AT&T TV Now is only available in USA due to geo-restrictions. However, if you use a premium VPN, you can stream AT&T TV Now in Australia. We'll show you how to do it and which VPNs are ideal for AT&T TV Now.

At&t tv now in australia

AT&T TV Now, formerly known as DirecTV Now, is one of the most popular streaming services in the United States. The channel is a stand-alone subscription VOD service. However, it is geo-restricted outside USA. So, if you are vacationing or living in Australia and want to watch AT&T TV Now in Australia, then follow the below steps:

How to watch AT&T TV Now in Australia [Quick Guide in 2023]

Here’s how you can unblock and watch AT&T TV Now in Australia:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and Install its app.
  3. Login to the app using your credentials.
  4. Connect to a USA server from the servers list.
  5. Now, access AT&T TV service and start streaming.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Access AT&T TV Now in Australia?

AT&T TV Now is a geo-restricted service outside USA, meaning it can only be watched and accessed within the United States. You can unblock geo-restricted content and stream it without lags or buffering if you use a premium VPN.

However, if you try to stream AT&T TV Now in Australia, the tracking system detects your local IP address and prohibits you from watching and accessing the content right away. This will fool AT&T TV Now into thinking you’re watching the services in the United States, allowing you to watch their content without any problem.

It’s a live streaming service that’s only available in some parts of the US. This streaming channel uses technology and the IP address to track the viewer’s location. When you try to access AT&T TV Now in Australia, you will receive the following message:

“We couldn’t figure out your location, which is required for streaming this program. Please try again”.


“DirecTV Now is not available outside of the United States. We look forward to entertaining you when you’re back”.

So, take a look at the best 3 VPNs to watch AT&T TV Now in Australia to bypass its geo-restriction policies.

Top 3 VPNs Watch AT&T TV Now in Australia [Quick Overview in Jan 2023]

  • ExpressVPN: With over 3000 fast servers and 25 highly optimized server locations in USA, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch AT&TV in Australia. Its price offer is $6.67/month for its yearly package with 3 months of free usage along with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and a high-end encryption.
  • Surfshark: It is a best low-cost VPN available for $2.49/month for its 2-year package network to watch AT&TV in Australia and from anywhere in the world that offers 3200+ servers in 60+ countries, 23 highly optimized USA servers, and unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • NordVPN: This one is a reliable with 5,400+ servers in 80+ locations across 59 countries as well 15 highly optimized servers in USA. It comes with 2-year subscription is $3.71 a month and 2-year plan at 72% off + 3 months FREE along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3 Best VPNs to Watch AT&T TV Now in Australia:

Below down I’ve listed the three best VPN services to watch AT&T TV Now in Australia without any interruption.

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch AT&T TV Now in Australia

  1. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for watching AT&T TV Now in Australia. There are over 3,000 ExpressVPN servers in 94 countries, including the United States.
  2. It’s guaranteed that its connection is never lost. ExpressVPN offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as a diverse collection of programs that distinguishes it from many of its competitors.
  3. In addition to user-friendly desktop and mobile apps, it offers MediaStreamer, a clever DNS proxy service that allows you to utilize the VPN with select smart TVs and games.
  4. ExpressVPN’s speedy and attentive live chat support, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allows you to obtain help in a matter of seconds, is another reason to choose it.
  5. This service assures that your activities remain secret at all times using 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and complete forward secrecy.
  6. Furthermore, ExpressVPN does not maintain any activity or connection logs, so even if compelled by a third party, they would not be able to divulge your activities.

Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN to Unblock AT&T TV Now in Australia

  1. It has at least 24 servers in the United States, which is far more than the majority of VPNs. This makes choosing a fast, trustworthy server to watch AT&T TV Now in Australia in a breeze.
  2. Surfshark uses 256-bit AES encryption, as well as a kill switch and DNS leak protection, to keep your data safe.
  3. This is a no-logs VPN service that takes cryptocurrency payments to protect your privacy.
  4. Surfshark features a unique feature that allows you to connect an unlimited number of compatible devices at once, making it ideal for family use.
  5. Surfshark’s user-friendly tools and browser addons will come in handy if you’re new to utilizing a VPN.
  6. There are a number of interesting features, like double VPN servers for improved anonymity and an ad and malware blocker.

