Are you a hardcore sports fanatic? Then cater all your sports entertainment needs for free with these 16 best free sports streaming sites. So, check out our well-researched rundown of some of the best free sports streaming sites for you.

Best free sports streaming sites

Entertainment’s meaning has changed due to digitization and online streaming. We can now access digital content at our fingertips, unlike in the past when our cable provider was our main source of movies, sports, and TV shows. Watching your favorite content is no longer limited to television sets.

Sports fans and lovers all over the world have a plethora of possibilities to watch sports for free online thanks to free sports streaming sites. Websites that stream live sports for free and do not breach copyright laws are a little more difficult to find.

While paid sports streaming sites have their advantages, free live sports streaming sites have a distinct advantage in that they are free. We chose our favorites from a list of websites that provide free live sports streaming because we know finding the right free sports streaming site may be a difficult and time-consuming task, so we’ve put together a list of some of the top and free sports streaming sites for you.

Here’s all you need to know about watching free live sports online.

Attention: Keep in mind that the majority of free live sports streaming sites do not host or upload sporting events. Links to online streaming websites can be found on the sites. The below mentioned online sports streaming websites make it simple to access a variety of sports networks from anywhere.

List of 16 Free Sports Streaming Sites:

Are you in Hurry? well, here is a list of the top free sports streaming sites to watch sports online for free:

  1. Watch ESPN
  2. Stream2Watch
  3. ACEStream
  4. Sportspurge
  5. Watch Facebook
  6. Reddit
  7. Cricfree
  8. Batsmanstream
  9. Hotstar
  10. Bostcast
  11. BBC iPlayer
  12. FootyBite
  13. CrackStreams
  14. Sonyliv
  15. Live Soccer TV
  16. VIPRow Sports

The 16 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites Review

All of the free sports streaming sites listed below are official and stream licensed content. This implies that the streams are completely lawful. Of course, there is the possibility that not all services will be free, some may require you to have an existing cable package, while others may require you to acquire a subscription.

Regardless, each site is a fantastic resource for sports information and will undoubtedly be useful to sports fans. Here is a detailed review of 16 best free sports streaming sites to watch sports online for free:

Watch ESPN: Free Sports Streaming Sites

ESPN is one of the most well-known cable sports networks, and the official Watch ESPN website has a large number of live streaming videos. ESPN’s official site features many major sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and college sports.

The ESPN networks’ Watch ESPN is a product, and this website was created to broadcast all sports. You can also watch some premium games on require login credentials from your TV provider.


Select live events, including as MLB, NHL, NBA, and MLS games, as well as college sports, PGA golf, Top Rank Boxing, and Grand Slam tennis matches, are available through the service. The United Soccer League, cricket, rugby, the Canadian Football League, the English Football League, and the UEFA Nations League are also available. You can also watch news, interviews, and replays on without checking in or paying for a separate membership.

Price: FREE

Stream2Watch: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Stream2Watch is an IPTV website that provides live sports, entertainment, and news coverage. You may watch various kinds of sports activities on this free streaming site, including American football, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, soccer, and combat sports. As well, it provides access to a variety of popular TV channels in addition to live sports streaming. This website’s visitors can access a variety of sports channels and live sports streaming services.


You’ll learn about the availability of content in various video formats, such as HD, 1080p, and Full HD. Because this is one of the greatest locations to watch live ad-supported football, you may need to disable Adblock before visiting this website. You will also be able to download or stream several mirrors of the same match.

It’s not only sports streaming that’s available. You can also watch a selection of documentary, entertainment, and news TV channels on Streams2Watch. On Stream2Watch, there are a plethora of channels to choose from.

Price: FREE

ACEStream: Free Sports Streaming Sites

ACEStream is a peer-to-peer video streaming website that also uses peer-to-peer technology. ACEStream’s live stream enables you to stream sports for free high-quality live broadcasts in Full HD over the Internet without the need for a server farm.

If you are a soccer enthusiast or a Game of Thrones fan, ACEStream has it all, click here to for any ACEStream sports links, and you can watch them right from your own home.


ACEStream is an excellent place to watch sports and seasons. ACEStream allows you to watch sporting events online via live streaming sports channels such as Sky Sports, ESPN, and others.

It’s a fascinating platform that has gained a lot of traction around the world. You can watch live sports on ACEStream channels without an account or a subscription.

Price: FREE

Sportsurge: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Another free streaming service is Sportsurge. Popular sporting events can be watch on this streaming website. The site contains a thorough schedule that shows you what’s going on now, in the past, and in the future. You can watch the most recent athletic events in high definition.


Sportsurge is a wonderful site for watching live sports. One of the best features of the streaming site is the lack of invasive advertisements. When viewing sports in person, this results in a great experience. You can watch multiple sports events as well as live sports schedule with HD quality videos.

Price: FREE

Facebook Watch: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Facebook Watch is a great free streaming sports website to watch a variety of sports. Although there are just a few official streams accessible, you can stream sports for others to enjoy through your account.

