Adult Swim is geo-restricted and can only be accessed within the USA regions. If you reside outside the USA then you have to connect yourself with a secure VPN connection to watch Adult Swim outside USA.

In this article, we will explore how you can unblock Adult Swim outside the USA with a VPN in 2021.

How to Watch Adult Swim outside USA in 2021

You can access Adult Swim outside the USA following the mentioned steps;

  1. Install and download any secure VPN application. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Complete all the necessary steps, and get your credentials for secure access.
  3. Login with the provided credentials
  4. Connect yourself with a USA server to enjoy Adult Swim and its videos.

3 Best VPNs to watch Adult Swim Outside USA

Let’s have a look at the best VPNs to unblock Adult Swim outside USA;

  1. ExpressVPN – Highly recommended VPN to unblock Adult Swim Outside USA

ExpressVPN is considered to be a giant in the market of VPNs, because of their various attributes, like speed, privacy concerns, protocols, and a number of servers located in various locations.

It possesses almost 3000+ servers available worldwide, that’s why it’s the topmost choice of users to unblock Adult Swim but the thing that mostly triggers the users is the pricing strategy. Express VPN has 20+ servers located in various regions of the USA, and it’s a big benchmark for them as a service provider. The number of servers located in various countries around the world has an AES 256-bit encryption technique installed in them securing the user’s privacy and security.

OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP are the protocols that assist in making the features more sustainable, and WireGuard is another important feature making it easier to secure the data of the user. ExpressVPN supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android as a platform, and is compatible with 5 devices at a time.

DNS servers ensure that data encryption is there and no third party can access the user’s data in a hidden way, whereas Zero-log policy is the core feature of ExpressVPN. As compared to other VPN service providers the pricing strategy is a bit higher, but it is worth the services. AES 256-bit encryption, a highly preferred feature along with unblocking geo-restricted sites like Netflix, HBO Max, and Adult Swim. The pricing packages include $12.95 per month, $59.95 for six months, and $99.95 per year. 24/7 Chat support, makes it easier for the customers to get their queries resolved instantly.

2. Surfshark – Fastest VPN to unblock Adult Swim outside USA

Surfshark is another well-known VPN that is known for its high-speed attribute, and number of various servers located in various countries and cities. Speed is the core attribute of the VPN, and it makes it admissible for the users to surf the Internet without any discrepancies.

Surfshark is basically having 3200+ servers located in 61+ countries worldwide, and all of them have AES 256-bit encryption protocol that secures the user’s data from being hacked and blocks third-party access.

Zero-log is present in Surfshark as well with IP leaks, and DNS servers to ensure that there is no third-party involvement in the process. A 24/7 online chat feature, make it viable for the users to get their queries resolved from the higher tier of the company instantly. The pricing package includes $22.95/month only, which is very cheap as compared to ExpressVPN. Moreover, you September get a 6months additional free usage within the subscription of a 6-month package for just $6.49/month.

3. NordVPN – Reliable VPN to Stream Adult Swim Outside USA

If you’re searching for a big name, with quality features then NordVPN is the best option to go with, because they’re known in their market for their extra secured connection layers, and network with millions of customers, adding value to the company. The encrypted layers and security protocols allow customers to spend time over the internet fearlessly. An AES-256 bit encryption technique, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and Zero-log policies make the connection viable and gain the confidence of customers that they’re performing encrypted activities over the internet.

Not just this, the pricing packages are also very low, allowing customers to move towards the network with a kill-switch and split-tunneling facility, which allows the transfer of data packets in a secured way! Moreover, a 30-days money-back guarantee is added within the package, to keep the concerns of the customers secured, in case they’re not satisfied with the network and services. The unblocking of geo-restricted websites is also there so all the binge-watchers can enjoy a bypassing facility allowing them a secured connection.

Why do you need VPN to unblock Adult Swim Outside USA?

