Can you watch Disney plus in South Africa? No, Disney Plus is not available in South Africa, so you will need a VPN to unblock its geo-restrictions. We recommend ExpressVPN.

Disney plus in south africa

Is Disney Plus available on South Africa? Unfortunately, Disney Plus is unavailable in South Africa. However, there is a way to watch it using a VPN with US servers.

Simply connect to a VPN server in the US, and you will be able to access Disney Plus as if you were in the country.

How to Get Disney Plus in South Africa in [Quick Guide March 2023]

How to download Disney Plus app in South Africa? We are here with a quick guide to the best ways to download Disney Plus in South Africa.

  1. Subscribe and download a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Log in to your account and connect to a US server.
  3. Open Disney Plus in South Africa. Now enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies on Disney Plus in South Africa.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Disney Plus in South Africa?

Can you get Disney Plus in South Africa? No, you cannot get Disney Plus in South Africa due to its strong privacy policies.

Lately, Disney Plus is on the boom with their recent release of “WandaVision” and “Loki”, as well as movies like “Raya and the Last Dragon”. In September, they can bring out their biggest Movie “Black Widow”. Now, with this much hype, more and more people want to subscribe to Disney Plus.

But not all of them can subscribe to Disney Plus, and the reason for these issues is that Disney Plus is only available in 30 to 36 countries. So, if your country is not listed, you will not be able to access Disney Plus.

Disney plus not working in your region

At that moment, a VPN can help you bypass the geo-restriction of Disney Plus by masking or changing your local IP address with a US or any other region. This way, you will be able to access Disney plus services and you will be able to watch all their content.

Also, with a VPN you can watch Disney Plus in regions like Malaysia, Singapore, Romania, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Europe, Germany, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, or anywhere.

Top 5 VPNs to Access Disney Plus in South Africa [Quick Overview Mar 2023]

Take a look at the quick summary of the 5 top VPNs to watch Disney Plus in South Africa:

  1. ExpressVPN: It has 3000+ servers in 94 countries worldwide. It has 25 highly optimized servers in the USA. It offers $6.67/month for its yearly package with 3 months of the free trial along with a risk-free 45-day money-back guarantee.
  2. CyberGhost: CyberGhost offers a server network of about 7,000 servers across 91 countries, providing 1230 highly optimized server locations in the USA, making it one of the largest services, with blazing fast speed, highly secure protocols, reliable privacy policies, and comprehensive online protection. It costs $ 2.18/month for 3 years. Get 3 months free, a 45-day money-back guarantee, and 24/7 live chat support.
  3. NordVPN: This one is reliable with 5,400+ servers in 80+ locations across 59 countries and 15 highly optimized servers in the USA. It comes with a 2-year subscription of $3.71 a month and a 2-year plan at 72% off + 3 months FREE and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. Surfshark: It is the best low-cost VPN available for $2.49/month for its 2-year package network to watch Disney Plus in Germany which offers 3200+ servers in 60+ countries, 23 highly optimized USA servers, and unlimited simultaneous connections.
  5. AtlasVPN: With 750+ servers and 7 highly optimized server locations in the USA, with fast connections, trustworthy policies, and promising security features. It costs $1.99 per month for 3 years with 24/7 live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5 VPNs to Watch Disney Plus in South Africa in [Detailed Analysis Mar 2023]

Now let’s have a detailed discussion on the best VPNs to watch Disney Plus in South Africa and witness a connection with security and privacy to watch your most desired shows and movies.

ExpressVPN – Recommended VPN to Watch Disney Plus in South Africa

Everyone knows when it comes to geo-restrictions, ExpressVPN is the number one choice. ExpressVPN has more than 3000 plus servers worldwide. And if we are talking about its core features and functionalities, then ExpressVPN come with a zero-log policy.

It is also protected with AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and split tunneling device to divide the data packet into bits and pass them smoothly over the tunnel of information maintaining transparency and integrity.