If you already have a Facebook account, though, you won’t have to pay anything to view the broadcast without ads. All you have to do is go into your Facebook account and click the watch icon. Then, in the search bar, input the “sport”, and you’ll see the current live matches. If you’re looking for a certain game, use the search bar to find it.


Although Facebook has scaled back its efforts in live sports streaming, streamers may still watch a variety of sports on Facebook Watch. Major League Baseball games, Spain’s La Liga, and the World Surf League are among them.

Price: FREE

Reddit: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Although Reddit is not a streaming service, it is a great place to find sports broadcasts. Several subreddits cater to professional sports fans, including soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. On Reddit, there are hazards associated with clicking on links you are unfamiliar with. For example, you could be routed to unlawful portals or malicious-looking torrent websites, or you could download viruses or adware.


The upvotes and downvotes are really helpful in determining the best links for streaming the games you wish to watch. Avoid links with few engagements since they may not contain the information you want. r/MLB for baseball, r/NCaaBBstreams for college basketball, and r/puckstreams for hockey are some of the safer subreddits to acquire free sports.

Price: FREE

Crickfree: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Crickfree is a cricket-specific sports streaming website. This website, on the other hand, offers streaming connections for a variety of other sports, including NFL, Basketball, Cricket, Boxing, Baseball, Formula 1, WWE, and MotoGP. Because some of the content on this page is scraped from third-party websites, you may see advertisements in the midst. Crickfree features a highly user-friendly UI. This website is blocked in some regions, therefore consider using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.


Its user interface is simple to use, with feeds categorized by available sports. Aside from cricket, there are links to baseball, hockey, football, soccer, racing, tennis, and boxing on the streaming site. Cricfree also has iOS and Android apps in addition to the web version. That’s how it keeps you connected to your favorite sporting activity when you’re on the run. However, some streaming links contain pop-up advertisements.

Price: FREE

Batsmanstream: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Sports events are not broadcast on Batsmanstream. Fans can watch key sporting events on Batsmanstream through a variety of sports links. However, many consumers are put off by advertisement redirection on the main page that lead them to partner products.


It connects its partners to live sporting events. The website also provides timetables for athletic events. You can watch live sports for free on partner sites by clicking on any event.

Price: FREE

Hotstar: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Hotstar is one of the most popular free sports streaming websites. It offers live streaming of a variety of sports such as cricket, athletics, baseball, swimming, tennis, and badminton, among others. On Hotstar, live sports streaming is available in HD resolution on both computers and mobile devices.

It offers a smartphone app that allows you to watch sporting events on the go. This website and app are only available to users in the Indian geographical region. You can use ExpressVPN to access your free content subscription even if you are outside India.


Hotstar is a popular free sports streaming site that offers a wide range of events such as cricket, baseball, swimming, tennis, and more. It also allows you to watch live streaming in high definition. The smartphone apps make it easy to participate in your favorite sports. Nevertheless, the platform is only available in India; however, you can unblock Hotstar in your location by using ExpressVPN.

Price: FREE

Bosscast: Free Sports Streaming Sites

This website caters to a North American audience and focuses on sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, WWE, rugby, and golf. For example, it is not free-form advertising, and you may be forced to endure some advertisements while using it.

BossCast offers sports feeds from well-known networks such as Eurosport, NBA TV, ESPN, TSN, and others. There’s also a curating system that lets you broadcast games and events right from the homepage.


To avoid being stuck in choppy streams, primary and mirror links are provided for each event. You may also watch a variety of sports-related live TV channels on our website. Sky Sports, Bein Sports, ESPN, Eurosport, and Fox Sports are among the channels offered. It’s simple to watch any of these channels, and you can count on a smooth, consistent stream.

Another feature is a live chat option, which allows website visitors to connect with one another. They have the ability to share text, media, and links. There’s also a fantastic scheduling mechanism that ensures you don’t miss any of your favorite sports events or live streaming.

Price: FREE

BBC iPlayer: Free Sports Streaming Sites

BBC iPlayer is a top ranked, free sport streaming service with a great graphical user experience that is available all around the world. It offers a large range of online sports streaming links for users to access, as well as features that allow users to connect with one another via social media.

The BBC iPlayer is a well-known UK streaming service that offers a diverse selection of programming. Like many other platforms today, this one is only available to people in the United Kingdom. As a result, if you want to access this site in your region, you’ll need a UK IP address.

You may watch golf, football, soccer, cycling, basketball, cycling, and more sports on iPlayer. Apart from live content, you’ll be able to watch sports highlights and a variety of other special events after successfully unblocking iPlayer outside UK. All of this is organized on the site using various categories and channel filters.


We all know how large the BBC network is, you can trust it to meet your sports streaming needs. You can also stream sports free from your smartphone by downloading the BBC mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Also, all of the content available on the network is legal, so you won’t get in trouble.

Price: FREE

FootyBite: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Footybite is a free live sports streaming website that focuses on international football, sometimes known as soccer in the United States. Soccer fans can also watch live streaming from a variety of leagues and tournaments on this website.