NordVPN – Relaible VPN to Access AT&T TV Now in Australia

  1. Because it has about 1,900 servers in the United States, NordVPN is another excellent VPN option, with over 5,000+ servers in 60 locations, it does indeed have one of the largest VPN server networks.
  2. NordVPN is a fantastic value, allowing you to connect up to six compatible devices simultaneously.
  3. Specialty servers are available for added protection.
  4. There are dedicated servers for using Tor over VPN, getting a dedicated IP address, and browsing from banned regions.
  5. NordVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption and has a kill switch.
  6. It also shields you from DNS leaks. In addition, this VPN service follows a strict log-free policy.

Can I use Free VPN to Watch AT&T TV Now in Australia?

Free VPNs have a hard time unblocking famous streaming services like AT&T TV Now as well many other geo-restricted streaming services because they only have a few servers that are already blacklisted. And, thankfully, if you find a free VPN service that works with AT&T TV Now to access content in Australia, there’s a good chance you’ll run into issues like buffering and poor video quality.

Because there are a limited number of servers and a big number of users, this occurs. Furthermore, most of these free VPN services do not use encryption techniques and even sell your data to third parties and advertising agencies, making them unsuitable for your online privacy.

However, besides free VPNs not all VPNs can help you bypass AT&T TV Now’s geo-restrictions because they offer streaming protocols and sophisticated DNS technologies, and only a few allow you to access geo-blocked content, which is why I’ve listed the three best VPNs above that will allow you to watch AT&T TV Now in Australia as well as other geo-restricted platforms.

How much does AT&T TV Now in Australia cost?

Depending on your demands, you can choose from a range of plans. There is a set amount of content included in each subscription level. So, check out what channels each plan has to offer and subscribe as needed. The following are the five AT&T TV Now plans:

  1. Plus: 40+ channels / $65 per month.
  2. Max: 50+ channels / $80 per month.
  3. Entertainment: 65+ channels / $93 per month
  4. Choice: 85+ channels / $110 per month
  5. Xtra: 105+ channels / $124 per month
  6. Ultimate: 125+ channels / $135 per month

AT&T TV Now offers six different monthly plans with 40 to 125 live channels for $50 to $135. It’s self-evident that the more money you pay, the more channels you get. In case you didn’t know, AT&T TV Now’s Max and Plus plans feature free HBO and cloud-based DVR. You may add your favorite premium channels and services for as little as $6 per month.

Why can’t I Access AT&T TV Now in Australia with a premium VPN?

If you’re experiencing problems streaming AT&T TV Now in Australia, even when using a VPN. Before trying AT&T TV Now again, make sure you clear your cookies each time you connect to a new server. If the IP address you’re using has been blocked, another option is to try multiple servers. Last but not least, if you require additional assistance, you should contact your VPN’s customer service.

Compatible Devices with AT&T TV Now in Australia

You can watch AT&T TV Now on three devices at once with AT&T TV Now. This is important if you wish to share your account with more than one family member who uses a different streaming platform. However, here’s a list of streaming devices that are compatible with AT&T TV Now:

  1. Android
  2. Windows
  3. iOS
  4. Mac
  5. Apple TV
  6. Smart TV
  7. Roku
  8. Xfinity TV
  9. Chromecast
  10. Fire TV
  11. Xbox
  12. Play Station
  13. Amazon Firestick

For Android users

  1. Open ExpressVPN app on your Android device.
  2. Connect to a server in the United States.
  3. Sign up for a new Google account and log in.
  4. Search for AT&T TV Now app in the Play Store.
  5. Install it and sign up for a free account.
  6. Congratulations, AT&T TV Now is now available on your Android device.

For iOS Users

  1. Begin by changing your Apple ID region to the United States in Settings > Network.
  2. Open ExpressVPN on your iOS device.
  3. Connect to a server in the United States.
  4. Search for AT&T TV Now in the Apple App Store.
  5. Install the app and login to your account to start streaming your favorite shows now.

For Roku Users

  1. Download and install ExpressVPN and connect it to your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Connect to US server.
  3. Now insert your Roku stick into your smart TV through HDMI port.
  4. Turn on your device and select AT&T TV Now on Roku homescreen and you are good to go.

For PS3/PS4 Users

Follow the below mentioned steps to download AT&T TV Now on PS3/PS4:

  1. Go to the category of TV/Video Services.
  2. From the list of alternatives, look for “AT&T TV Now”.
  3. Select “Get” from the drop-down menu.
  4. AT&T TV Now has now been added to your “My Channels” list.

