You can watch Hulu in Australia, but only with a VPN because the service is geo-restricted and only available in the USA.

In this guide I will explain why Hulu is not available in Australia, how can you watch Hulu in Australia, and what is the best VPN to watch Hulu in Australia?

So, let’s start with how to get Hulu in Australia.

How to Watch Hulu in Australia in 2021?

Here is an easy and quick five-step process to unblock Hulu in Australia

  1. Subscribe to a VPN, and Download it. We recommend ExpressVPN
  2. Install the VPN application, and Enter the Information asked on the Registration Page.
  3. Enter the Credentials in the Login Page, and log in to the VPN network.
  4. Select the AUS server, and Open the Hulu website.
  5. Enjoy streaming Hulu’s latest shows and movies without any hassle.

What is Hulu and Why You need a VPN to Watch Hulu Australia?

Hulu is an American video-on-demand service that Walt Disney Company owns. However, the platform is only available to the users and viewers within the United States region because of its geo-restriction policies. Thus, Hulu being one of the geo-restricted platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and Hulu, you will need to mask your IP address and connect you to an Australian server. A VPN will mask your IP address and connect you to an Australian server. This will let the platform think about watching Hulu from Australia. The Hulu sign-up in Australia would not be possible without a VPN.

Best VPNs to Watch Hulu in Australia in 2021

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs that you can use to unblock Hulu for Australia. With over 3000+ servers from around 94 countries. This includes 28 servers from the US region as well.

You can enjoy watching Hulu, Netflix outside the US, Voot outside India, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, HBO Max, and other entertainment websites that are geo-restricted once you have joined the network of ExpressVPN with a masked IP address and hidden physical location. You can enjoy a seamless web with a unique IP address along with bypassing the restriction because they offer no IP Leaks within the package.

Surfshark – Affordable VPN to Get Hulu in Australia

With over 3200+ servers from 64 countries, Surfshark is second on our list to access Hulu in Australia. The USP of this VPN is its affordable prices. It offers the best VPN for Hulu in Australia services at just $2.49/month for its 2-year plan. Surfshark works with Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, Smart TV, Apple TV, and other mediums quickly.

A Kill Switch is present throughout the connection for notifying the users of their network connectivity, so if the link is weak, they can reconnect to the VPN service provider once again. Next, a split-tunneling technique is responsible for splitting the data packets into pieces to pass through the tunnel of information with integrity. Along with it, there is a strict Zero-log policy accountable for making the users confident that no repository is being maintained of their online activities until they stay on the network of Surfshark. Lastly, there is a significant role played by DNS servers, responsible for masking the current IP address and location of the users as per the server they have selected to edge the shows and movies quickly without any hassle.

It is perfect for streaming Hulu in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Romania, or any region, along with Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, HBO Max, and other entertainment websites, with quick connectivity.

NordVPN – Reliable VPN to Stream Hulu in Australia

Next in the list, we have a winner in the VPN market industry, NordVPN known best for the features, enriched with quality protocols, and policies making the overall experience of connected users remarkable and worthy.

Right now, NordVPN stands vibrant in the industry, with 5200+ servers allocated in multiple locations overall, making the experience of users unique as there are fewer chances of speed drop issues, and that’s what every user seeks when they connect to a VPN connection. NordVPN has strengthened the connection with quality security features and protocols embedded within the network like, Aes-256 bit encryption technique, which is so strong that even brute force technique fails to break the layers and get into the personal information of users.

A split-tunneling feature splits the data packets into pieces, making the transparency and integrity maintained throughout the connection, with an active Kill switch that notifies the users if there is an issue in the association of VPN. A DNS server masks your IP address and physical location as per the server selected.

You can connect your devices with NordVPN and enjoy streaming Hulu, Netflix, Voot, Hoststar, Amazon Prime, and other streaming channels without any hassle for binge-watchers. You can enjoy multi-logins applicable for 5+ devices with a single premium account. The pricing packages of NordVPN are slightly higher than Surfshark but affordable, like a 2-year package for $3.71 per month with a strict Zero log policy, OpenVPN. L2TP, PPTP, for the strengthening of the connection.

