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Best hindi movies on netflix

For everyone globally (especially in South Asia), Hindi movies are a huge source of entertainment. With their broad genres, including comedy, mystery, romance, adventure, and thriller, there is a massive list for people to stream through and enjoy their leisure time. So, to help you sort out your weekend.

Here are some of the best Hindi movies on Netflix that you will surely enjoy watching.

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 Top Hindi Movies on Netflix

Below are some of the best Hindi movies on Netflix to stream easily in your region.

  1. Andhadhun

A comedy crime thriller film, Andhadhun is about the extent people can go for their ambitions. Akash, a skilled pianist who pretends to be blind to improve his piano skills, ends up putting his life at stake to avoid his cover being blown. Simi, the wife of a retired actor, Pramod Sinha, plays the role of an antagonist who kills her husband to be with her paramour, Manohar.

The film revolves around the cat-and-mouse chase between Akash, who wants to be left alone and focus on his career, and Simi, who is determined to kill him since he witnessed all her murders pretending to be blind.

  1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

As obvious by its title, the film focuses on how we need to let go of all the burdens we carry, be it corporate slavery, toxic relationships, and the despair we experience from parental abandonment. Kabir Dewan, soon to get married, plans his three-week road trip for his bachelorette with his best friends, Imran Qureshi and Arjun Saluja.

Arjun, who is habitual of burying himself in work over anything else, was reluctant at first but later joined in while Imran has the time of his life getting away from his ordinary life. The road trip was life-changing for the three men as they re-evaluated their relationship with each other, their families, and significant others. It is an excellent movie for anyone stuck in a constant loop in their lives and who needs a hard reset.

  1. Pad Man

Menstrual hygiene is one of the biggest taboos in South Asia. While the urban population is still privileged, the rural side still lacks access to sanitary napkins to this day. The film focuses strongly on raising and spreading awareness regarding menstrual hygiene and the health risks women face when they don’t get good products to use.

There is also a massive concept of guilt and shame attached to the topic, as women in underprivileged areas still don’t have access to sanitary pads because they feel embarrassed to mention it. Akshay Kumar role in Pad Man (a true story) plays the role of a supportive husband in an underprivileged and conservative household who wants his wife to not only feel comfortable and safe during menstruation but also to be treated like an equal at home.

He becomes the first man in India to make machines to manufacture affordable pads. The film explores some harsh realities of South Asian society and how we must combat them to improve the world for women.

  1. Stree

This comedy-horror film revolves around the story from Indian folklore about Stree, a witch who specifically kidnaps men from a town named Chanderi during four days of a religious festival. She abducts men and only leaves their clothes behind. Vicky, who is a tailor for women, falls in love with a mysterious woman who visits the town only once a year and behaves peculiarly, making Vicky and his friends suspicious of her.

They believed her to be Stree for a while, but after an incident involving Janna’s abduction, the woman reveals that she has been trying to capture and kill Stree for three years as she took away someone important to her. The gang plans to capture and kill Stree, but Vicky changes his mind, and they decide to cut off her braid instead, which is the ultimate source of her powers.

As their plan succeeds, Vicky and the gang drop the woman at a train station without asking her name all this time. The movie ends with her merging Stree’s hair into her own on the bus and disappearing from everyone’s sight, thus revealing herself as the witch who wanted Stree’s powers all along.

  1. Pagglait

Grief has various phases and ways to be explored and expressed by people since it is incredibly personal to each individual. In this movie, Sandhya plays the role of a young widow who got married only five months ago. While the rest of the family is grieving the loss of their loved one, Sandhya doesn’t feel a thing.

The movie explores how a person deals with grief and the stages it takes to accept the reality of any situation fully. It also explores the societal expectations which burden a widow and the grieving family when it comes to financing the funeral, especially if they don’t belong to a wealthy background. Sandhya explores her life as she gets to know her dead husband from his ex-girlfriend Aakanksha, as the couple was never close in their brief period of marriage.

Aakanksha also happens to be a working woman, inspiring Sandhya to gain financial independence. It is a beautiful movie filled with important life lessons and a must-watch for everyone.

  1. Dear Zindagi

Mental health is a topic that, despite being widely discussed, needs to be mentioned more. The reason is that our own interpretation of mental health makes us ignorant of situations we don’t relate to or don’t deal with in a way we feel comfortable with. In Dear Zindagi, the unconventional methods of Dr. Jehangir “Jug” Khan, a psychologist, may not be ideal for everyone.

