Want to watch Hulu on Firestick? You can watch Hulu on Firestick from anywhere in the world with best Hulu VPNs.

Hulu on firestick

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Can you install Hulu on Firestick? Yes, you can install Hulu on Firestick. Hulu has a dedicated app for Firestick users which can you can use to watch your favorite shows.

Hulu has become a renowned streaming platform with millions of subscribers across the globe. Are you residing outside the USA and want to watch Hulu on Firestick? You can watch Hulu on Firestick outside the USA with a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

Hulu and Amazon’s Fire Stickwork together to form a powerful duo. It combines a top-tier streaming service with exclusive content with a portable TV dongle. It lets you watch your favorite Hulu shows on the go. Read more to learn how to get Hulu on Firestick with the best VPN services.

How to Watch Hulu on Firestick Outside USA [Quick Guide Feb 2023]

Those who live in the US can skip the first three steps because the service is already available in the US and there is no need to use a VPN. So, here’s how to watch Hulu on a Firestick device outside the USA.

  1. Launch your TV with a Firestick device.
  2. Download and subscribe to a credible VPN (We highly recommend ExpressVPN)
  3. Open the VPN software and sign in with your account credentials on your Firestick device.
  4. Select the USA server from the drop-down menu.
  5. Go to the Firestick Home Screen once you’ve connected to the US server and type “Hulu” into the search bar.
  6. Now select the Hulu app from the “Apps & Games” option.
  7. The app will be downloaded and installed when you click “Get
  8. After the installation, you will get the option to open the Hulu app or place the app on the home screen first.
  9. Once it’s finished, head over to your Firestick’s home screen and open the Hulu app.
  10. Start enjoying your favorite content by opening the app and signing in with your Hulu account.

Why do you need VPN to watch Hulu on Firestick outside USA?

Hulu is gradually spreading its network all over the globe. Unfortunately, it is still not accessible outside the USA because of its geo-blocking policies. But the good news is you can access it with the help of a reliable VPN and we highly recommend ExpressVPN.

So, whenever you try to access Hulu on your Firestick from outside USA, you’ll get the following geo-restriction error:

“Hulu is not available to watch in your location”.

To do so, you must change your IP address to a US server where Hulu is available. This process demands the use of a high-quality VPN.

Top 5 VPNs to watch Hulu on Firestick outside USA [Quick Overview Feb 2023]

  • ExpressVPN: It has over 3000 fast servers across the globe with exceptional security protocols. You can purchase ExpressVPN for $6.67/month with its yearly subscription. It ensures high-end encryption and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • CyberGhost: It offers an expansive server network of about 7,000 servers across 91 countries. It has 1230 highly optimized server locations in the USA. It costs $ 2.18/month for 3 years. Get 3 months free, a 45-day money-back guarantee, and 24/7 live chat support.
  • NordVPN: It has 5,400+ servers in 80+ locations across 59 countries. NordVPN has 15 highly optimized servers in the USA. You can purchase NordVPN for $3.71/month. With its 2-year plan, you can get 72% off, 3 months additional subscription, and a 30-day refund guarantee.
  • Surfshark: It is the best low-cost VPN to watch Hulu on Firestick. You can purchase Surfshark’s 2-year package for $2.49/month. It has 3200+ servers in 60+ countries and 23 highly optimized USA servers. It offers unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • AtlasVPN: It has 750+ servers and 7 highly optimized server locations in the USA. It offers fast connections, trustworthy policies, and promising security features. It costs $1.99 monthly for 3 years. In addition, it has 24/7 live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5 Best VPNs to Watch Hulu on Firestick in Geo-restricted Countries [Updated February 2023]

Here is the list of the best VPNs in 2022 to watch Hulu on Firestick outside USA:

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch Hulu on Firestick in a Geo-restricted Region

ExpressVPN is regarded as the fastest among the most high-quality VPNs for Hulu. On American servers, it provides limitless bandwidth, allowing you to stream Hulu on Firestick without buffering or lags.

This VPN service has over 3000 fast servers in 90 locations, including 300 in the United States. It can unblock Hulu and other popular streaming services from anywhere in the world. It has specific software for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and Amazon Firestick/Fire TV, among other platforms.

Hulu on firestick with expressvpn

CyberGhost – Secure VPN to Access Hulu on Firestick outside USA

CyberGhost has about 7,000 servers across 91 countries, which makes it one of the most varied and largest services. The built-in speed of CyberGhost lets you know how fast your internet speed is in different countries. Surprisingly, it’s really fast. Providing 73.41 Mbps downloading Speed in United States.

Furthermore, by subscribing to CyberGhost you can secure up to 7 devices for the ultimate protection against all malicious threats. CyberGhost provides comprehensive online protection with 256-bit AES encryption, the kill switch feature and split tunneling.

CyberGhost provides you with 24/7 assistance Via live chat or email with our dedicated, professional support staff. The cost of CyberGhost is $ 2.18/month for 3 years. The plus point is that you will get 3 months free and a 45-day money-back guarantee as well.