Adult Swim is a well-known entertainment platform but it’s geo-restricted outside America, and you acquire a VPN connection for secure access. Just like Netflix, HBO Max, PBS, Sling Tv, TVB Online and other geo-restricted platforms, Adult Swim can only be accessed with a VPN which will initially mask the I.P. address, and replace the physical location with the selected server one!

Adult Swim is only accessible in the USA, so you have to connect to a relevant server otherwise you can’t enjoy the services of restricted sites. All Adult Swim lovers can now access restricted sites and stream their favorite channels with proficiency.

Just like others, you can bypass the restriction easily through a VPN, with the help of an optimized server, with efficiency. A VPN will mask your I.P. address, and give you secure access.

Is Adult Swim Free Outside the USA?

Yes, you can watch Adult Swim free outside the USA if you have ExpressVPN. Through its servers in the USA, you can easily unblock the service and stream Adult Swim shows from anywhere. Nevertheless, you will have to subscribe to its service if you want to access Adult Swim live streams.

How to Watch Adult Swim Outside USA on Your Device?

Let’s have a look at the different platforms, on which you can access Adult Swim easily.

A Quick Review – How to watch Adult Swim Outside USA on Apple TV?

You require a VPN to watch Adult Swim on Apple TV or any other platform like Roku. The mentioned steps will assist you in accessing Adult Swim on your desired device easily.

  1. You have to visit, “” and then select the device you want to watch Adult Swim on.
  2. After that, submit the security code to activate Adult Swim. Once it is activated, you can enjoy unlimited content access and enjoy the videos online!

A Quick Review – How to watch Adult Swim Outside USA on Chromecast

Adult Swim can be streamed easily on Chromecast using the following channels;

  • Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • Fubo TV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Youtube TV
  • DirectTV Now

How to watch Adult Swim Outside USA without a Cable?

You can watch Adult Swim without a Cable using the following channels;

  • Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • Fubo TV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Youtube TV
  • DirectTV Now

How to watch Adult Swim Outside USA on Xbox

You can watch Adult Swim using the following channels;

  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • A Watch List – Best Adult Swim Shows

Although there are a lot of shows that can be accessed through Adult Swim, the following are some of the best picks according to ratings from users.

  1. Rick and Morty
  2. Assembly Line Yeah
  3. Fishcenter
  4. Attack on Titan
  5. Black Jesus
  6. Being Unhappy Family
  7. Beef House
  8. Bob’s Burgers
  9. Apollo gauntlet
  10. Assy McGee


Yes you can stream Adult Swim through Channel 5 for recent shows, and updates like Fishcenter, Attack on Titan, Black Jesus, Being Unhappy Family, and Bob’s Burgers.

Yes, you can access Adult Swim outside USA it can only be accessed through a secure VPN connection. A VPN connection will mask your I.P address, and replace the physical location with the selected server one.

We all know that a free VPN connection is not secure, and there is no surety about the connection as your activities can be leaked and your logs can be maintained. A wise recommendation is to avoid using a free VPN because of the throttling act, connection breakdown, low bandwidth, less secure privacy, and other security concerns.

Primal Adult Swim is a show, which is a mysterious series produced by the producer of Dexter’s laboratory. The creator Genndy Tartakovsky indicates the idea of early hominids, the history of dinosaurs, ice age theory, and a lot of fictional material that catches the attention of users. It is basically a show which is available on Adult Swim for entertainment purposes.


In a nutshell, Adult Swim is an entertainment channel but due to the restriction from the government officials, it’s impossible to access it without any secure VPN connection.

Adult Swim can only be accessed with a secure VPN connection, after getting your I.P. address, and physical location masked.

Although it is a moment of embarrassment for all of us, that I can’t be accessed outside USA due to some reasons, but still there are some alternatives like VPN connections to unblock the site and enjoy the services! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and will understand the core functionalities of Adult Swim and how it connects with a VPN for secure access!

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