Still, it is helpful to deal with people like Kaira, who suffer from PTSD and abandonment issues. The film explores confrontations, infidelity, lies, betrayals, abandonments, love, and relationships. However, the core focus of the film is mostly on self-awareness and love, as we are the ones who need us more than anyone else. The movie ends on a refreshing note, with Kaira blooming as a person and working on herself to become a successful and mentally healthy person who is open to new experiences in life.

  1. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

The stigma of building toilets within houses has been significant in the rural sites of India. The fact that they prefer keeping the toilets outside their homes makes them feel that it keeps their religious and spiritual spaces in the house ‘pure.’ However, this caused a massive issue for people, especially women, who were supposed to access the toilet only once a day by going outside their villages.

The movie Toilet: Ek Prem Katha highlights this critical issue with Akshay Kumar as its primary lead playing the role of Keshav Sharma. Bhumi Pednekar also gives a remarkable performance as Jaya Sharma, an educated college graduate who becomes the core reason people in her village have toilets built within their homes despite several protests.

  1. 3 Idiots

This lighthearted comedy is every Hindi movie lover’s favorite. It focuses on the importance of friendship and the effects of academic stress on a student’s mental health. Aamir Khan played the film’s main lead as Ranchordas ‘Rancho’ Shamaldas Chanchad, a brilliant yet cheeky student at ICE who was often at a rough end with their college’s director Dr. Viru ‘Virus’ Sahastrabuddhe.

The movie explores the life of Rancho with his two friends, Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi, as they spend their college life taking risks for each other and simply being students in their best years. The movie ends with a surprising twist with the truth about Rancho and how he ends up marrying Pia, their college director’s daughter. It’s a highly appraised film for anyone who loves a good laugh.

  1. Mom

Mom is one of the most popular movies of the late Bollywood legend Sri Devi’s life. She plays the role of Mrs. Devki Sabarwal, and the Pakistani actress Sajal Ali plays the role of her stepdaughter, Arya. The story revolves around Mrs. Sabarwal, who teaches biology at Arya’s college and is widely respected in her class. The movie begins with Arya receiving an inappropriate video from a classmate, Mohit, and is caught by Devki.

As a punishment, she throws Mohit’s phone out of the window. This grows a revolt among the guys for Arya, who then proceed to pursue her at a Valentine’s Day party at Zodiac Farms and gets rejected by her publicly. Outraged by her guts and their bruised egos, Charles, Mohit, their criminal friend Joginder ‘Jagan’ Singh, as well as the security guard of Zodiac Farms, Baburam Yadav, end up abducting Arya as she leaves the place to go home. They attempt to brutally rape her and dumped her into a roadside drain.

What happens after the incident could only be defined as the ultimate transformation of Devki from simply a mother into a protector and the fierceness of her maternal affection for Arya, which makes her go against all odds to bring her rapists to justice.

It’s a brilliant film with a strong message, with all the cast members showcasing their best performances.

  1. Queen

Rani Mehra, a meek yet conservative young girl, was all set to get married when her fiancé, Vijay, called off the wedding. His reason was that since he returned from abroad, he felt they were no longer compatible as he ‘became more open-minded’ during his trip while Rani had no exposure to Western life.

Devasted by this news, Rani decides to go on her honeymoon trip alone to Paris and Amsterdam to get away from the depressive situation of her life. In Paris, she meets Vijayalakshmi, a single mother of Indian heritage who worked at the hotel she stayed in, with whom she sheds off her emotional layers and explores the city and her fun, adventurous side that she never knew she had.

Next, she catches a train to Amsterdam, where she has to share a hotel with three men: Taka from Japan, Tim from France, and Oleksander from Russia. The four of them became great friends, and have the time of her life. However, Rani’s adventures spite her ex, who felt jealous seeing her being independent and having fun with new people.

The movie ends with her returning to India and giving back her engagement ring to Vijay, hence freeing herself from the shackles of her past life forever and emerging as a new Rani with a fresh approach to life.

  1. Darlings

Domestic abuse is a prevalent issue that is on the rise on a global level. In India, this is the story of almost every other household, and this movie highlights what it would look like if the tables were turned in a bizarre yet satisfying manner. Hamza Sheikh, an alcoholic, brutally abuses his wife, Badrunnisa ‘Badru’ Sheikh, for three years of their so-called love marriage.

