“Loki” is the most recent Disney Plus original series, extending the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s transition from films to television shows. Following “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” the new series starring Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson is the third original MCU drama to air on Disney Plus.

Loki is the only Marvel Cinematic Universe villain who is universally adored. When he died in Avengers: Infinity War, the fans were devastated. As the mischievous deity of Norse mythology, has been circling the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade, and now he’ll be getting his own TV show. However, Marvel recently announced a web series devoted solely to Loki, and its first episode was aired on 9th September 2021 on Disney plus. So, here’s all you need to know about How to Watch Loki on Disney Plus.

How to Watch Loki on Disney Plus from Anywhere in the World

Disney Plus is one of the geo-restricted platforms, which makes it obvious that you cannot subscribe to it from anywhere in the world. Currently, it is available in 55 countries, worldwide and is expected to expand its release in the coming years. Till then, you will need a credible VPN to subscribe to Disney Plus because your region might not be one where it is accessible.

You’ll need to sign up for Disney Plus to watch Loki online because it’s a Disney Plus exclusive. Here’s how you can watch to Watch Loki on Disney Plus from anywhere in the world.

VPN Subscription Guide:

  1. Firstly, you will need to subscribe to a trusted VPN provider [ExpressVPN is our recommended choice].
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your device.
  3. Sign up/Log in and connect to a server in the United States using your credentials.

Disney Plus Subscription Guide:

If your region is one of those where Disney Plus is geo-restricted, then there is nothing to worry about because we came up with the solution for you through which you can access Disney Plus from anywhere in the world. Once you are done with the below-mentioned steps to subscribe to Disney Plus and watch Loki on Disney Plus from anywhere in the world.

  1. Open the Disney Plus app or visit Disney Plus.
  2. Sign up with your credit card credentials to subscribe to Disney Plus.
  3. Then, choose your preferable subscription plan, $7.99 a month, or you can pay $79.99 a year. You can also pay $12.99 a month for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundles.
  4. With any subscription, you might get a 7-day free trial, and you won’t be charged until your free trial ends.
  5. Once you are done with your Sign up and subscription plan process you will be able to watch your favorite show and movies like Thor, Loki on Disney Plus from anywhere in the world.

Subscription Plan to Watch Loki on Disney Plus from Anywhere in the World

Fortunately, despite its recent increase in price, Disney Plus remains a reasonably priced choice. You have the option of paying monthly or yearly. If you pay on a monthly basis, the cost is $7.99 (£7.99/€8.99/CA$11.99/AU$11.99) and $79.99 (£79.90/€89.90/CA$119/AU$129.99) a year.

If you’d rather have everything taken care of in one payment, a yearly payment can save you a lot of money. If you live in the United States, there is a third alternative that September be more cost-effective for you. Instead, for $13.99 a month, you can obtain a subscription that includes Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Compatible Devices to Watch Loki on Disney Plus

You can watch Loki on a variety of platforms once you have a Disney Plus subscription. The Disney+ app is compatible with a variety of devices, including laptops, phones, tablets, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, FireTV, Google Chromecast, smart TVs, Apple TV, and more.

Loki and all Disney Plus content can be streamed on up to four different screens across your home. The Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick (now $49.99), Roku, or Apple TV can also stream it in 4K UHD. If you have a PS4 or Xbox One, you can even watch the new series on your console.

How to Watch Loki for Free on Disney Plus from Anywhere in the World

Disney Plus does not yet offer a free trial, unlike Amazon Prime or Hulu. On September 9, “Loki” debuted on Disney Plus. You’ll need a Disney Plus subscription to watch the show because it’s exclusive to the platform. The first season’s six episodes are now accessible in their entirety.

Users who have already subscribed to Disney Plus can watch Loki for free. It is covered in their current plan and they do not have to pay more for it. So, technically, the Loki Web series is free for existing Disney Plus subscribers, and they can view it at any time.

However, we have discovered an alternative way for you to watch Loki for free online without having to sign up for Disney+. If you have a Verizon account, you September be eligible for Verizon’s “Disney+ on Us” promotion, which includes six months of Disney+ for free.

What other movies and episodes can I watch on Disney Plus?

Disney’s animated feature catalog, new Pixar releases, Disney Channel shows, National Geographic documentaries, and entire franchises like “Star Wars” and “The Simpsons” are all available. As new episodes of Disney Plus original series like “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and “The Mandalorian” debuted, they were the most streamed in the United States.

Loki Story-Wise Watching Order

The 2012 Loki who escaped with the Tesseract during Endgame’s time-heist is the subject of this series. He’s now being pursued by a mystery force responsible for the right flow of time because that was never intended to happen. Still, confused? To catch up on Loki’s story, here’s the proper watching order:

  • Thor
  • The Avengers
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Loki


The second season of “Loki” is under work, according to Marvel, but no release date has been set. The confirmation came during the season one finale’s end credits.

The first episode of Marvel’s Loki premiered on Disney Plus on September 9, 2021, and you can see it now.

On September 9, “Loki” debuted on Disney Plus. You’ll need a Disney Plus subscription to see the show because it’s exclusive to the service. The first season’s six episodes are now accessible in their entirety.

Here’s what’s coming in the rest of 2021,

  • What If…? – …
  • Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – September 3, 2021.
  • Eternals – November 5, 2021.
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home – December 17, 2021.
  • Hawkeye – No date, late 2021.
  • Ms. …
  • Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness – March 25, 2022.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to put on your pjs, make some popcorn, and settle up on the couch to binge-watch your favorite show. All you have to do is follow our detailed guidelines. Also, if you have any questions regarding Disney Plus, please leave them in the comments section, and we would love to come back with the best solutions possible.

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