If you have a spooky bone in your body, chances are you know of Zak Bagans and his pursuit of the paranormal. In his anthology series The Haunted Museum Season 2 on Max he highlights some of the paranormal artifacts present in his Las Vegas Museum.

The haunted museum on max

The best part about watching anthology series is the uncertainty about each story that would be showcased to the viewers. And when the show is horror-themed and specifically based on haunted objects present in a museum, you know things just got real.

Each item featured in the The Haunted Museum Season 2 on Max has its story which is ready to be shared with the viewers and spook them for a long time.

The sinister history of each item would make you wonder how it still exists to this time and whether it has more haunted incidents in store for the future.

If you are unable to watch Max in your region, we recommend that you use ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-ban. So, go ahead now and watch The Haunted Museum season 2 on Max.

How to Watch The Haunted Museum Season 2 on Max [5 Easy Steps Dec 2023]

Here is how you can watch The Haunted Museum season 2 on Max with a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install its app on your device.
  3. Enter your credentials, and then connect to a US-based server.
  4. Install Max on your device and sign into it.
  5. Search for The Haunted Museum Season 2. That’s all!

The Haunted Museum Season 2 Release Date

The Haunted Museum season 2 was released on 26th October 2023 at 10 pm ET/PT, which means you can go to Max now and watch its first few episodes.

Plot for The Haunted Museum Season 2

The plot of this show is based on Eli Roth, a filmmaker, who shares each artifact present in Zak Bagans’ museum in Las Vegas’s sinister stories in the episodes.

Some of the items mentioned in this season are Ed Gein’s cauldron, a haunted bed, and puppets which are said to contain spirits.

Each episode covers the story of individuals who became (or almost became) victims of evil entities who want nothing but the life and misery of their prey. Each victim becomes targeted based on the cursed objects they touch.

The series is a thrilling combination of horror and documentary-style production which ensures to grip the viewers to their seats (or rather, blankets!) till the very end.

Explore the Max content library for fantastic documentaries and even more horror titles like Evil Dead Rise.

Where Can I Watch The Haunted Museum Season 2?

You can watch The Haunted Museum season 2 on Max by subscribing to their plan which costs $9.99 with ads and $19.99 without ads. If you are unable to access Max in your region, make sure to use a strong VPN in this regard.

Can I Watch The Haunted Museum TV Series using Max Free Trial?

Yes, you can watch The Haunted Museum TV series for free on Max through Amazon Prime which would give you a 7-day free trial. This way, you could save any extra money and access Max easily from anywhere.

Cast for The Haunted Museum Season 2

Below is the cast for The Haunted Museum season 2:

  • Zak Bagans as Host
  • Daniel Christian Jones as Brandon Macpherson
  • Leland Tilden as Zak Bagans
  • Tom Bolton as Logan Burns
  • Shannon Dalonzo as Roselie Willamson
  • Lora Burke as Susannah Mackay
  • Nicolas Babin as Elizabeth Wacheski
  • Lawrence Denkers as Caro Coltman
  • Laura Mannion as Jim Ordolis
  • Brandon Macpherson as Okis Lockhart
  • Logan Burns as Sam
  • Jim Ordolis as Half-Painted Clown
  • Elizabeth Wacheski as Ghostly Pale Girl
  • Jeff Moss as Sad Clown

And more.

Official Trailer for The Haunted Museum Season 2 on Max

So far, there is no trailer available for The Haunted Museum Season 2. But don’t worry, because we will share it with you once it is released by the platform. Stay tuned for the updates!

The Genre of The Haunted Museum Season 2

The genre of The Haunted Museum season 2 is Horror, Mystery and thriller, and Drama. With each episode having its unique horror story being shared with the viewers creatively, it sure is a delight to watch while being scared for your life.

Total Episodes of The Haunted Museum Season 2 on Max

Here is a list of total episodes of The Haunted Museum season 2 on Max:

Episode No Episode Name Release Date
S2 – E1 The Cursed Brothel Bed Thu, Oct 26, 2023
S2 – E2 The Devil’s Cauldron Thu, Nov 2, 2023
S2 – E3 Satanic Six String Thu, Nov 9, 2023
S2 – E4 The Evil Puppet Twins Thu, Nov 16, 2023
S2 – E5 The Stone Face Thu, Nov 30, 2023
S2 – E6 Halloween Ritual Coffin Thu, Dec 7, 2023
S2 – E7 The Witch’s Head Thu, Dec 14, 2023
S2 – E8 The Secret Society Skeleton Thu, Dec 21, 2023

Do I Need a VPN to Watch The Haunted Museum Season 2 on Max?

Yes, you need a VPN to watch The Haunted Museum season 2 of Max because Max is not available everywhere in the world. So, if you are trying to access Max from anywhere outside the USA, we suggest that you use ExpressVPN as it would hide your local IP address.

Top 3 VPNs to Watch The Haunted Museum Season 2 on Max [Short Summary Dec 2023]

Below are the top three VPNs to watch The Haunted Museum season 2 on Max:

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  2. NordVPN: It contains 5,400+ servers in 80+ locations across 59 countries. It includes a 2-year-long subscription, with $3.71 per month. Its 2-year plan is 72% off with three months FREE, including a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. Surfshark: It is the best affordable VPN, costing only $2.49 monthly for its 2-year package. It offers 3200+ servers in 60+ countries and unlimited ongoing connections.

FAQs – The Haunted Museum Season 2 on Max

Where can I watch The Haunted Museum Season 2?

The Haunted Museum season 2 is available for streaming on Max, Amazon Channel, Discovery+ Amazon Channel, FuboTV, Travel Channel,  and Max. If you do not get these streaming services in your region, get a reliable VPN and connect to the US server.

What channel is The Haunted Museum on?

The Haunted Museum is available on Travel Channel and Max for the fans to stream away from anywhere using a VPN.

What is the story of The Haunted Museum?

The Haunted Museum is based on the haunted artifacts that are available at the Zak Bagans Museum in Las Vegas. Each object has its individual story that is shared on the platform in each episode.

How old is Zak Bagans?

Zak Bagans is said to be 46 years old, as he was born on 5th April 1977.

Who is the host of The Haunted Museum TV Series?

Zac Bagans and Eli Roth is the host for the The Haunted Museum TV series.

Final Thoughts

If you thrive on the horror and suspense genres when it comes to streaming, we believe that you would love watching The Haunted Museum season 2 on Max.

The series is based on objects in a museum with each item having a haunted history and just creepy vibes. If you ask us, we recommend you watch this show ASAP and let us know what you think.

If Max doesn’t work in your region, no worries, get a premium VPN to curb this issue.

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