Looking for something to do while relaxing in your lounger? Don't give up! We've compiled a list of some of the best TV shows on BBC iPlayer to get you through the week.

Best tv shows on bbc iplayer

Although American dramas receive the most of the attention, British television has produced numerous compelling dramas over the years, particularly those broadcasts on the BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer never holds back when it comes to telling the most compelling yet shocking and twisty fictional stories, with darker themes, snappy speech, and more brutal characters.

So, what do you think is more entertaining on weekends? Comedy, reality, romance, and action shows are all available on television. Many of the TV shows available on BBC iPlayer are good enough to take your mind off your concerns. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Tv shows on BBC iPlayer from various genres that you can binge-watch. Also, if you are concerned about how to access BBC iPlayer as it is geo-restricted outside UK, there’s nothing to worry about because a premium VPN like ExpressVPN is here to help you watch all of the below-mentioned best tv shows on BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

The BBC iPlayer offers some of the best drama from the last several years, as well as more recent hits, available to stream and the challenge is picking which of these boxsets to start with! That’s where RantEnt comes in, recommending the best of everything from thrillers to rom-com to horrors to historical dramas.

Normal People

Normal people

The story revolves around Marianne and Connell attended high school in County Sligo on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, and then went on to Trinity College Dublin as students. The central theme is Connell and Marianne’s complicated relationship. Marianne is seen as an outcast among her peers in secondary school, despite the fact that she is unconcerned about her social standing.

Her home life is strained by her contemptuous mother, Denise, and resentful brother, Alan, despite her academic achievements. Her father died, and it was revealed that he was a domestic abuser, though her family refuses to mention him. Connell is a high-achieving athletic student who lives with his single mother Lorraine, who works as a cleaner for Denise.



Residents of a property divided into four flats in Manchester live different but equally troubled lives. Gail Reynolds is getting ready to celebrate her 70th birthday when she runs into an old friend who makes her doubt her marriage to Henry, a retired doctor who is dying of cancer.

I May Destroy You

May i destroy you

The story has lightened the issue of sexual consent in modern life, and how we distinguish between emancipation and exploitation in the current dating and relationship scene. After a dizzying night in which she is drugged and raped by a stranger, Arabella (Coel) a witty, messy, sharp-as-hell London writer is followed by Coel’s gimlet-eyed examination of trauma and its various ripple consequences. She dismisses the fuzzy memory at first as a disturbing sight in her mind. However, this show is considered one of the best Tv shows on BBC iPlayer.



The series is about a woman as she navigates life and love in London while coping with tragedy, a dry-witted woman known only as Fleabag has no filter. Fleabag maintains her swagger despite the fact that the angry, grief-stricken woman strives to heal while rejecting anybody who tries to aid her. The sitcom stars comic actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the titular character, which is based on Waller-one-woman Bridge’s performance of the same name from 2013.



Devs tells the narrative of Lily Chan (Sonoya Mizuno), a young software developer who investigates her employer’s covert development division, which she believes is responsible for the murder and disappearance of her boyfriend Sergei (Karl Glusman).

His Dark Materials

His dark materials

His Dark Materials is one of the greatest works of imaginative fiction for both children and adults written in the twentieth century. Lyra, an orphan who lives in a parallel dimension where science, theology, and magic are all intertwined, is introduced in Northern Lights. Lyra’s hunt for a kidnapped companion leads her to a terrible plan involving stolen children and a mission to learn more about the enigmatic phenomena known as Dust. Will, a child with a knife that can cut windows between realms, joins her on her adventure in The Subtle Knife.

Line of Duty

Line of duty

Line of Duty depicts Detective Seargent Steven “Steve” Arnott (Martin Compston), a former authorized weapons officer who led an operation to apprehend an Islamic terrorist planning to explode a bomb, but the strike team entered the incorrect apartment and shot and killed an unarmed civilian.

Killing Eve

Killer eve

Killing Eve is the story of a girl named, Eve. She is a bored, quick-witted security services employee whose desk job doesn’t allow her to pursue her dreams of becoming a spy. Villanelle is a skilled assassin who clings to the comforts her heinous profession provides. These two powerful women, who are equally enamored with each other, will face off in an epic game of cat and mouse that will defy the traditional spy-action thriller.

What We Do in The Shadows

What we do in the shadows

This documentary, a horror yet funny series is about the daily lives of 3 Vampires who have been for over 10 years in Staten Island. Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja, three traditional vampires; Colin Robinson, an energy vampire; and Guillermo, Nandor’s familiar. The series follows centuries-old vampires as they interact with modern society and other supernatural beings.