You can avail of a highly stronger connection with quality features and multi-logins allowed for 6+ devices with a single premium account, perfect for family usage. You can get NordVPN connected to any device, like Android, iOS, Microsoft, Mac, Smart TV, Apple TV, Routers, and other streaming mediums with a quick installation process. NordVPN possesses a protocol named NordLynx, which works similarly to WireGuard auditing the security layers and protocols before the connection is established between the users.

How to choose the best Hulu VPN for Australia

Here are the criteria to select the best VPN to unblock Hulu for Australia or anywhere else.

Servers Allocations

The first thing you should check in the best Hulu VPN is that it should offer servers from the US region. Since Hulu is an American on-demand video streaming platform, you can only unblock Hulu with a VPN with servers from the US.

Security Protocols

It should have security protocols that provide better security with no data or IP leak and protect the layers for user’s information.

Pricing Packages

The prices should be affordable alongside providing the basic functionalities. Though Surfshark might win the race, you should also consider other criteria points.

Quick Unblocking of Geo-Restricted Websites

Suppose you want to watch Hulu in Australia, US Netflix in Australia, Disney Plus Anywhere, or any other streaming platform. In that case, you should keep in mind that while selecting the VPN, you must check if it can unblock that platform or not. Such as PIA claims to unblock Netflix but is unable to do so. Thus, you should check this point before buying a VPN service.

Customer Care

Customer Support Service, which they’re providing for the ease of their customers, with a quick response back towards their queries.

How to Pay for Hulu in Australia?

To pay for Hulu, you will need a US payment method, but if you are using Hulu in Australia, you might be struggling with the payment part since you cannot use an Australian payment method. However, these couple of ways can help you pay for Hulu in Australia.

Use Gift Cards

  • Subscribe to premium VPN and connect with the US server
  • Get a Hulu Gift Card; you will receive a code on the email
  • Go to and enter the gift card code you receive on email
  • Create account page will open, enter your personal information with US Zip code (i.e., 90210)
  • Finally, click “Submit” to get the Hulu account in Australia

Use a Friend’s US Credit Card

  • Get ExpressVPN and connect with the US server
  • Go to and click on Start Free Trial
  • Select a plan and enter your info to create an account
  • Enter your friend’s credit card information on the billing info page with US zip code (i.e., 90210)
  • Click “Submit” to get a Hulu account in Australia

Hulu Compatible Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Amazon Fire TV and FireStick
  • Fire Tablets
  • Chromecast
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Vizio Smart Cast TVs
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360

List of popular TV shows on Hulu Australia

Besides Shrill, Hulu has many other impressive TV shows in different genres that cater to people from all age groups. The most popular ones include:

  • Castle Rock
  • Ramy
  • High Fidelity
  • Little Fires Everywhere
  • Devs
  • Pen15
  • Future Man
  • Into the Dark
  • Dollface
  • Mrs. America

List of popular movies on Hulu Australia

  • John Wick Chapter 3
  • Ma
  • Shaft
  • The Interview
  • 50/50
  • Waiting to Exhale
  • Colossal
  • The Nightingale
  • Prospect
  • Ugly Dolls
  • Missing Link

What Else Can I Watch with a VPN?

You can do many things with a VPN. Still, if you are specifically talking about geo-restricted platforms, we can say that you can watch Hulu in Singapore, South Africa, Canada, or anywhere you want. Also, there are several channels like HBO Max, Voot, Zee5, Kayo Sports, and many others geo-restricted outside their designated region, and thus, a VPN can help you out in the same.


Yes, you can watch Hulu in Australia, but that is only possible if you use a VPN service such as ExpressVPN. It allows you to change your location to access the platform.

No, Hulu is not available in Australia because it is geo-restricted.

Hulu is a geo-restricted platform that is only allowed in the US region, and this is because of the policies that Hulu has made.

Yes, you can use a VPN to unblock and stream Hulu in Australia. It is completely legal.


As mentioned above, ExpressVPN is the best amongst Hulu VPNs to watch Hulu in Australia or anywhere worldwide. Though there are other premium options available, like Surfshark and NordVPN, but ExpressVPN is the best due to its fast speed. So, if you want to watch Hulu in Australia, connect yourself to this VPN for the perfect streaming experience of your favorite shows.

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