Disney plus in south africa with expressvpn

In terms of geo-restricted content, ExpressVPN plays a vital role and it will immediately by any geo-restriction and help get access to websites like “Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, and other entertainment platforms”.

ExpressVPN allows multiple log-ins for five devices simultaneously with a single premium account. ExpressVPN’s connection speeds are ultra-fast, with loads of bandwidth for HD video streaming, downloading and sharing large data, and online gaming.

Although the pricing bundles of ExpressVPN are high, it’s well justified for its features and functionalities with quick authorization of users. It starts at $12.95 monthly with $59.95 for a six-month plan and of course $99.95 for a year.

CyberGhost – Secure VPN to Access Disney Plus in South Africa

CyberGhost has about 7,000 servers across 91 countries, which makes it one of the most varied and largest services. The built-in speed of CyberGhost lets you know how fast your internet speed is in different countries. Surprisingly, it’s really fast. Providing 73.41 Mbps downloading Speed in the United States.

Furthermore, by subscribing to CyberGhost you can secure up to 7 devices for the ultimate protection against all malicious threats. CyberGhost provides comprehensive online protection with 256-bit AES encryption and multiple protocols such as the kill switch feature, and split tunneling that ensures you protect your data completely.

CyberGhost provides you with 24/7 assistance Via live chat or email with our dedicated, professional support staff. The cost of CyberGhost is $ 2.18/month for 3 years but the plus point is that you will get 3 months free and a 45-day money-back guarantee as well.

NordVPN – Reliable VPN to Unblock Disney Plus in South Africa

Now the second most trending VPN is NordVPN. It has also won an award and is working proficiently in the market, with its ultra-fast bandwidth and has more than 5000 plus servers globally and it does a good job of unblocking geo-blocked content.

NordVpn is excellent for those users who want to stay within their budget and is completely affordable. In that price tag, NordVPN has covered all the main security protocols and policies like AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and split tunneling for dividing the data into bits to observe a transparent connection with fewer loopholes.

Also, with an active DNS server, the user’s real IP address will be changed to a dynamic one and no IP leak is responsible for maintaining the originality of the users.

Disney plus in south africa with nordvpn

NordVPN security protocol can unblock any geo-restricted website such as “Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and many more” making it secure, and with its fast accessibility, it has made it easier for users to spend and have a good time.

Surfshark – Affordable VPN to Access Disney Plus in South Africa

Now the third most trending VPN is Surfshark. It came to being in 2018 with a motive to provide users with secured connections with fewer problems and more affordability. It has a global server network and is soon becoming one of its most important features, with more than 3,200 servers spread among 64 plus different countries.

Those figures have grown over the recent year. If we go further into the security and privacy policies breakdown then Surfshark poses AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, Split tunneling, DNS server, and a kill switch to notify the user about related connection disruption.

So, they can work further and reconnect to the server for fast connectivity and attain a secure network further. Also, Surfshark doesn’t have any restriction on multiple logins and allows the user to witness a connection where the privacy of the user is locked and Surfshark is so affordable that those who are on a budget can buy it instantly.

Disney plus in south africa with surfshark

For binge-watcher, Surfshark is the Best optimized VPN because it easily unblocks any geo-restricted website like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and all the trending streaming websites you can name.

And all of this done with a single click, with ultra-high bandwidth speed, and affordable packages to maintain the trust of the users from the around the globe. Also, you can use Surfshark to access Hulu in South Africa or American Netflix in South Africa.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your devices connected with Surfshark with amazing pricing bundles of $12.95 for a monthly deal which is comparatively low compared to other VPN service providers.

AtlasVPN – Pocket-Friendly VPN to Access Disney Plus in South Africa

AtlasVPN has over 750+ servers in 39 countries to select from, providing you with a lot of options. It also supports up to unlimited simultaneous connections, allowing you to use it on many devices.

