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Jesse stone movies in order

Jesse Stone is a major action franchise authored by Robert B. Parker. The fictional character first appeared in the book Night Passage in 1997. Jesse’s novels are a timeless and interwoven collection of crime tales that keep readers and viewers hooked. Therefore, it is essential to watch Jesse Stone movies in order on Netflix. There are 9 movies and 10 books featuring the incredible hero: Jesse Stone. 

This blog will provide a thorough guide to watch Jesse Stone movies in order so that you don’t miss out on everlasting entertainment and captivating content.

The Guide to Watch Everlasting Jesse Stone Movies in Order

The Jesse Stone movies are a saga of mind-bending action and suspenseful storyline. We have concocted a list of Jesse Stone movies in order so that you don’t miss out on this great piece of cinema and literature.

Chronological Collection of Jesse Stone movies in Order

It would be best if you chronologically watch the Jesse Stone movies in order because with every sequel there is immense character development and the infallible unraveling of the story arc. Night passage is the first Jesse Stone movie in order, where Stone is relocated to Paradise town and provides the groundwork for the story.

Following are the Jesse Stone movies in Order

Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

Runtime: 1h 29m

Jesse Stone inherits an enormous amount of money from his former wife but he does not spend any of the money. A young man is found unfathomably dead with $40,000 on him, and multiple robberies are happening in town. Stone takes the security matters into his hand and embarks on the mission to safeguard the town from these heinous crimes.

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)

Runtime: 1h 27m

Stone becomes the sheriff of Paradise town in Massachusetts and tries to get over the fact that his wife died because of cancer. His wife was his rock in emotional times and hardships.

An old friend’s daughter is found mysteriously dead in a shady motel, Stone has to uncover the truth by solving this crime while simultaneously dealing with his proliferating drinking habit and inner demons.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)

Runtime: 1h 27m

This is one of the favorite Jesse Stone movies in order, and indeed an interesting installment of the franchise. The deceased body of a local woman is found with no plausible explanation for what killed her. Additionally, a shark fisherman is also found lifeless in his boat – apparently killed by an arrow. The crime rate is off the charts, and Stone must muster up a plan to keep things in order.

Jesse has an instinct regarding these gruesome murders. Moreover, the case proves to be more intricate than originally expected. This sequel has a lot of mystery, suspense, and cliffhangers that will keep you super hooked.

Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)

Runtime: 1h 28m

An awe-inspiring sheriff, Stone is tirelessly working to diminish the crime rate in the small town of Massachusetts. After the demise of his ex-wife, he develops drinking habits and self-sabotaging behavior. Stone is assigned the task to investigate a murder with limited evidence. Consequently, the prime suspect in the case has already escaped from the country. Now, Stone must come up with an compelling plan to solve this mysterious murder.

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)

Runtime: 1h 28m

Stone discovers that his old lover has been hideously murdered. However, his friend James is the primary suspect because he was seen with her at a bar on the night she was murdered.

Stone vows to scour the real killer to clear out James’ name and prove his innocence. Moreover, Stone’s old lover’s daughter has come back into his exciting life.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)

Runtime: 1h 27m

This is another story of a gruesome murder in an innocent town, namely Paradise, and one of the most thrilling Jesse Stone movies in order. As Stone investigates the murder, he concludes that the victim is his old friend, and he can provide an array of suspects that could have orchestrated his death.

The case gets even more interesting when the deceased phone calls are analyzed, and he had been receiving calls from a mystery person. Hang tight to know if Stone can solve the murder mystery.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)

Runtime: 1h 31m

A young adolescent girl has gone MIA in Paradise. Stone sends out an announcement to ask for any information regarding the whereabouts of the girl and pleads with the residents to come up if they know anything.

The story takes an interesting detour when Stone is racing against time to find the girl before the kidnapper executes her. Furthermore, Stone’s old wife asks him to protect their teenage daughter, will Stone be able to save both girls from their fatal wrath? Stream in and catch up on the Jesse Stone movies in order.

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)

Runtime: 1h 30m

Multiple episodes of robberies and murders are happening in Paradise. Stone believes that the person who is committing the murder is not acting on his own. Determined to figure out this thrilling mystery he commits to finding the criminal and serving justice. Later, he finds out that his primary suspects have fled the country.

Now, the stone will do whatever it takes to reprimand and catch the criminals by risking everything he owns. Ready to see the smartest Sheriff in action? Tune in now and enjoy the Jesse stone movies in order.

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

Runtime: 1h 26m

In this last installment of the Jesse Stone movies in order, Stone struggles to find the person accountable for the murder of his former wife’s brother. The deceased body is found at the bottom of a magnificent cliff but the stone has this instinct that he would never commit suicide because his belonging and wallet were on him.

In the mind-bending turn of events, Stone finds a few leads and works his way through to find out what happened and clear his deceased friend’s name.

Wrapping up:

Jesse Stone’s character is a marvelously written work of art that you can find in many novels and movies. Netflix is the right place to watch these brilliant Jesse Stone movies in order, as each story is a visual treat and features the same protagonist who smartly works to solve a mysterious case. What are you waiting for? Let us dig in and be a part of Jesse Stone’s crime-free world.

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