Do you want to get the best Black Friday VPN deals? This blog elaborates on the best Black Friday VPN deals every cord-cutter should purchase now.


Are you looking for the best Black Friday VPN deals? Black Friday is the biggest shopping festival, and we have enlisted some of the best Black Friday VPN deals to buy right now.

These offers are provided for a minimal time, sometimes for two days only, and if you are lucky to avail of the discount these days, you can enjoy discounted services for the whole year. So, let us get to the deals offered this season without further ado.

TLDR: Best Black Friday VPN Deals for Cord-Cutters

  1. ExpressVPN (Offering 49% Discount this Black Friday): ExpressVPN is an industry-leading VPN provider offering big this season. Avail a 49% discount with ExpressVPN and enjoy streaming with its extensive network of 3000+ servers worldwide.
  2. Surfshark (Offering 81% Discount this Black Friday): Surfshark is one of the best VPNs for online streamers because it can instantly unblock services like Disney Plus, Netflix, and Hulu. Moreover, Surfshark has blazing-fast servers that provide an unmatched streaming experience. As a result, you can avail of an 83% discount on this Black Friday, along with three extra months added to its deal.
  3. NordVPN (Offer yet to be revealed): NordVPN’s offer is yet to be announced. However, this great VPN prefers user-friendliness over everything and allows users to enjoy seamless streaming bypassing geo-restrictions.
Black friday vpn deals

Black friday vpn deals

ExpressVPN – Premium Black Friday VPN Offering 49% Off

ExpressVPN is the most popular Black Friday VPN because it can bypass any geo-restriction, unblock any streaming platform with a single click, and is offered at the best-discounted price. With its amazing 49% off, you only have to pay $6.67.

ExpressVPN has been popular amongst streamers worldwide because it does not disappoint. With Black Friday ExpressVPN, you get the most affordable prices and can unblock Hulu in New Zealand or even watch BBC iPlayer in USA, without any problem at all.

Here are some key features of ExpressVPN that you will like:

  • 3000+ servers in 140+ countries
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Supports all major platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, FireOS, Linux, etc.

Avail of the ExpressVPN Black Friday Deals now!

Surfshark – Most Pocket-Friendly Black Friday VPN Offering 81% Off

Surfshark is offering an 81% discount on its 2-year plan this Black Friday VPN deals, and you will also get 3 months extra. This means that you will get 27 months for the price of $2.21 per month only.

Surfshark is the top choice of online streamers because of its speed and security. It allows users to connect to their desired servers without waiting instantly, providing an amazingly fast streaming experience.

Its servers are well-optimized, and they are protected with AES 256-bit encryption to ensure no IP or DNS leaks. It has around 3200+ servers in 65 countries and a strict no-logs policy.

Surfshark is already known as the most pocket-friendly VPN provider, and the fact that it’s offering an 83% discount is just astounding. In addition, you can enjoy streaming different shows on Disney Plus and Hulu from anywhere. You can also use Surfshark to unblock Hotstar in UAE by connecting to its Indian servers. Avail the Surfshark Black Friday deals now!

NordVPN – User-Friendly Black Friday VPN Offering 68% Off

It is a handy VPN for online streamers and gamers because it can unblock any streaming platform and website. Unfortunately, NordVPN has not yet revealed its Black Friday VPN deals, so we’ll have to wait for a few more days till we get to know what they are coming up with.

Following are some of the key features of NordVPN:

  • 5500+ servers in 59 countries
  • 6 Simultaneous Connections
  • Ads and malware blocking feature
  • Onion over VPN
  • Strict No Logs Policy
  • Supports all major platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, FireOS, Linux, etc.

FAQs on Black Friday VPN Deals

What is a reasonable price for a VPN?

There is no certain range of good or bad pricing for a VPN. However, what matters is that the VPN provider is providing a quality service that justifies its price. For example, if you buy ExpressVPN, you will notice that it charges $6.67 per month, but its service is amazing, which justifies its pricing.

Is Black Friday VPN deals worth it?

Yes, Black Friday VPN deals are with it because they help you save your precious pennies by providing you with amazing discounts.

What is the best Discount I can get on a VPN deal this Black Friday?

So far, Surfshark is offering the best Black Friday VPN deals. NordVPN has not revealed its deal yet, but I’m sure they will come with something amazing too.

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Final Words

We all wait for Black Friday throughout the year because of the amazing discounts. This year’s Black Friday VPN deals are better than ever, as you can avail of a VPN for as low as $2.21 per month.

While choosing the VPN this Black Friday, make sure you are comparing the benefits and the cost. Buy a VPN that offers good server speed and server variety and is reasonably priced.

These are the best Black Friday VPN deals, which means they are exclusive deals that will not last long. Therefore, make sure you buy them just in time without wasting the chance.

Find the best Black Friday VPN Deals on Streaming Platforms here.

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