It has breakneck speeds, with a blazing streaming speed. AtlasVPN has its exclusive supersonic web surfer system, which ensures that these incredible speeds are maintained throughout all of its apps.

AtlasVPN costs $1.99 per month, which is a steal considering you may connect an infinite number of devices. It also comes with 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee. It also features highly safe security protocols and policies including a built-in IPSec/IKEv2 and WireGuard, along with security protocols like SHA-384, PFS, and Aes-256-bit encryption.

Can I Watch Disney Plus in South Africa with a free VPN?

Technically yes, but we don’t recommend using them, as free VPNs are not safe and secure, and you will face the consequences of using a free VPN in terms of your leaked information and slow connection speed.

Hence a premium VPN connection is all you need for a reliable, secure, and fastest connection to watch Disney plus in South Africa.

Disney Plus Compatible Devices

In this section, we will list the devices on which Disney Plus is compatible and doesn’t lag in speed or connectivity.

  1. Android Phones (Disney Plus on Android devices)
  2. iOS Phones (Disney Plus on iOS Devices)
  3. Mac
  4. Apple TV (Disney Plus on Apple TV)
  5. Routers
  6. Plays Station (Disney Plus on PS4)
  7. Xbox (Disney Plus on Xbox)
  8. LG Smart TV
  9. Roku
  10. Chromecast (Disney Plus on Chromecast)
  11. Fire TV Stick (Disney Plus on Firestick)
  12. Smart Tablets
  13. Windows 10 (Disney Plus on Windows 10)
  14. Samsung Smart TV (Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV)

How to Watch Disney Plus in South Africa on Your Devices?

In this section, we will tell you some steps to watch Disney Plus on your Devices. The first crucial tool you will require is a VPN and you will need to connect to a US-based server.

That’s why we advised that you choose one of the top-rated VPNs, which include services like:

Once you are connected to your preferred US server, you can grasp the steps indicated below to get Disney+ in South Africa.

Buy a US Google Gift Card

Next, go to and buy a US Google gift card to be used as your payment plan. Although a Disney+ subscription is priced at only $6.99, the minimum card value available is $25.

Alternatively, you could risk using grey market key site to buy a $10 gift card, although this offers no guarantee of working. The code for this gift card can be sent to your chosen email address upon checkout.

Create Another Google Account

To use the gift card, you will be required to create a new Google account. You can do this by going to your device’s settings, opening Google Settings, and choosing “Add another account“.

Redeem the Gift Card

Redeem the gift card by opening up the Google Play Store while logged into your new account. For this, you will have to enter a US phone number and postcode.

While you could technically use any US number you find on the web, it can be more responsible to use a purchased virtual US phone number.

Download Disney+ and Start Watching

The final step is to download and install the Disney+ app and create your account. The app will allow you to choose Google Play credit as a payment method. Ensure that you are connected to the VPN throughout this entire process.

iOS Devices

Create a US Apple ID on the Apple Website

Go to the Apple website and go to the Account Creation page. Create a new Apple ID.

Buy a US App Store Gift Card on

Buy a US App Store gift card from Amazon and have its code conveyed to your email address.

Log Into the New Apple ID Account

After accepting the Terms and Conditions, you will need to start the payment option clear and fill in any US address and phone number in the Billing Address window.

Redeem Gift Card

Once you’re signed into your new ID, navigate to your account settings and select Redeem Gift Card to enter the card code emailed to you and load your credit.

Log Into Your New Apple ID on your Chosen Device

Log into your newly formed account on the iPad or iPhone from which you want to stream Disney plus.

Download and Launch Disney+

Download and install the Disney plus app from the App Store, open the app, and choose the “Start Free Trial” option to generate your account. Once your trial week stops, Apple will start to automatically use your credit to pay for the Disney+ subscription.

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost in South Africa?