Hulu on firestick with cyberghost

NordVPN – Fastest VPN to Watch Hulu on Firestick from anywhere

NordVPN is a reliable VPN for watching Hulu TV episodes and movies on Firestick. It has over 1900 active US servers that swiftly unblock Hulu on Firestick from any location.

It has more than 5400 servers in 50 different locations. It allows you to stream Hulu on Firestick from anywhere. NordVPN also has a Media Streamer service. It allows you to connect to the VPN on devices that don’t have the inbuilt VPN software.

It has incredible speed. You can connect up to 6 devices at once with a single subscription. You can purchase NordVPN’s 2-year plan for $3.30/mo.

Moreover, you will get a 72% discount and 3 Months FREE. It offers 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hulu on firestick with nordvpn

Surfshark – Low-cost VPN to Watch Hulu on Firestick in Geo-restricted Region

Surfshark is a low-cost VPN that allows you to watch Hulu on your Firestick outside of the United States. It has over 100 servers in the United States to unblock Hulu on Firestick from anywhere. It offers unlimited simultaneous connections on a single account and has the most economical 2-year price plan of $2.49/mo.

This VPN service allows for unlimited simultaneous connections and gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. It has over 3200 servers in over 60 locations.

Hulu on firestick with surfshark

AtlasVPN – Budget-Friendly VPN to access Hulu on Firestick outside USA

AtlasVPN has over 750+ servers in 39 countries to select from, providing you with a lot of options. It also supports up to unlimited simultaneous connections, allowing you to use it on many devices.

It has incredibly fast speeds, with a blazing streaming speed. AtlasVPN has its exclusive supersonic web surfer system, which ensures that these incredible speeds are maintained throughout all of its apps.

AtlasVPN costs $1.99 per month, which is a steal considering you may connect an infinite number of devices. It also comes with 30 days hassle-free money-back guarantee. It has the best security features, such as built-in IPSec/IKEv2, WireGuard, SHA-384, PFS, and Aes-256-bit encryption.

Hulu on firestick with atlasvpn

How to Get Hulu APK File on Firestick?

You can get Hulu APK File on Firestick by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to FireTVStick Home and Click on Search.
  2. Look for Downloader and Select the first search result.
  3. Download the App and launch it.
  4. Now copy and paste the URL in the search bar: https://m.apkpure.com/hulu-stream-new-tv-shows-movies-series/com.hulu.plus/download?from=details
  5. Get the APK and install it.
  6. Return to Firestick home when the app is installed.
  7. Scroll to the App Section and search for Hulu Firestick App.
  8. Login with your credentials and watch Hulu on Firestick easily.

How to Set up Amazon Fire Stick to your TV?

The most basic need for using the Fire Stick is that you have an Amazon account. However, follow the below steps to set up Amazon Fire Stick to your TV:

  1. Connect the Fire Stick to the HDMI connector on your television.
  2. Press the play button on your remote control.
  3. Then select your preferred language.
  4. Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and enter your password. The Firestick will now begin to boot up.
  5. Choose default registration information once it’s been started.
  6. Amazon will remember your password. If necessary, you can set up parental controls.
  7. Choose from a list of Firestick apps and download Hulu.

Why is Hulu not working on Firestick? [Quick Fixes February 2023]

You may experience some difficulties when using Hulu on your Firestick device. Hulu isn’t exempt from problems. Let’s take a look at your options if Hulu isn’t working for you. These are minor issues that can be remedied by attempting the following fixes:

  • Update the App: It’s conceivable that your Firestick was outdated and no longer supported it. The simplest way to resolve this issue is to update both Hulu and your VPN software.
  • Modify the Server: It’s possible that the server you’re connected to has gone down. Connecting to other compatible servers can help you solve the problem.
  • Disconnect and Reconnect VPN: Disconnect the server and turn off your VPN before reconnecting. Then restart the computer and connect to a working server. This works in an odd way every now and again.
  • Reinstall both the Apps: If nothing else works, reinstall the Hulu and VPN apps and try watching Hulu again.

How to fix the Hulu loading issue on Firestick?

If you’re still having issues after performing normal troubleshooting, consider the following steps:

  1. Select both Clear Cache and Clear Data from Settings > Applications > Hulu.
  2. Go to Settings > Applications > Hulu > Uninstall to uninstall the Hulu app.
  3. After you’ve finished removing the Hulu app, you can reinstall it by heading to Search > typing “Hulu” > Download.

How to fix Hulu buffering issue on Fire TV Stick from Amazon?

If you’re having issues with stuttering or buffering while watching videos, try the instructions below.

  1. Turn off the Amazon Fire Stick for a minute before turning it back on.
  2. You must first uninstall and then reinstall the Hulu app.
  3.  Turn off and disconnect any devices for approximately 5 minutes before turning them back on.
  4. Install and reinstall the Hulu app.

How to get Hulu Live on Firestick?

Users can’t download video from Hulu + Live TV or any other streaming provider using the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Hulu live service includes a cloud digital video recorder (DVR) with 50 hours of storage space.

With the Enhanced DVR add-on, which costs an extra $9.99/mo. You can get 200 hours of storage space and the ability to fast-forward through commercials. While some live streaming services, such as Hulu + Live TV, do not allow clients to download their material, many others do. Its on-demand Hulu shows also allow for offline downloads.