Things became so dangerous for Badru that she suffered a miscarriage as Hamza suspected her of having an affair with Zulfi, an old family friend. This resulted in her vowing for revenge and treating her exactly how he did to her. Badru and her mother mix sleeping pills in his food and tie him up on a chair as he remains unconscious. As his concerned boss visits their place, they cook up a story about him being sick and unfit to return to work.

The situation overwhelms Badru as Hamza manages to escape by manipulating Zulfi, and she fears for her and her mother’s life. The movie ends on a dark note as Hamza meets his well-deserved fate, which the readers have strong opinions about. Darling is a must-watch for every adult, with a balanced dose of dark comedy and awareness of social issues.

  1. Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar focuses on Insia Malik, a teenage girl from a strict Muslim family in Baroda. She is highly passionate about singing, but she cannot follow her dreams due to her father’s strong religious values. Her mother insisted on buying her a laptop so she could record herself singing with a niqab on to avoid her father from recognizing her. She created a YouTube channel for herself with the name ‘Secret Superstar.’

Her song ended up making her an overnight sensation and managed to grab the attention of Shakti Kumar, a respected music director. However, the situation at her house worsens as her father brutally abuses her mother after learning that she sold her jewelry to buy Insia’s laptop, which resulted in her low grades. Out of anger and frustration, Insia throws her laptop off the balcony and deletes her YouTube channel.

Later, she proceeds to bunk her classes to meet Shakti Kumar to record a song for him, earning herself a nomination for Best Female Singer. Secret Superstar is a journey of not just Insia Malik struggling to make her music career but also of her mother, Najma Malik, who stands up for her rights and freedom at the expense of her marriage.

  1. 7 Khoon Maaf

7 Khoon Maaf revolves around the story of an Anglo-Indian woman known as Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes. The uniqueness of her story is how she opened up her heart seven times to fall in love and marry the men who promised her a good future but ended up torturing, betraying, and threatening her. With the help of her loyal staff Maggie Aunty, Galib Khan, and Goonga Chacha, she commits those murders successfully.

Each husband of hers meets a horrible end due to their heartless and brutal actions against Susanna. Finally, the story ended with her repenting for all her sins by becoming a nun in the presence of a church father and embracing Jesus Christ as her seventh and final husband.

  1. Sir

The movie ‘Sir’ revolves around a supposedly unnatural relationship between Ratna, a maid working at the house of Ashwin, a divorced young man. The two share a healthy but reserved dynamic until one day; they end up getting intimate unexpectedly. Ratna panics and leaves the place while Ashwin faces confusion. The power imbalance between the two creates friction in their lives as their two worlds remind them about their places in society.

As an aspiring fashion designer, Ratna focuses on her dreams but is reluctant to start a relationship with Ashwin while he is facing backlash from his father and friends for even thinking about getting together with his maid. The story concludes on a sweet but with many open-ended notes as Ratna always called Ashwin ‘Sir’ as a part of her job.

However, the day he leaves for the airport, she calls him from his balcony and takes his name for the first time as he picks up the call, ending the movie with silence on the other end.

  1. Haseen Dillruba

The romantic thriller film is based on the gruesome yet passionate story of Rani and her husband, Rishab ‘Rishu’ Saxena, who fight against all odds to make their marriage work. At first, Rani was not into her husband as he was meek and unable to perform well sexually out of nervousness. With her constant disrespect as well as infidelity with one of Rishab’s cousins, Neel, he turns into a bitter person filled with hatred and contempt for his wife.

His gradual, sadist nature ends up having him severely harm Rani repeatedly as her ‘punishment’ for cheating on her, but she bears it all as she ends up falling for him. The story turns into a murder mystery as the police try to interrogate Rani as Rishab goes missing, and Neel is nowhere to be found as well.

Believing she killed Rishab, the police try everything to prove Rani as a killer, but the real story is out of anyone’s imagination. It is a disturbing yet thrilling movie if you can tolerate toxicity on screen in the name of love and passion.

Final Thoughts

With cold winter nights and the joy of the weekend just around the corner, you can spend your time cozily tucked in a warm blanket, a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and some of the top Hindi movies on Netflix to enjoy your free time. If Netflix is unavailable in your region, we recommend using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to stream your favorite movies.

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