Nakato is about a young woman’s journey to understand the complexities of domestic violence, as well as her determination to escape the dreadful circumstance despite all the societal restrictions that stand in her way. Her secret encounters with her social worker are important to the plot of the series.

However, because she is so far away from home, Ritah (daughter) communicates with her family primarily through video calls and is unable to inform them about the problems she is having. She’s struggling to accept what her marriage and a once-loving connection has become. Regular check-ins with her support worker are her only refuge and release.

Gossip Girl

Gossip girl

Gossip Girl is a remake of the old drama, that follows the life of privileged teens living on the upper east side. The drama mainly focuses on blond socialite Serena Van Woodsen. The series is full of roller coaster romances and piles of secrets hiding away for Gossip Girl to find and spread gossip through social media, this show is sure to bring the upper east side and its drama into our lives.

The Pursuit of Love

The pursuit of love

This one is a romantic comedy drama that revolves around love and friendship. The story follows the adventures and incidents of the fearless Linda Radlett, her best friend and cousin Fanny Logan, set in Europe between the two World Wars. These two best friends are on their hunt for the ideal husband. Linda decides to follow her heart to increasingly wild and outrageous places, putting their friendship to the test.

Fanny settles for a steady life, while Linda decides to follow her heart to increasingly wild and absurd locations. As the country is divided by social and political divisions, people’s differing choices generate personal problems that are still important today: questions about freedom, love and sex, and the mystery of the human heart.

The Watch

The watch

From decades of powerlessness, the watch is about a gang of misfit officers rise up to defend their corrupt city from disaster. It’s an obvious shambles, with bad storytelling and a tonal jumble that’s an unsettling blend of gravity and basically feeble comedy.

The Terror

The terror

The terror is an adventurous, semi-historical, horror anthology series, where each season is moved by a different infamous or mysterious real-life historical tragedy. The story centers on the perilous voyage of Royal Navy into new territory as the crew tries to discover the Northwest Passage, during their attempt the crew is pushed to the brink of death as they are faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources as well dwindling hope and fear of the unknown. Do consider watching this if you are searching for the best Tv shows on BBC iPlayer.



Luther revolves around the story of a police detective, John Luther. He is a good detective who deals with murder cases as well keeps himself involved seral killer with a knack for getting inside the mindset of the killer. But his personality and methods have started to trouble the private life that gets him often into trouble with his superiors leading some to regard him as the problem rather than the solution.



In the West End, David Tennant and Michael Sheen (as themselves) were set to star in a production of ‘Six Characters in Search of an Author.’ The pandemic has put an end to that, but its director (Simon Evans, who also plays himself) is keen not to miss out on the chance. He realizes how important this is to him, so he focuses his efforts on persuading his stars to practice via the internet. They only need to read the first scene, but they will face a variety of obstacles throughout the series, including distraction, boredom, homeschooling, and their own egos.

Make Me Famous

Make me famous

This TV show is a story of a boy, Billy who thinks his life will change forever, once he succeeds in impressing the producers of a reality series. However, the story covers his journey of 1 year of struggling to balance his fame, social media, scandalous coverage as he explores the impact of fame on himself as a reality TV participant.

The A-List

The a-list

The A-List is set in a beautiful island summer camp, but terrible secrets will turn the “once in a lifetime vacation” into a twisted nightmare. Mia thinks she’s prepared for a summer of sun, romance, and social domination, but her plans are thwarted when strange new girl Amber arrives late. The A-List can explore universal teen concerns of friendship, passion, loyalty, and betrayal in an intense crucible of strong and captivating drama because of the heightened stress and distant locale.



The drama Traces mainly focuses on three main female characters, Emma Hedges, Srah Gordon, Kathy Torrece working at the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science (SIFA) in Dundee, Scotland. One of the young lab assistants realizes that the hypothetical case study has a relation to her background while taking an online forensic course, so she focuses on bringing a killer to justice with the support of two of them.



This saga series follows the life of the threatening yet principled Ross Poldark who has just returned from the American Revolutionary War. His family and friends assumed he was no longer alive. He is now engaged to his cousin. His father is no longer alive, and the property he inherited has been neglected. Cornwall, England, in the late 1700s.

This is a family drama that also deals with the obstacles and tensions that exist between the privileged and the poor. It’s a period when the fisherman isn’t catching much fish, tin and copper mines are closing due to poor pricing, but food and rent prices are sky-high. Ross is faced with the task of keeping his land fruitful, caring for his tenants, and attempting to reclaim the woman he loves – or finding a reason to live without her.

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