How to restart Hulu on Firestick?

You can Restart Hulu by going to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Hulu. This totally shuts down the application, terminating any background functions that may be causing it to freeze.

Restart the Fire Stick: If the Fire TV remote isn’t working, you can try resetting the Fire Stick. Unplug your Fire Stick from the HDMI connector on your TV, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it. This is a simple method of restarting both the device and the apps at the same time.

Reset the device: The Fire Stick may be out of reach if your TV is set high on the wall. In that scenario, press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons on the remote to restart it. The Fire Stick will restart after around five seconds.

Clear the cache and data on Fire Stick: While processing trash files, your Fire Stick may crash. Clearing the cache and data removes any superfluous data from the device.

Hulu may be found under Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Apps > Hulu. There are two options there: Clear cache and Clear data. You can do these in any sequence.

Reset the Fire Stick to its default settings: If Hulu is still not operating properly after following the steps above. You can try restarting your Fire Stick. This will wipe your Fire Stick clean of all apps and data. After that, you’ll need to log in with your Amazon account again.

Which Devices are Compatible with Fire TV?

Following are the devices which are compatible with Fire TV:

  • Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Amazon Fire TV Recast
  • Amazon Fire

Which Devices are not compatible with Fire TV?

Hulu + Live TV is also available on current Amazon Fire TV devices, in addition to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Recast, and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K are all included. Hulu + Live TV, on the other hand, isn’t compatible with older Amazon Fire TV devices like:

  1. Kindle Fire HDX and HDX WAN (2013)
  2. Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and 8.9 WAN (2013)
  3. Fire (2015)
  4. Fire 7 (2017)
  5. Fire HD 6 (2014)
  6. Fire HD 7 (2014)
  7. Fire HD 8 (2015, 2016, and 2017)
  8. Fire HD 8 (2017)
  9. Fire HD 10 (2015 and 2017)
  10. Fire HDX 8.9 and 8.9 WAN (2014)

How much is Hulu on Firestick?

Are you on the lookout for how much Hulu cost on Firestick? Following is the price of Hulu on Firestick:

  • Hulu Basic (Ad-supported) USD 7.99/Month.
  • Hulu Premium (Ad-free) USD 14.99/Month.
  • Hulu + Live TV (Ad-supported) USD 69.99/Month.

Hulu pricing and packages

What Other Streaming Services Does Firestick Support?

Besides Hulu, here is the list of other streaming services that are available on Firestick:

  1. Netflix
  2. Disney Plus (watch Disney Plus on Firestick)
  3. BBC iPlayer

FAQs on Hulu on Firestick

Why there’s an Installation Failure on Firestick?

You can experience installation failure on Firestick because of connectivity issues, lack of storage capacity, incorrect payment and shipment information, and outdated devices.

Is Hulu compatible with Firestick?

Yes, Hulu is fully compatible with Amazon’s Fire Stick.

Is Hulu on Firestick?

Hulu is available on Amazon devices, including the Amazon Fire Stick. It is also available on Xbox One, Roku devices, PCs, PS4 and PS5 consoles, Macs, Android and iOS devices, Chromecast.

How to download Hulu on Firestick?

Follow these steps to download Hulu on Firestick:

  1. Select search from the top of the main menu.
  2. Enter Hulu and navigate to Apps & Games to find the Hulu App.
  3. Download Hulu app.
  4. After the installation is completed, Hulu App will appear on the Apps page on your Firestick.

How to update Hulu app on Firestick?

You can update Hulu app on Firestick by following steps:

  1. Tap on the search bar and type Hulu.
  2. Click on the app and choose update.
  3. Wait until the update of the App is completed.
  4. Once done, open the Firestick app and it will update Hulu app.

Is Hulu available for free with Amazon Prime?

No, if you want to use Hulu on Amazon Prime, you’ll need to purchase an add-on. You’ll have to pay an extra $7.99 per month for the Hulu app on top of your Amazon Prime subscription, which is $8.25 a month.

Do Older Firestick Models Support Hulu?

No, Hulu is not compatible with older Firestick models.

Why does Hulu keep freezing on Firestick?

Hulu freezes on Firestick because of the low Wi-Fi speeds, slow network connection, or Hulu app Error.

Why can’t I watch Hulu on Firestick?

You can’t watch Hulu on Firestick because of several reasons. However, you can fix this issue by clearing the firestick’s cache and data.

Why is Hulu so slow on Firestick?

Firestick requires an active and rapid connection to load Hulu, so if your bandwidth is low or internet is not working, Hulu will be slow on Firestick.

How to get Hulu on Firestick?

To update Hulu on your Firestick, follow the below steps

  1. Go to Settings and then click on Application.
  2. Select Manage Installed Applications.
  3. Then click on Hulu.
  4. Click on an update.
  5. Then the app will be updated within a few minutes, firestick Hulu.


Hulu is a popular on-demand video streaming service. By following this step-by-step instruction, you can now stream Hulu on your Firestick. On the Amazon App Store, you can get the Hulu app.

Also, please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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