpse and no memory of what happened last night.

Later she realizes that she might be an accomplice in a murder. It is an all-at-once story, an international thriller, a rapid-fire comedy, and a well-structured story of a flawed person coping with trauma.

Penny Dreadful (2014 – 2016)

Penny Dreadful is a gothic and grim television series that features Doctor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Van Helsing. It is set in Victorian London.

These individuals join forces to scrimmage the supernatural entities that threaten the city. It is an atmospheric and eerie show with wonderful performances. It is considered the best show on Crave TV.

The Sopranos (1999 – 2007)

The Sopranos is a classic tale of crime and drama that follows the life of protagonist Tony Soprano, a mafia boss in New Jersey. The show is stacked with violence, vigor, and vehemence.

If you are planning to watch a show that will keep you glued to the screen, then Sopranos is the right choice. It has impeccable writing and an extremely talented star cast.

American Rust (2021)

With every episode, the story arc of American Rust becomes betters. The characters are realistic and incredibly wonderful. It has a relatable storyline based in a small town in Pennsylvania. It reminisces the naiveness and hospitality of small towns.

Although these towns have a scarcity of resources, a strong sense of community unites them. This show delivers lessons about how life can lead you to unanticipated paths, but you are the writer of your destiny. It is a relentlessly and oppressively gloomy piece of cinema.

Killing Eve (2018 – 2022)

Killing Eve is a story about two women who are polarly opposite of each other. One is a discontent desk-bound agent with a mission to take down an international assassin, whereas the other is the assassin known as “Eve.”

The two rival women become obsessed with each other. The TV series presents an impeccable blend of humor, wit, and thriller while being engaging and terrifying.

The show is imbued with twists and cliffhangers, and it’s impossible to predict what will happen next. It has a categorically transgressive female protagonist and an infallible storyline. Undoubtedly it is the best shows on Crave TV.

True Detective (2014 – 2019)

In True Detective, the charming performances by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson reel the fans in, while the style, art direction, and vision make it hard not to binge-watch it. It is a show about two detectives trying to solve a mind-bending serial killer case.

The show is set in the Louisiana Bayou, swamped with mystery, inquiry, and suspense. It is apt for mystery lovers as it keeps you on the edge of your seat. So what are you waiting for? Start streaming one of the best tv shows on Crave TV now!

The Third Day (2020)

The Third Day is a striking story of folk-horror TV, and it constantly and firmly immerses its audience in the headspace of the protagonist. The man behind this impeccably created movie is Dennis Kelly, a brilliant writer whose cinematic eye has a lasting impact on the characters in his stories and the viewers. The story illustrates the fragility of a family and how each character of the family handles catastrophe.

The eldest daughter seeks solace in the beauty of the new island while the father spirals into the manipulation of the unknown. The following TV show is part horror, part thriller, and all anxiety and, indeed, one of the best tv shows on Crave TV.

The Undoing (2020)

Grace is an aspiring therapist looking forward to publishing her first novel. She helps people to overcome their trauma but is struggling with personal drama of her own.

Everything turns upside down when a patient commits suicide after revealing staggering secrets about Grace’s husband. This series is stuffed with suspense and cliffhangers that will keep you intrigued and entertained for hours.

The Newsroom (2012 – 2014)

The Newsroom is a political drama TV show set in the United States of America. The show narrates the people and the inner proceedings of the fictional ACN (Atlantis Cable News) network.

When a new crew is hired, they must figure out how to collaborate and resurrect the network’s dominance. It is a fast-paced and exhilarating show that will keep you hooked to the screen. It has stellar and well-crafted dialogues with a super-talented cast.

Euphoria (2019 – )

Euphoria is one of the top-watched and binge-worthy tv shows on Crave TV. The HBO original series revolves around the lives of high school students as they experience the pleasure of drugs, sex, and other rebellious teenage activities.

It is a dark, raw, and controversial show that reflects the problems of young people. Euphoria balances its brutally honest take with an empathetic and aesthetic vision. The show is held together by a powerfully understated and illuminating performance from Zendaya.

And Just Like That (2021 – )

This new series on Crave TV revives the famous series Sex and the City. It has subtler depths and includes all the elements fans adore about the timeless series Sex and the City.

It is a compulsively binge-worthy series. It is a revolt against ageism and enlightens how many women find themselves in the late 50s and what difficulties they experience on this path of self-discovery.

My Brilliant Friend (2018 – )

It is a story of two women who are best friends. They live in Naples, Italy, and have very diverse backgrounds. However, things detract when Elena discovers that her friend Lila is missing. Elena recounts their life to find out what happened to her beloved friend.

What happens next is something you will find heartwarming and eye-pleasing. My Brilliant Friend is a tale of love, friendship, intrigue, and betrayal. It is an expansive epic story that gleans exotic beauty from the most wrecked circumstances.

Still, the intimacy between the protagonists and the phenomenal performance brings the intricate details to life – and the audiences will vividly remember them.

Gaslit (2022)

The series revolves around the Watergate Scandal. It emphasizes the group of people who committed the crime and how their delegates persevere in covering it up. Julia Roberts is the showrunner. Her character is one of the series’ most thrilling and interesting factors. Gaslit is an enthralling work of art and, indeed, one of the best tv shows on Crave TV.

Temptation Island (2019 – )

Temptation Island is the reality TV show with the most reliable and responsible love connection. It offers people a chance to delve deep inside themselves while being coached by renowned Mark.

The producers tend to alter the participants’ and audience’s perception of what they see, but their decisions are founded on their basic comprehension of each couple’s relationship. The younger audience will find this a useful and absorbing method to learn about relationships.

Warrior (2019 – )

Warrior is an action-thriller written by Bruce Lee, the martial arts king. Fans had high expectations and hope for this series. The TV series successfully exceeded expectations and delivered a great and outstandingly moving series. It is set in the late 1880s in San Francisco during the height of the Tong Wars in China and follows a young martial arts prodigy name Ah Sahm.

The protagonist travels to China in a quest to search for his sister, who married a Chinese tong commander to save his brother and family from a brutal fate. It is the ultimate package of entertainment and spellbinding action.

Summing up

A multitude of titles can be concluded as the best tv shows on Crave TV, but these are curated based on popularity and story arcs. So, whether you are a sci-fi enthusiast or a dramedy connoisseur, Crave TV has something for everyone. Every show is a cinematic marvel created by the industry’s most applauded directors and producers.

The best part is you can watch Crave TV with a free trial before tabling your decision, and you can cancel the trial anytime. So, it’s a win-win situation. If you have any other recommendations, please post them in the comments below.

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