How much is Disney Plus in South Africa? Well, you can have the plans for Disney+ South Africa price below.
  • Monthly package: US$7.99 (R119).
  • Yearly Package plan: US$79.99 (R1190)

For US$13.99 a month, you can also buy a Disney Plus package deal that includes Hulu and ESPN+ (R205.94).

How to Pay for Disney Plus from South Africa?

Subscribing for Disney Plus without having a US base payment method can be a little tricky. You can face some problems along the road or decline if you are trying to get Disney Plus Subscription with a Non-US based payment method.

When you connect to a VPN and choose a server of your choice you can easily unblock Disney Plus and its services. However, when you need to subscribe to the service, you Surely face some problems.

Nevertheless, there are two ways you can sign-up for the service and pay for the Disney Plus subscription.

Gift Card

The first method to get Disney Plus in South Africa is by getting a Disney Plus gift card from Amazon Follow these simple steps to get the service unlocked in your region:

  1. Go to Amazon and buy a Disney Plus gift card from there.
  2. You will receive a code in the email, you will have to use that code to sign up for a Disney Plus subscription.
  3. Now connect to an ExpressVPN USA server and go to the Disney Plus website.
  4. Enter the code while signing up and you’ll be all set.

Getting Help from Someone in the USA

The simplest and easiest method is to simply ask anyone of your friends or family to get a Disney Plus subscription for you. Anyone residing in the USA can easily get a Disney Plus subscription and then send it to you.

However, you will still need a VPN to access the service in South Africa, so make sure you get one. We recommend you use ExpressVPN for Disney Plus in South Africa because it works pretty well there.

Best Shows and Movie to Watch on Disney Plus

Best TV Shows


  • WandaVision
  • The Simpsons
  • The Mandalorian
  • The Imagineering Story
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • Great Migrations
  • Forky Asks the Question
  • Even Stevens
  • Encore!
  • Disney Gravity Falls

Best Movies


  • Thor Ragnarok
  • The Rocketeer
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Star Wars: The La
  • St. Jedi
  • Soul
  • Iron Man (Complete Series)
  • Hamilton
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (Complete Series)
  • Black Is King
  • Avengers: End Game
  • Marvels Eternals

When is Disney Plus Coming to South Africa? March 2023

Despite the fact that Disney+ is available in over 50 countries, it is not available in South Africa! We have announced that Disney Plus will launch in South Africa and other Middle Eastern countries in June 2022.

However, no other information was provided, and we believe that the launch of the remaining African content may be disregarded for the time being.

FAQs – Disney Plus in South Africa

Is Disney Plus available in South Africa?

Unfortunately, Disney plus is obtainable in 36 countries but not in South Africa and Disney has no intention so far to start its service for South African fans.

How many devices can be log-in to watch Disney Plus in South Africa?

You can sign up for four devices together, and you cannot go exceeding this range further to watch Disney Plus in South Africa.

Can I watch Disney Plus in South Africa?

Yes, you can watch Disney Plus in South Africa with a secured VPN network along with the advanced encrypted IP address, and hidden real location making it as of, US region and provide a seamless connection to enjoy watching Disney Plus in South Africa.

Can I watch Disney Plus South Africa with a Free VPN?

No, we will never recommend anyone: to go with a Free VPN. If you can’t afford a premium VPN then you can go with a Free VPN; otherwise, the best possible option is to get yourself connected with a premium quality paid VPN.

How does Disney plus work in South Africa on an app?

Yes, Disney Plus has apps for the major devices like iPad, iPhone, Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, Android, Chromecast and PS4.

Is Disney Plus better than Netflix?

Both the streaming sites have their own pros when it becomes to offering high-quality content to their users. However, Netflix has a bigger library for their users to explore.

Wrapping Up

That’s all folks, and we hope you all have enjoyed reading this amazingly written article about How to Watch Disney Plus in South Africa. It took us weeks to write and dig deep into the Internet for obtaining related content, as per the tags, so our users will enjoy reading this great article.

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