For Xbox Users

Follow the below mentioned steps to download AT&T TV Now on your Xbox device:

  1. From the Xbox menu, select “My games & apps.”
  2. Search for “AT&T TV Now” in the “Xbox Store.”
  3. That’s it! Simply click the “Install” button.

For Kodi Users

  1. Install a VPN that is compatible with AT&T TV Now. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect your Kodi device to your VPN.
  3. Download the VPN software to your computer, save it to a USB stick, and then plug it into your Kodi device.
  4. On your Kodi device, go to Settings, then System Settings, and then Add-ons.
  5. Now toggle on Unknown Sources.
  6. Install the VPN app on your Kodi device. Connect to a server in the United States after that.
  7. Go to Kodi’s home screen by turning on your TV.
  8. Lastly install the AT&T TV Now add-on on Kodi to start watching.

For Firestick Users

Follow the below mentioned steps to download AT&T TV Now on your Firestick device:

  1. Start up your FireStick and go to Search.
  2. Switch to unknown sources and download ExpressVPN then connect to US server.
  3. Enter the word ‘AT&T TV Now’ and press enter.
  4. The ‘AT&T TV Now app for Fire TV Stick’ will appear in the search results.
  5. The app will be downloaded after you click ‘Get.’
  6. After the AT&T TV Now app has been installed, open it.
  7. Open the AT&T TV Now app and sign up/login with your credentials.
  8. Now you can start watching AT&T TV Now on Firestick in Australia.

For Apple TV Users

  1. Choose a VPN service that allows you to use Smart DNS. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Find your Smart DNS addresses, then go to your Apple TV’s Settings menu and select Network at the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose your network by pressing the Wi-Fi button.
  4. Then go to DNS Configuration and choose Manual Configuration.
  5. Connect your Apple TV to a US server by typing in your DNS address and restarting it.
  6. On your Apple TV, download and install the AT&T TV Now app and you are done.

For Smart TV Users

  1. Download and install a premium VPN. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a US-based server
  3. Go into your Wi-Fi router’s admin.
  4. Connect it to your VPN network.
  5. Download the AT&T TV Now app on your smart TV, and create free account to start watching.

For PC Users

  1. On your computer, download and install a premium VPN. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a US-based server.
  3. Go to the AT&T TV Now website and sign up for an account or log in.
  4. If you’re still having trouble watching AT&T TV Now, delete your cookies and cache before logging back in.

Popular Channels on AT&T TV Now to watch in Australia

Below is the list of popular channels that are available to stream on AT&T TV Now in Australia:

  1. Showtime
  2. Nickelodeon
  3. Syfy
  4. TBS
  5. Starz
  6. HBO
  7. Cinemax
  8. BET
  9. Cartoon Network
  10. CNN
  11. E!
  12. ESPN
  13. Food Network
  14. FX
  15. The CW
  16. Comedy Central
  17. Discovery
  18. Disney Channel
  19. History
  20. A&E
  21. AM
  22. Lifetime
  23. MSNBC
  24. MTV
  25. truTV
  26. USA Network
  27. VH1
  28. WE tv
  29. Hallmark
  30. HGTV

FAQs on AT&T TV Now in Australia

Yes! You can comfortably switch to DirecTV to AT&T TV Now without having to pay any additional fees.

Yes! Local channels are included in every AT&T TV Now subscription tier. As a result, with your subscription, you may effortlessly stream them all.

When you’re in the United States, AT&T TV Now lets you watch famous cable networks like ESPN and HGTV, as well as local TV stations. A AT&T TV Now VPN will bypass these restrictions, allowing you to watch AT&T TV Now while on the go.

You can download the AT&T TV Now app on your devices for free but you have to pay for its subscription plans.

You’ll be able to watch NFL games on AT&T TV Now if your local networks broadcast them. However, you’ll need to connect to a VPN server in another city to view NFL games that aren’t available in your region owing to licensing restrictions. This allows you to modify your IP address and appear to be streaming from a different location.


If you subscribe to a premium VPN, such as the ones mentioned above then you can easily stream AT&T TV Now in Australia. Now that you know how to watch AT&T TV Now in Australia, you should sign up for a premium VPN. For geo-restricted services, all of the VPNs listed above are reliable, however ExpressVPN is my top recommendation for safe and secure access.

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