Footybite doesn’t just appeal to followers of the main leagues but it also caters to fans of lesser-known matchups. Footybite isn’t just interested in soccer but fans of volleyball, basketball, professional wrestling, pool, ice hockey, and other sports can watch their favorite games online via functioning live streams.


Visitors to Footybite can also watch live television. Sky Sports, BT Sport, NBC Sports, and a number of other sports-related TV channels are available. You can expect crystal-clear video from live TV stations because they stream in HD. It also provides an entire category dedicated to sports news, in addition to free live sports streaming and live TV.

Footybite offers an easy user interface. There are sections for news, streaming, and live TV on the home page, as well as a calendar of forthcoming events. By selecting “Watch” next to an event, you may keep track of it.

Price: FREE

CrackStreams: Free Sports Streaming Sites

This site requires no registration and offers multiple streaming options for sports such as the NBA, UFC, Football, NFL, Baseball, and many others. Sports fans who watch live TV go to the website in droves. The website offers a simple interface that can be readily customized for any sports fan.

It also streams all sports, including football, baseball, boxing, basketball, mixed martial arts, and many others. You can simply find tournaments and matches to watch online. Every month, around 1.2 million people visit the website. You can also be one of them by watching sports on the internet.


There are numerous possibilities for watching Live TV. ESPN, CBS, and Fox are the most popular selections, but there are dozens of more stations to choose from that cover sports, news, entertainment, and documentaries. The CrackStreams website has an easy interface and style.

Although there aren’t many visuals, they do help the site operate effectively. It loads swiftly and streamed content has very minimal buffering. There aren’t many dead links because the streaming URLs are often reliable.

Price: FREE

SonyLiv: Free Sports Streaming Sites

SonyLiv offers free streaming of movies, TV shows, and sports. On the website, you may watch live cricket, football, WWE, and UFC matches. It also shows highlights from well-known athletic events. Popular TV series, movies, and athletic events are all available on SonyLiv. However, there isn’t a lot of free stuff. To watch premium content, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription.


You can watch shows in both English and Indian language as well Football, cricket, WWE, and UFC are examples of live sports. SonyLiv also features Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Price: FREE

Live Soccer TV: Free Sports Streaming Sites

Live Soccer TV is a free online sports streaming website where you can watch a variety of sports for free. Cricket, soccer, the NFL, and rugby are among the sports represented. It has a user-friendly interface with several categories such as contests, matches, channels, and so on.


On the homepage, you may even see previous game scores, headlines, and live matches. You’ll get notifications and real-time game updates regardless of how you access the streaming site.

Price: FREE

VIPRow Sport: Free Sports Streaming Sites

VIPRow is a free sports streaming website where you can watch practically every sporting event live online. However, one disadvantage of the site is that it contains a large number of advertising that appear when you click on a link. The majority of consumers find it inconvenient to continually dismissing ad links that appear when they click on a sport streaming link.


VIPRow is a website that broadcasts live sporting events. You may watch a variety of sports for free on the internet. Football, Cricket, Honey, Table Tennis, Boxing, Golf, and more major sports are all featured on the site. To watch sports, you do not need to create an account. You simply need to find an event stream and begin watching sports online.

Price: FREE

Do I need a VPN to watch free live sports?

You may or may not need a VPN depending on where you live and the streaming website you’re using. most of them are geo-blocked in some regions that is why you will need a VPN to watch it from anywhere. We highly recommend ExpressVPN due to the huge servers from all around the world and fastest network speed.

However, anyone who streams anything from the internet, whether geo-locked or not, should utilize a VPN to protect oneself from third-party trackers. If the content you want to watch is blocked outside of a specific region, you’ll need a VPN for streaming sites like, SonyLiv, ESPN, Hotstar, and BBC iPlayer.

Here is a quick overview about ExpressVPN in 2023

ExpressVPN: With over 3000 fast servers and 3 highly optimized server locations in India, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Hotstar outside India. Its price offer is $6.67/month for its yearly package with 3 months of free usage along with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and high-end encryption.

FAQs on Sports Streaming Sites

What is live streaming?

A livestream is a live video feed of an event. On many platforms, sports are live-streamed online, sometimes for free. For a nominal monthly price, some websites offer premium live streaming video.

Is live streaming legal?

Streaming sports on the internet is lawful as long as the websites do not broadcast unauthorized content. However, it is prohibited to watch sports programs if the content of the stream is copyrighted. If you watch or download copyright content, you may receive a copyright infringement email.

What if you’re caught watching unauthorized content on the internet?

If you are discovered watching unauthorized streaming videos, you will be fined $750 or more. Using a VPN does not guarantee your safety. When requested, most VPNs are required to disclose over customer IP addresses to law enforcement organizations. As a result, you must verify that the live sports streaming website is legitimate.

Where can I watch live football?

Any of the free live sports streaming websites can be used to watch sports on your device. Any internet-connected gadget can access the free sports feed. This includes high-definition television, mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.


These are the 16 best free sports streaming sites to help you cut the cord on cable TV, including both official and third-party sports streaming sites, but they all allow you to watch live sports for free.

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